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The two artists wandered the museum for a few more hours. They had visited every exhibit that was there. Sasori was surprised by how much Deidara knew about the different works of art. He saw value in all of them, even the ones he said looked really bad.

Deidara was also surprised that his teacher wasn't as closed-minded as he thought. He did seem to appreciate other art, but still held true to his own beliefs and philosophies. It was still kind of weird to Deidara though that someone who's an artist could be so prejudice.

They finished their tour of the building and ended up at the entrance way. By that time, it was getting dark outside.

"Where do you live?" Sasori asked.

"It's on the other side of the city," he said, "I think there may be a bus I can take in a few minutes..."

"Forget that," Sasori said, "I have a car here so I may as well drive you home."

Deidara looked surprised, "That's okay. I ride the bus sometimes, hmmm."

Sasori shrugged and took out his car keys, "I might as well. They're a lot of weirdoes in this city."

Sasori started walking to his car.

"It's not like I'm a little kid," Deidara mumbled under his breath, but he followed his teacher anyways.

Deidara gave Sasori the directions, and they started driving. Deidara looked around the car, trying to almost get a sense of who this emotionless mystery man was.

The car wasn't very fancy, or even normal. It looked really run down. The outside had peeling, dark blue paint. The inside had a few tears on the seats. The car was kept very neat though despite its slightly deteriorating appearance.

Sasori noticed that Deidara was looking, "If you're trying to assess the car, it's not worth stealing."

"I don't steal, hmmm," Deidara said, "It's a pretty crappy ride."

"Trust me I know," Sasori said, "But art doesn't always pay well so this is what I can afford."

"You just need to focus on your art more," the teenager said, "When I become an artist, everyone is going to know who I am. I'm going to bring things to the art world no one has ever seen before, hmmm!"

Sasori laughed, "Ya right. Look, brat, you said it yourself that I've been doing this for a long time. I have devoted my entire life to my art. The only reason I have that shitty teaching job is so I can buy art supplies. You may think you're so special, but trust me, life is going to suck. Especially with that stupid art theory you have."

Deidara smirked, "You afraid I'm going to be too much competition, hmmm?"

Sasori rolled his eyes, "Whatever, brat."

They made it to the apartment in about fifteen minutes.

"Do you want to come in and have something to eat?" Deidara asked.

Sasori shook his head, "No thanks. I'm fine."

"Well it's almost dinner time," the boy said, "Plus do you actually have anything else to do tonight besides go home and be alone?"

Sasori glared at Deidara, but definitely did not want to admit that the brat was right. He got out of the car and locked it as soon as Deidara closed his door. The student led the way up to his family's small apartment on the third floor. He unlocked the door and invited his teacher inside.

Sasori looked at the room. It wasn't very fancy. There was a plain couch and chair across from the TV. A dining table was on the other side of the room by an open entryway, which probably led to the kitchen. Everything was very white and plain.

"You keep this place neat," Sasori said.

Deidara shrugged, "All my art stuff is in my room. My mom is rarely home and my sister stays on her computer and phone all day so we don't really use this room too much."

Sasori nodded. He walked farther into the room. Deidara walked to the kitchen.

"Do you like pasta?" He asked

"Ya that's fine," Sasori said, "You do the cooking?"

"Well like I said, my mom is never home. My sister and I usually divide up the work. I end up doing most of it, hmmm."

"How old is your sister?" He asked.

"She's 14," Deidara replied, "but half the time she's too entranced by her cell phone to do anything. It's practically in her hand 24/7."

Sasori chuckled, "That's exactly how most of the students seem to be at the school. You never act that way?"

"No," he said, "I don't have too many friends besides Hidan. There was this other person that I was close to for a little while, but we don't talk anymore."

"No one wants to be with a psychopath who may blow them up," Sasori said, half-jokingly.

Deidara glared at him, "That's not why, hmmm. It's just someone who I may have dated but we broke up because they wanted to do certain...relationship things that I wasn't ready for."

"Since when would a teenage boy not be ready to do things with a girl?" Sasori asked, "I thought boys your age were supposed to think about sex all the time."

"It's not the same," Deidara said quietly, "cause it wasn't with a girl..."

"...Oh…I guess I can see how that's more pressure for you," Sasori said when he realized what Deidara meant, "You're gay then?"

"Not that it particularly matters, but yes I am," Deidara said.

"Hey I don't have any problem with that," Sasori said, defending himself, "Whatever you choose for your life is not my problem."

"What about you, hmmm?" Deidara asked, "Are there any girls out there who just want to throw themselves on an uncaring, dull jerk like you?"

Sasori frowned, "I'm not uncaring or dull, and I don't need to take criticism from someone who is only a student," he said, "As for relationships, I've never had one. I never really cared about people that much."

"So you really are just a cold-hearted bastard, hmmm," Deidara said smirking.

Sasori glared but didn't say anything. Why was it every time the boy opened his mouth, it was always to say something stupid, smart-ass,...and occasionally true.

A young blonde girl with a cell phone in her hand walked in the room.

"What's for dinner?" She asked, without looking up from her phone.

Deidara sighed, "Ino, would it kill you to not text for one second?"

"Fine," she sighed at put her phone in her pocket. That's when she noticed there was another person in the room, "Hello. Are you Deidara's boyfriend?"

Deidara nearly dropped the pot he was holding, but managed to keep just enough of a grip. Both boys blushed madly from embarrassment.

"W-what the hell, Ino?" Deidara stuttered, "He's the new art teacher at the high school, hmmm."

Ino smirked, "So you're dating a teacher? You're such a naughty boy, Deidara."

"I'm not dating him!" Deidara yelled, "Just shut up, hmmm!"

Ino laughed, "Whatever you say," she said as she took out her cell phone again and wandered out if the room.

Deidara turned back to the pot of noodles. He didn't want Mr. Akasuna to see that he was still blushing.

"Sorry about her," he said, "She's so weird sometimes."

"I guess that's a family trait," Sasori commented.

Deidara smiled, "Maybe. You can wait in the living room. Ino probably went back to her room so you don't have to worry about her harassing you."

Sasori nodded. He walked into the living room and sat on the plain, white couch. While he sat there waiting, he noticed some pictures on a small table. One was of Ino when she was a toddler. Ironically, he could see a toy cell phone in the background. The other one was more interesting. It was a young teenage Deidara standing by a sculpture of a white bird. There was a first place ribbon on it. It was probably just some art contest for little kids, but the younger version of Deidara still looked ecstatic. He had a huge grin on his face. Sasori found himself smiling at the picture. The boy did look a little cute with his messy, short blonde hair covering his very blue eyes.

"The food's ready, hmmm," Deidara called out from the kitchen.

Sasori snapped back to reality and walked to the table. Deidara had three different plates out. Ino came back into the room.

"Well I'm going to eat in my room so you love birds can have privacy," she said, winking.

"Shut up, you idiot," Deidara said, glaring at her.

She just smiled at him and walked out of the room. Sasori sat down in the empty seat.

"Thanks for making food for me," he said, "I probably would have just had instant ramen if I went home."

"It's no problem," Deidara said, "We always have some extras anyways."

They both ate their food silently for a bit. Sasori began to look at Deidara and compare him to the picture-version of him.

Deidara's hair was definitely much longer. It was about a few inches past his shoulders. Some of it was pulled back into a ponytail so it didn't all fall into his eyes. His left eye was still pretty much covered though. The uncovered right eye was the same sky-blue shade as it was in the picture. Sasori didn't think he had ever seen someone with eyes so perfectly blue. The boy's skin was fair but had a bit of an extremely light tan. He was slender, much more than most men were. Very...pretty.

Sasori frantically shook his head to get those thoughts outs. What the hell was he saying? Deidara was not only a student, but also a boy! There was no way that could ever happen in a million years!

Deidara noticed Sasori's strange behavior, "What's wrong?"

"N-nothing," Sasori said quietly.

Deidara raised his eyebrow, but shrugged, "So what were the other facts you said you knew about the picture we saw on the fifth floor. I've seen that painter's name before but I never saw that picture..."

Deidara continued to talk, but Sasori zoned out. He wasn't listening to what the boy was saying, but rather the way he looked when he said it. Deidara looked so relaxed when he was talking about art. The expressions on his face were very happy and mellow. He watched Deidara's lips move as he spoke the words with great interest.

Before he knew what he was doing, Sasori stopped looking at the lips, and instead leaned over and kissed them.

Deidara froze when he felt his teacher's lips covering his. Sasori seemed shocked too because once he realized what he did, he was also frozen in place.

Sasori regained his senses and stood up quickly, "I just remembered I do have something," he said, "Thank you for the meal."

The teacher stormed out of the apartment as fast as he could. Deidara sat there, shocked and completely confused by what had just happened.


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