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The hallways of Daybreak High School were filled with noise. Mostly either the sounds of old friends reuniting or people grumbling about having to get up so early. The first day of school was always a busy day.

Deidara Iwa actually felt optimistic about the first day of his senior year. The only classes he had to worry about were math and history. He was able to drop science this year, and he heard the English teacher barely did anything in class. The rest of his day was study halls, and before he left he had art class, which was his favorite class of the day. Deidara loved art. His goal when he finally graduated was to become a famous artist. The art teacher, Miss Kurenai, thought Deidara was a great student. She always allowed him to hang out in the art room after school to work on his projects. This year was the most important to him. He had to work extra hard on his art so he could send off pictures of it to colleges.

Suddenly Deidara heard someone come up behind him, and he was pushed into his locker. He turned around to see the crazed smile of his best friend.

"Welcome back to Hell, blondie," Hidan said.

"What's wrong with you?" Deidara said, rubbing the spot on his arm that hit the metal locker, "Just because you like pain doesn't mean that you have to inflict it on everyone else, hmmm."

Hidan just laughed, "Sorry, I forgot how fragile you are, Dei-chan."

Deidara glared at him, "Shut the fuck up, you religious freak, hmmm. Anyways, what classes do you have this year?"

Hidan looked at the faded yellow piece of paper that had his schedule on it.

"I have Science first. That's going to be fucking awesome because I heard we're going to do a ton of dissections. English second, which is going to be extremely easy. Study Hall, lunch, gym, engineering, and then Math. Math is going to fucking suck. That old geezer, Mr. Kakazu, is teaching it. He still hates me from sophomore year because I didn't know anything."

"I'm pretty sure the reason he hated you was because when you didn't know an answer on a test you would write 'math is fucking dumb and your teaching is stupid'," Deidara pointed out.

Hidan rolled his eyes, "Well it is dumb, and it looks like this year I have to put up with him all over again."

The bell rang, and all the students ran to their classrooms.

"I'm going to History," Deidara said as he closed his locker, "See you at lunch, hmmm."

Hidan smiled, "See ya later, blondie," he said as ran down the hallway.


The day was almost over, and so far it had been exactly as Deidara had expected. History wasn't too bad. Mr. Asuma was actually a really good teacher who made it seem interesting. English with Mr. Kakashi was basically another study hall because all the teacher wanted to do was read his pervy books. He put different book jackets on them so they looked innocent, but the teenagers in his class could definitely catch that mischievous glint in his eyes. Mr. Kakazu was a pain, but he wasn't as mean to Deidara because the blonde was actually good at math. It was Hidan who was going to suffer the teacher's wrath for the whole year.

He had reached the final class of the day, Art. It was his most favorite subject in the whole world. His hands already twitched from anticipation at just the thought of molding clay!

None of the other students had made their way to the classroom yet. He opened the door with a big smile on his face, but that smile dropped as soon as he saw what was in the room.

He was expecting to find his beloved art teacher, but instead found a stern looking man with flaming red hair sitting at the desk.

"Have a seat," the man said, not looking up from the paper work on his desk.

"Where's Miss Kurenai?" Deidara asked.

"She's not coming back this year," the man said, still not looking up, "She's on maternity leave."

"And who the hell are you, hmmm?" Deidara asked, a bit pissed off that the friendly art teacher had seemingly been replaced by an uptight douchebag.

The man finally looked up from his paper work, his muddy brown eyes glaring at the student.

"My name is Mr. Akasuna, and since this is the first day, I'll let it pass but I will not tolerate any more foul language in my classroom. Understood?"

Deidara grumbled, "Yes, sir."

Mr. Akasuna looked back at his desk, "Once again, please sit down. We will start class when the other students arrive."

Deidara stomped over to a table and sat down. This was the class he looked forward to all day, and now it was all turning to shit.

The other students piled in. There were eight other teenagers, and all of them were seniors. Most of them knew nothing about art and just came because they thought it would be another study hall. Deidara hated people like that. No one else in this stupid school valued art the same way he did.

"Okay if everyone takes their seat we can begin," the new teacher said.

Deidara finally was able to get a good look at the teacher when he stood in front of his desk to face the classroom full of students. The man was dressed in a nice long sleeve white-collared shirt and a black tie. His pants matched the color of the tie. He seemed to be the same height as Deidara was but possibly just a little taller. Overall, he looked pretty boring and business-like, and not anything like an art teacher.

"I realize that most of you are here because you think this class will be easy," Mr. Akasuna said, "Unfortunately, you are greatly mistaken. This will not be free time to spend with your friends. I also will not accept work that first graders could do. Your work must be the best you can offer."

The other students groaned, but Deidara felt very happy. These losers didn't know a thing about true art. He was going to be the best student in the class!

"So for the next thirty minutes you will work on whatever art project you feel features your best work. Don't waste any time."

He sat back down at his desk, and the students figured that was their signal to start working. Normally the teenagers would just ignore their teachers completely and do whatever the hell they wanted, but this teacher didn't look like someone to mess with. All the kids got up, grabbing paper and either paints or pencils. Deidara was the only one to go to the cabinet that had clay in it. He wanted to prove he was better than every other student in the class was.


Thirty minutes later the students were done. Mr. Akasuna looked at all different pieces of work. Most of them were poorly constructed and a mockery to the art world. They weren't good but they were at least passing. Just barely but still passing.

Then he got to the last project. It was made by that rude blonde boy from earlier. He had to admit, it wasn't that bad. The boy had made a detailed sculpture of a white bird. It needed a little bit of touching up, but other than that, it was quality work.

He looked up from the sculpture to the artist who made it. The teenager had a large and eager smile on his face.

"Not too bad," the teacher commented.

Deidara smiled grew a little, and he pulled out a small black box from his pocket. The teacher gave him a confused look.

"You haven't seen anything yet, hmmm," Deidara said.

He hit a button on the box and the small statue blew up! Not a dangerous explosion, just creating a blast within a two feet radius. It did leave a small dent in the table though.

The teacher was in a state of shock. All the other students, who already knew about Deidara's "art", found the teacher's reaction hilarious, but no one dared to laugh out loud.

"What was that?" The teacher asked when he finally was able to speak clearly again.

"It's my art," Deidara said brightly, "true art lasts only a moment, so that it is fleeting but will be remembered forever, hmmm"

Mr. Akasuna scowled, "Are those explosives even allowed on school property?"

"When I was a freshman they almost expelled me for it, but Miss Kurenai told the school they weren't dangerous, and ever since then I have been allowed to use them as long as they aren't too big."

Mr. Akasuna frowned, "Well I was going to give you an A on the assignment, but seeing as it no longer exists, I have nothing to grade. Therefore, you get a zero."

Deidara's smiled completely fell. He had never failed an art assignment in his life. Was it even possible to fail on an art assignment?

"But true art of fleeting and that's what I was trying to represent!" Deidara said, extremely upset to have his art completely belittle like that.

"No, you're wrong," the teacher said, ignoring the boy's rage, "True art is eternal, meant to last for ages. Fleeting art is completely absurd. Only an idiot would think that is art."

The bell rang and all the other students left the room. Deidara stood in the same spot, staring at the area that had once held his great masterpiece. He knew he wasn't wrong about it being art, but to be completely shot down like that was humiliating.

"Stop sulking, brat," Mr. Akasuna said. He already had his papers packed up and in a brief case. He was standing at the door waiting for the teenager to decide to leave, "You're going to have to be a lot stronger than that if you want to get through the year with me."

Deidara stormed out of the room, not making any eye contact with the teacher. A while ago he would have said this was going to be his best year, but now it looked like it was going to suck.


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