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The second day of school was almost over, and Deidara found himself standing outside of the art room door. Part of him wanted to skip class so he didn't have to see that son of a bitch, but he knew that wouldn't help him in the long run. He needed to take Hidan's advice and try to communicate with the man.

He pushed open the door and saw the room was empty besides the art teacher. Mr. Akasuna was sitting at his desk reading again. Deidara took a deep breath and walked up to him.

Sasori looked up at the student with an uninterested look.

"Can I help you?" He asked.

"Ummm," Deidara tried to say, "What kind of art are you into making, hmmm?"

Sasori just continued to stare at Deidara. The teenager started to feel uncomfortable. It was like trying to talk to a hungry lion at the zoo; you could try to reason with it but the look in its eyes always said 'I want to kill you'.

The teacher sighed when he decided he might as well answer.

"I make puppets," he said.

Deidara looked surprised, "That's a very interesting choice of art."

Sasori glared at him, "it's better than blowing crap up and calling it creative."

Deidara had to hold back the urge to yell at him.

"I wasn't insulting what you do, hmmm. I only said it was interesting," he explained.

"Fine then. Go take your seat," Mr. Akasuna said.

'So much for connecting with him,' Deidara thought.

He sat down in his chair while they waited for the other kids to come. Five minutes passed since the bell rang, but still no one else showed up. Sasori stepped outside his door to look down the hall. No one was there either.

Suddenly the phone rang. Sasori answered it. It was the guidance counselor, Konan.

"Hello, Mr. Akasuna," she said in her always cheery voice.

"Hello," he said back with a lot less enthusiasm, "Could you explain to me why almost all my class has decided to not show up?"

"That's actually what I was calling you about," she said, "It seems that a majority of the students felt your class may bring their gpa down. Most of them had enough credits to graduate anyways so they just took a study hall instead. The class will remain though seeing as you still have one interested student."

"If he leaves can I have a free period?" he asked hopefully.

"He's not going to leave," Konan said, "He loves art too much. Besides, even if he did ask to leave I wouldn't let him. He wants to major in art, and as a guidance counselor I cannot allow him to drop a class directly related to his choice of major."

Sasori groaned. He would take any other annoying student above that stupid blonde.

"Fine. Thanks for telling me," he said and hung up the phone.

He turned back to the blonde, who stared at him with a curious look.

"It seems all your fellow classmates decided to drop this class," he said, "So it's just you and me."

Just like his teacher had, Deidara groaned. It had been awkward enough trying to talk to the art teacher alone for less than a minute. Now they had to be alone for forty minutes every weekday for the entire year.

"So what's the first lesson, hmmm?" Deidara asked.

Mr. Akasuna sighed, "I don't know. If it were any other kid, I would have a chance to teach them something, but you are already a lost cause."

Deidara frowned, "You could be a little nicer, hmmm."

Sasori ignored him and sat back at his desk to read again. He heard the sound of a chair being dragged across the floor. He looked up and saw Deidara had hesitantly decided to sit across from him.

"So do you like any art other than puppets," the blonde asked.

"Of course," Sasori said, "There are many great forms of art out there. I just think your theory has many flaws."

"Yours does too, hmmm," Deidara pointed out, "How about this, you say one bad thing and one good thing about my art. I will do the same for yours"

Sasori looked at Deidara like he was crazy.

"Why would I agree to do something so stupid," he said and went back to his book.

"Okay, hmmm," Deidara said, "I just thought you would be mad though if the student is acting more mature than the teacher."

Sasori glared at him, "You art is pointless. If it only lasts for a minute, there is no time for anyone to appreciate it."

Deidara nodded, "And the good thing?"

Sasori hesitated to say anything. Asking him to compliment the boy's art basically meant he had to swallow all of his pride, which is something he couldn't do easily.

"Do yours first," he demanded.

Deidara thought for a moment, "Your art is very complex and shows a lot of hard work, assuming your work is high quality. As for the bad, people may get tired of looking at the same thing for so long, hmmm."

"I'm the one with a degree in art. So therefore my opinion matters more."

After that, he tried to ignore Deidara, but the student decided to lean close to his desk.

"Aren't you forgetting something?" Deidara said.

"Not at all."

"You know what I'm talking about, hmmm."

"Nope," Sasori said, "I have nothing good to say about your work."

"Come on, that isn't fair," Deidara whined.

"It doesn't matter, "Sasori said.

Deidara leaned closer, "Please please please please please!"

Sasori growled and shot his head up to look at Deidara, "I said sto-"

He stopped talking when he realized how close he and Deidara were. Their eyes were less than an inch away from each other. Both eyes had the same startled look. Sasori instantly panicked when for some reason he started thinking that the boy's eyes were a beautiful color.

Deidara sat back into his seat. He definitely didn't expect them to be that close. He hadn't noticed until now, but Mr. Akasuna had such stunningly brown eyes. The man may be a mean jerk, but his soft eyes told a completely different story.

"So..." Deidara said.

"Just go work on something that doesn't blow up," Sasori said.

Deidara nodded and walked over to the supply closet.

'This is going to be quite a year,' Deidara thought.

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