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John smirked as we whipped around the corner, my brain paused for a moment and I stumbled.


How did he manage to do that to me? I couldn't answer that because my brain was smothered in John and thoughts of what would happen when we got back to the flat.

The door was only a few meters in front of us, a few bins blocked our way, but John vaulted over them easily while I had to awkwardly "hop" over them, with a long stride.

The extra five seconds that "hop" took gave John the time he needed to get to the door first.

But he didn't open it. Instead he spun around, with his back to the door so I slammed into his chest.

He smirked up at me once again and whispered, "I won." In a smooth low tone that made me shiver. My doctor bit his lip with a hum and reached back to open the door.

"I hope you're ready for me Sherlock." He purred running his free hand through my curls. I wasn't positive but thought he might be ensuring I was semi-hard before opening the door to let us fall inside.

I knew what would happen the moment he reached back for the door knob. We started to fall straight back, and John somehow maneuvered us so he was over me.

I kicked the door shut carefully and grabbed my soldiers face to pull him into a kiss careful to let him lead. I would put up a little fight but not enough to make him think I was trying to win.

I bit his bottom lip and he growled!

I paused as a wave of lust swept down my body, along with an excited gasp at the sound.

I let my knees move to allow John's body to be closer to mine. It wasn't a conscious idea but instinctual response that set my mind whirring with ideas and theories I hadn't touched since I was 11.

Mycroft once told me I was very "Sexually oblivious". He seemed to think since I was a virgin I had no knowledge about sex or lust.

But I knew the science of it. And that's why I had never really been all that interested in it. It was simply a biological urge to procreate.

Which, frankly, I had no intention of attempting.

I was so excited about having sex with John. But my mind was racing because it wasn't a biological urge to procreate!

It felt more like we were trying to posses as much of the others body as we could. And I would be happy to allow John to "own" all of me.

The thought made me smile absentmindedly. John cleared his throat, "Sherlock…. Please tell me you're not analyzing this right now. Sherlock."

His tone was a warning, but I was busy trying to understand why my body was aching to be pressed close to my John's, working a rich friction.

John's lips pressed against mine and I responded but my mind was elsewhere, working out the needs my body was so focused on.

In fact I was willing to bet it was more the intention of giving and gaining pleasure than the simple act of attempting procreation, since it would be impossible for John and I to-

John dragged his teeth across the sensitive skin of my throat, forcing a surprised moan from me.

My hips bucked up in an automatic response, and I gasped as John sunk those teeth into the soft skin of my clavicle. "Stop thinking Sherl. You'll like this even more if you're not thinking the whole time."

I nodded rapidly and rocked my hips up against John's. I hissed at the delicious feel of his clothed erection rubbing against mine. "Mmmmm John!"

He chuckled and continued nibbling my neck while our hips rocked together.

"Oh! Boys you really ought to go up stairs! I'm having guests soon! Besides- don't you think this is a bit public?" I lifted my head to look up at Mrs. Hudson over John's shoulder.

A blush dusted her pale skin and I found myself mildly horrified to be caught like this by her. I, in a way, considered her to be a maternal figure. And….. Right now I wished I could come up with words to apologize for our lack of discretion, on the floor in front of the door. Her door!

"Sorry Mrs. Hudson, we got a bit carried away. We'll be out of the way as soon as I can get Sherlock on his feet again." He sounded perfectly apologetic and even managed to pull me to my feet while still talking.

Dear Mrs. Hudson gave us a small smile, "Now I don't mean to sound too terrible, but are you two going to be causing a great racket? Cos' as I said…. I'm to have guests in an hour or so. I need to know if I should have the telly on to cover for you."

John chuckled, "Well, I don't think we'll be too loud. But I make no promises, Mrs. H."

She smiled, "Oh you cheeky boy John! I'll have the telly on just in case. Sherlock dear, your face is the most amusing shade of red." She teased patting my shoulder before moving past us to her door.

Thank the gods for John and his capable mind. He may not look like it but he was almost always thinking. I could see it.

"Come on Sherlock. I want to get you out of that bloody clothing!" John whispered to me while he pulled me up the stairs.

My breath caught and I was up the 17 stairs and in the flat before he could take another step.

As quickly as I could I squirmed out of my coat, pushed my shoes off, and started trying to unbutton my shirt.

John closed and locked the door behind him and laughed a loud at the sight of my useless hands fighting the shirt.

"Sherlock, here. Allow me. You're in no shape to do anything productive. Hell you couldn't even talk to Mrs. Hudson!"

I heaved a sigh as John's nimble fingers unbuttoned my shirt easily. "I could've! But that was…. Uncomfortable. And I wasn't sure if I opened my mouth words would come out."

I busied myself with pushing John's coat off his shoulders and then trying to get his jumper off him, but it was too much for me.

I felt as helpless as a babe, "Damn! Why are you wearing so much clothing? Why can't you just be naked already?!" I snarled carding my fingers through my curls, messing them up terribly.

John just continued smiling, my shirt now hung open and he was pulling of the offending jumper, and shirt.

I fumbled getting out of my shirt and then had an idea, which was odd.

Not that getting an idea was odd, but the fact that I could still think with my mind as burnt out as it was shocking.

I dropped to my knees in front of John. Somehow I popped the button and got his jeans unzipped before pausing to look up to see what John though of this.

His eyes were very dark, mouth slightly open pulled up at one corner, and he seemed all too happy to let me try this.

I took a deep breath and pulled John's cock out of his pants. I hummed at bit at the sight of him and leaned closer, trying to kick start my brain. Trying to remember what John had done earlier.

How had he used his tongue? How had he moved his head? What had he done with his hands?

But it was hopeless, I knew that. So I just started by licking the underside of his shaft along a rather obvious vein. Then the slit catching a bit of salty sweet pre-come that made me groan.

I heard John's breath catch and smiled up at him, before taking his length into my mouth completely, I felt the head brush the back of my throat as John's fingers laced in my hair, making me hum.

His hips jerked forward and he gasped, "Hah! Sherlock- Damn!"

It must have been the vibrations…. Right, well I should try to bob my head without gagging.

I took more of him into my mouth til my nose was brushing his skin. Experimentally I swallowed around him and he cursed fingers tightening in my curls, "Fuck! Sherlock, how?"

I pulled my mouth off his cock with a loud pop and licked my lips, "I dunno John."

I moved to take him back in my mouth and he tightened his grip in my hair, "Oh there will be plenty of time for that later! But for now-" I ignored him and began licking again.

His breath rushed out and I continued to learn about his cock.

"John you taste sooo good." I muttered after pulling back for a breath.

He huffed out a laugh and tugged at my wrist, "Alright come here you." I got to my feet and he dragged me to my room since it was closest.

"John." That seemed to be all I could say when he looked at me like that say. And neither of us really cared about my vocabulary change.

"Sherlock." John growled against my skin as he pushed me down on bed. Then he worked his pants of leaving him naked.

He crawled up the bed over me making sure to drive me crazy but letting his skin drag against mine.

"Joohn!" I gasped as our erections lined up and he slowly began to rub them together.

He chuckled and slipped his fingers into my mouth. I really didn't mind and immediately started to suck and lick the digits hoping that was what John wanted me to do.

He did.

I watched as he licked his lips and watched me mouth his fingers.

When he pulled them from my mouth I stopped him by asking, "How- how do we…"

He paused eyes widdened, "You- you're really a virgin then." It wasn't a question, but I answered anyway, eyes down cast, dark blush of embarrassment covering my face.

"Well yes. If that were untrue I would have correct the error." I sounded almost pouty to myself and glanced up to see John looking me over carefully.

The silence stretched then his hips began moving again and my neck was unable to hold my head up any longer.

"So…." I gasped, "I know the- basic idea of- what is going to- happen but…." I suddenly couldn't breathe as John's wet fingers rubbed against my entrance.

I'd masturbated before. What teen hadn't?

But I'd never touched there. At least not the way John was now.

When I was thirteen I'd been curious about what was so wonderful about being touched there. I'd tried to push my fingers into myself only to find it hurt.

Of course I hadn't realized that I needed to loosen my anal muscles. Maybe John knew better.

One finger slowly slid into my body and I realized why he'd had me lick his fingers.

So John did know what he was doing, good. I wouldn't worry as much knowing that.

I winced at the feeling of his finger stretching me, and noted it was a mite uncomfortable.

John smiled," It'll feel better I promise. Eventually even this will feel wonderful." He must have read my expression.

I attempted a smile but I must have failed because he leaned down and kissed me carefully. Then his hips rocked harder against mine.

But the stretching still felt uncomfortable.

"Ah! John this isn't comfortable-" I felt a bit panicky and swallowed hard.

John pressed his forehead against mine, "Shh Sherl calm down. If you're tense it won't feel any better and this will be very difficult. So try and relax. I promise once I can get another finger in there I will make you feel amazing. Kay?"

I nodded rapidly and focused on relaxing and breathing slowly. I felt my muscles relax around John's finger and he slowly added a second and all I could do was focus on staying relaxed for John do whatever it he was going to d-

"AH!" I cried as John's fingers curled and brushed what had to be my prostate.

John continued stretching me as I shook breathing unevenly. "See?"John whispered.

And I laughed a little breathlessly, "Oh yes John." I exhaled sharply when John slid a third finger into me and frowned, "God how many fingers are you planning on pushing into me?"

John snorted, "Just three. But if you think one finger was uncomfortable when you weren't prepped….. Let's just say anymore when you're not properly stretched nothing is all that nice."

I huffed a sigh, "I know that." I should really think more before speaking around John.

He stared at me for a moment then said, "Wha- I thought-"

I shook my head, "I was thirteen I was curious. I didn't like the results."

John looked me in the eye and the corner of his mouth quirked, "You tried to finger yourself?"

I blushed, "That's what I said isn't it?" Then I paused, "That doesn't change anything does it?" I wasn't sure how that would change anything, but not much about John made a lot of sense to me.

He smirked, "No. But…. That's a sexy image to think about. You fingering yourself. We'll have to try that one time. I'd like to watch you."

My eyes widened at the thought and a ripple of want pulled at my gut.

John must have noticed. And he pulled his fingers from my body.

It was odd to say I missed the feeling of having him inside me.

"You're ready here Sherlock. But…. Are you ready?" He murmured against my lips. His eyes searching mine.

I swallowed hard and really thought about my answer.

I wanted more of the pleasure he'd given me by stimulating my prostate.

But like he'd said, if I thought one finger was bad…. What would his penis feel like?

One that subject I tried to imagine the heat and size of him I'd felt in my mouth in my anus and shivered. Well that didn't sound too bad! Even better with the prostate stimulation.

"We don't have to if you're not ready." John said pulling his face back to look at me better.

That decided it for me.

I reached up and grabbed his face, pulling him back down for a hungry kiss, planning the phrasing and vocabulary for my next sentence.

"Please John. I want to feel your cock in my arse. Please."

I saw his whole body shiver and knew I'd said it right.

"God Sherlock!" He groaned, pushing my legs further apart so he could situate himself closer to me.

I felt the glans of his penis press against my anus and took a deep breath. He felt so hot.

Then he was slowly pressing his hips forward and I couldn't breathe. This was definitely different than his fingers!

So much bigger. So much hotter.

When he completely inside me he stopped moving and my body began adjusting to him.

I felt…. Full. I could look up into John's eyes with the knowledge that it was his pulse I felt inside me.

It felt good. Really, really good! I could see the same reflected in his eyes

"Oh." I breathed still a little unsure what to do or say next.

I liked this, but he also wasn't moving at the moment.

But then he moved just a little, probably not on purpose and I paid attention to the friction.

Oh yes. I really wanted more of that!

"Mm John. Move." I demanded and bucked my hips, punching a low breathy moan from my body.

John's eyes were almost black and held a mildly disturbing hunger.

He pulled back slowly and I whined at the feeling. Then his hips slammed forward and I screamed, my back arching almost impossibly, finger nails craving crescents into his back.

There are several words I never thought I would say, many of those began pouring out of my mouth as John thrust in and out of my suddenly whorish body.

"Oooooooooooooh FUCK JOHN!" I snarled as his cock rubbed the magic spot inside me that made fireworks explode behind my eyes.

He groaned, "Sherlock you are so beautiful." His eyes were fixed on my face, soaking in my expressions.

He shifted closer and lifted one of my legs over his shoulder. One hand held it there the other held my hip. "Yesyesyesyes! More! Harder!"

I was so demanding, but John was happy to oblige me and added more force to his thrusts. Pushing my body up the bed with every thrust.

"Yeah! So hot inside me-" I gasped when he gripped my hip harder.

I was sure all I could say was his name by the time he was done biting and sucking marks into the skin of my neck.

"Uhnnnnnnnnnnnnng! OH! Fuck me! Fuck me! Jooooooohn!"

I could feel an intense boiling heat flooding my belly and I rocked my hips to match John's deliciously vicious thrusts.

"God damn Sherlock! You're so loud, who'd have guessed you'd be a screamer!" John growled nipping at my ear lobe.

I laughed breathlessly."Me."

He laughed too, "You better hope Mrs. H has the telly on loud down there!" John chuckled breathlessly.

My sounds stopped though my movements didn't. The fact that someone, anyone knew what John and I were up to made the heat in my belly scorching!

"John I-" I tried to warning him that I was nearly ready to explode but he took the hand that was on my hip and sunk his fingers into my hair yanking my head back to attack my neck.

"AH FUCK!" Alright so I now had a kink for having my hair pulled.

John's mouth hovered next to my ear, "Come for me Sherlock. Come."

My back arched painfully far as I came but I didn't care.

It felt so good I couldn't move.

I couldn't see anything but white but even that was iffy.

There was a loud buzzing in my ears and a severe lack of air in my lungs.

But I was aware enough to feel something hot and wet pour into my dazzled body.

John came.

The knowledge made me whine.

But the feeling of his cock slipping around is my come filled arse made me take a sharp breath.

"Fuck." I breathed in amazement.

I felt John chuckle against my side where he was curled, legs tangled with mine.

I blinked sluggishly as I turned my head toward him. When my eyes focused on him I managed to whisper.

"When can we do that again?"

John laughed loudly, "Why don't we just rest a bit first. Mmm?"

I nodded slowly and let my heavy lids droop. "John?" I slurred fighting sleep.

He ran his fingers through my sweat soaked curls, "Yes love?"

I smiled dopily, "I love you, John."

I could feel John's smile. "I love you too, Sherlock."

I shook my head, "No. Listen." It was so hard to stay awake. It was even harder to open my eyes and look at John's.

"I….. Love you like I've never loved anyone or anything before. I would do anything for you. I…. I love you with everything I have. John Watson I want you to stay with me until the end of time."

I felt like my soul was pouring into him as I spoke, and I felt tears leak from my eyes in response to his.

John's sniffled and wiped away his tears with the back of his hand, "Oh my god Sherlock. I never thought you'd be so…. God, I love you too. I feel the same, I do. And I'm not going anywhere."

I turned on my side to face him, settled one hand behind his head and kissed him.

It was gentle and sweet and it made us both cry a bit more.

When we pulled back I stared into his eyes, "I love you John Watson."

He stared right back and smiled, "I love you Sherlock Holmes."

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