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Deidara was having a crappy day. He had flunked his math test and forgot to bring his homework to history class. The biggest reason he was unhappy was because Sasori wasn't there. Yesterday he told Deidara that he was going to a museum out of state to try and get them to display his work. Deidara had begged his boyfriend to let him come with him, but Sasori would not. He said that they hadn't had any problems with their secret relationship so far, but he didn't want to risk it.

It was lunch time, Deidara was staring out the window, looking at the colorful trees. He liked how the leaves changed color in October. It was relaxing.

"Hey, Blondie. Aren't you going to eat?" Hidan asked.

The lunch period only had a few minutes left, and Deidara had barely eaten anything.

Deidara glanced at his food, "Nah. I'm not hungry today, hmm."

Hidan frowned, "Is it because your boyfriend isn't here today?"

"Don't say that when we're in public," Deidara scolded, "...but ya, it is."

"Wow," Hidan said, "It's only one day. Aren't you over-reacting?"

"...maybe, hmm," he said, "but I can't help it. I miss him."

"Who is Deidara-senpia talking about?" Tobi asked. He had just come back to the table.

"It's none of your business, Tobi," Deidara said angrily.

Tobi looked hurt, "No need to be mean, senpia. I'm just worried about Deidara."

Deidara rolled his eyes, "I don't need you to worry."

The bell rang. Students started to stampede out of the cafeteria.

"See ya," Hidan said to Deidara before leaving.

Deidara waved and grabbed his tray full of food so he could take it to the garbage. He didn't want to be late so he ran up there.

"BYE, SENPIA! TOBI LOVES YOU" Tobi yelled out from the other side of the room as he was leaving.

"SHUT U-" Deidara started to yelled back, but he stopped when didn't look where he was going and ran into someone.

His tray hit the person first. All his uneaten food had splattered on to the person's shirt. Deidara froze and looked up to see the students face. He was terrified when he saw who it was.

Deidara wasn't exactly a 'popular' student. Most of the students thought of him as the art-crazy, gay boy. They didn't bother with him most of the time. But a few students would on occasionally pick on him. Unfortunately for Deidara, the student he had run into was his worst bully; Kisame.

Kisame was a football player at the school. He was tough and feared by almost every student in the school. It was common knowledge that if you pissed off Kisame, it would not end well for you. He was a little sensitive to anyone messing with him. That all started years ago Kisame was in elementary school. He had gone to a pool party for another one of the students. He spent a majority of his time there bragging about how he was the best swimmer in the class, and felt like he needed to prove it. He was showing off to the other kids with the different style jumps he could do. About an hour into his demonstration, he was doing back stroked and accidentally ran into the wall of the pool head first. He was underwater for a little less than minute by the time one of the kids ran back with an adult. They pulled him out of the pool. He was fine, but his skin had turned a light shade of blue from the lack of oxygen. It stayed that way for a few seconds. One of the more idiotic students thought his skin looked funny and laughed. Despite how exhausted Kisame was, he would not tolerate anyone making fun of him. He jumped on the kid and beat him to a pulp.

That was Kisame's first show of his strength. The other kids did their best to keep him happy, but it wasn't so easy for Deidara. Kisame seemed to have a special hate for the blonde student. Deidara had no idea why, but it seemed like Kisame always put extra care into hurting him.

That's why Deidara was so scared when he saw he had run into Kisame. He knew he was completely screwed.

Kisame glared at Deidara. Bits of food fell off of his shirt and on to the floor.

"S-sorry," Deidara muttered out in a frightened voice.

"What the fuck, fag?" Kisame said angrily, "You messed up my new jersey."

"I-it was an accident," Deidara said.

He decided not to point out to Kisame that it was a football jersey, which was bound to get dirty anyways. He knew that wouldn't help his situation at all. All the other kids had left the cafeteria at the point besides him, Kisame, and a few of Kisame's friend from the team. No one was there to help him.

"Doesn't matter," Kisame said, angrily, "I'm still going to kick the shit out of you."

Deidara panicked and ran out of the cafeteria as fast as he could. He could hear the bullies following directly behind him, but he didn't stop to look back. He ran out of the cafeteria doors and into the hallway. There were very few students out. Most already made their way to their classes. He figured if he kept running fast enough, he could make it to his classroom. They wouldn't dare beat him up if he was already in his room.

He went up the stairs and ran through the art hallway. He could hear that they were still behind him, and extremely close. He wasn't a very athletic person, but he still pushed himself to his limit.

He turned the corner and was a few doors away from his room. He started to smile, but then he didn't see a book that had been dropped in the hallway. He tripped and fell to the ground. He silently cursed as he felt someone pick him up by his shirt.

"Thought you could run from us, fag?" Kisame said, smirking.

One of Kisame's friends punched Deidara from behind and he fell to the floor. Kisame started kicking Deidara's stomach hard. It caused the blonde's whole body to jerk with every violent motion. One of the other friends punched Deidara on the side of his face.

Punches and kicks came from all directions. Deidara tried to call out for help, but his pleads came out as groans of pain.

The whole beating lasted for only about a minute, but it felt like longer for the victim. A teacher in a nearby room finally heard the commotion, and ordered the boys to stop. He pulled the boys away. Another teacher helped Deidara up, who had some trouble standing.

The teacher led Deidara to the nurses' office. She gave him some pain killers but there wasn't much she could do since most of it was just dark bruises.

Deidara was sitting on a chair in the nurse's office when the phone rang. The nurse answered and after a few seconds she hung up.

"The principal wants to speak to you, Deidara," she told him.

Deidara nodded and tried to stand up. He was sore but the medicine helped. He slowly walked to the principal's office, and knocked on the door.

"Come in," he heard Ms. Tsuande say.

He entered into the room. She was sitting at her desk, and she did not look happy.

"Sit down," she said in a stern voice.

He flinched slightly and did as he was told.

"The other students involved in the incident have been given one week suspensions," she said, "but I think you also deserve punishment for your part in this."

"W-what part, hmmm?" Deidara said, "Those guys are the ones who beat me up. I didn't fight back or anything."

"According to Kisame, you purposely spilled your lunch on him, and therefore helped start it all," she said.

"That's insane!" he nearly yelled, "I'm the victim! I shouldn't be treated like that!"

"Settle down," she said, glaring slightly, "Do you want me to make your punishment more severe?"

He wanted to argue, but it was obvious the principal had made up her mind.

"No, ma'am," he said quietly.

"Good," she said, "You will have a week of detention during which time you'll be helping with the night time janitors cleaning up various rooms in the school. It's one hour each day. Make sure you show up."

He nodded and slowly left the room. Once the door closed behind him, he had to hold back his tears. He hated being treated like shit, but no one cared about him.

If it wasn't Ms. Tsuande, he probably wouldn't have been treated so badly. Though she would never say it out loud, Deidara knew she had one thing in common with Kisame. She was also very homophobic.


Sasori came back to school two days later. He couldn't help, but smile all day. The students were very confused to see their usually emotionless teacher appear happy.

He had a good reason to be happy. The museum he visited was eager to display his work. They had heard of his story, and wanted to have a whole section of the child prodigy's work. They were even going to have a party for the opening of the exhibit. For the first time in years, it seemed like things were getting better for Sasori.

He couldn't wait to tell the news to Deidara. He hadn't seen his young boyfriend in three days, and he knew Deidara would be proud of him.

It was finally time for Deidara's class. He heard the door open, and the blonde entered the room. When he got a good look at Deidara, the smile that had been present on his face the entire day suddenly vanished.

Deidara's arms and face were covered in dark purple bruises. It was obvious that the boy had been trying to hide the bruises on his face with his long bangs, but that only covered so much.

Sasori ran up to him.

"What happened to you?" He asked, very concerned.

When he saw Sasori, the tears he had been holding back since his visit to the principal's office finally broke free. He ran into the teacher's arms and started sobbing.

Sasori was shocked and confused. He wrapped his arms around Deidara and attempted to sooth him.

"Who did this to you?" He asked.

"K-Kisame," Deidara mumbled quietly.

Sasori led Deidara to one of the art tables and helped him sit down. Sasori took the seat next to him.

"Who is Kisame?" He asked.

"...t-this guy on the football team," Deidara managed to get out, "he hates me. He bullies me all the time."

"If someone is bullying you, then you need to tell the office. They'll settle everything," Sasori said.

Deidara scoffed, "Ya right. I did. The guys who beat me up got a week of suspension, and I got a week of detention. I spent the last three days cleaning chalkboards and taking out garbage after school."

"What?" Sasori said, appalled "How does that happen? You were the victim."

"Ms. Tsuande doesn't like me," he said, "She knows I'm gay, and that bothers her."

Sasori frowned, "She is the head of a school with many different children. She shouldn't discriminate like that."

"Well she does," Deidara said, "and I can't go against her."

"That shouldn't be the end of it," Sasori said, "You need to fight back."

"Sasori, you aren't openly gay," Deidara said, "This is just how life is. I've been dealing with shit like that for years. My mom is always away on business so it's not like I have anyone to defend me."

"I will," Sasori said, "I'll defend you."

Deidara gave him a small smile and kissed him.

"I'm sorry, Danna, but you can't," he said, "You can't look suspicious."

Sasori sighed, "I guess, but I promise that if those assholes touch you again, I will take action. I don't want them hurting you."

Deidara smiled and sat on Sasori's lap.

"Thank you, Danna," he said.

Sasori smiled and kissed him, "You're welcome."

Deidara sighed and leaned against the teacher, "By the way, how was the museum?"

Sasori's happy grin returned, "Amazing. They loved my work. I'm going to get my own room in the museum to display everything."

Deidara was stunned, "That's incredible. Your own room?"

Sasori nodded, "Yup. They're going to have a party in December right before the exhibit opens."

Deidara smiled happily and hugged him.

"That's wonderful news. I'm so proud of you," the boy said.

Sasori felt his heart swell a bit. There had been a few people at the museum who praised his work, but that was nothing compared to knowing that he had made his boyfriend proud of him. That meant more than all the praise from every other person combined.

"Would you be interested in going to the party with me?" He asked, "I know we may not be able to appear as a couple in public, but I really want you to see it."

"Of course," Deidara said, "I'd be honored."

"This is all because of you," Sasori said, "You were the one who convinced me not to give up."

Deidara smiled, "I'm glad you didn't give up, because you deserve to be happy."

Sasori held Deidara closer and kissed him. He felt like he had finally found the life he always wanted.


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