It wasn't easy to convince the few lionesses to work with Zira, though. But once it was done, another event happened. The last born was finally able to walk on his own. Zira called him Kovu. He had been hand-chosen by Scar to be his heir, even though he wasn't Kovu's father. Kovu would be Zira's pride. Even if his genes wasn't in the cub, Scar had said that he'd be the strongest, the smartest, the best. It was such a compliment to receive from a King.

With another cub to take care of, Zira's days were pretty busy, and she had less time to think about revenge. She had less time to watch Vitani and Nuka and they enjoyed their free time very much. They had more time to play with Kopa, and the bond between them grew stronger every day. Kopa was like the brother Nuka never had. Kopa was the best friend Vitani never knew. There was something between them that couldn't be denied whenever they were looked at. Lions could see the affection they had for each other.

It made Nala's heart melt. It made Simba smile. It would have upset Zira, but she was a tad too busy to notice. She didn't have much time to think about anything else than Kovu. He needed to be perfectly healthy, and she looked after him like never before.

It made Nuka very jealous. It didn't bother Vitani, though. She was happy to have another brother that would play with her, too. She tried talking some sense into her big brother, but he wouldn't listen, so she let it go. It didn't really matter because all their problems would vanish when they were with Kopa. Everything was just easy. They didn't have to wonder if he'd be mad at them for saying this or doing this. He respected them. That was probably because of Nala. She had taught him to accept everyone, and to not judge other lions that weren't like him.

It was a normal day. The cubs would be out playing all day long while the lionesses would go hunting later. Simba was dealing with some minor issues with Zazu's help.

Nuka was supposed to play with both Vitani and Kopa, but at the very last minute, he didn't go. He needed to be a little more serious, and maybe his mother would finally acknowledge him the way she did when Kovu was around. The chosen one, Nuka kept thinking with bitterness. He grew more and more bitter every single day.

He decided to start training a little. If he showed Zira how strong he was, how smart he was, maybe she'd reconsider his case. All he was looking for was his mother's pride. He wanted her to be proud of her oldest cub. And she would be.

Meanwhile, Vitani and Kopa decided to go to the water hole. There wasn't much to do there, but they liked it there. If the sun was too warm, they could just run into the water and that would feel so good.

Zazu wasn't with them which was quite unusual. Simba always sent him with them whenever they were out of his sight. The feeling they both had was different. Normally, Nuka was with them, and he'd be the grown-up, but not this time. They were left on their own, and it felt great to be trusted.

They played, they fought, they drank water, and they sat down together in the water.

"Hey, look," Kopa said. "We are one."

Vitani looked at the water, and he was right. Their reflections had somehow merged into one. On the left side was Kopa's half face, and on the right side was Vitani's half face.

They both laughed while looking at it.

Kopa was the first to break the silence. "You know that I'll be King one day, right?" he asked Vitani.

She nodded. Of course she knew. Everyone knew.

"My father said that when he was as old as I am, he was told that Nala would be his mate, that they'd be together forever."

It was tradition, after all.

"I asked hi who would be my Queen, and he said that they hadn't figured that out yet."

He looked at Vitani and rubbed his head against hers, fondly. Sometimes, it felt like she was his baby sister and that he had to take care of her, but most of the time, it felt like she was just another brother, and that they could do anything together, that they could be reckless—he left her that part, Kopa wasn't really the kind to take risks; he was nothing like his father for that specific point. But right now, right then, he felt something different. She wasn't a sister nor a brother. She was his best friend. She was the one to whom he'd share everything.

"And I think it should be you," he told Vitani. "I think that you should be my Queen." He smiled at her. "After all, my father married his best friend, and you are mine. It is only natural if I wed my best friend, don't you agree with me?"

Vitani smiled back at her best friend. Of course, she agreed with him. She would agree to everything he'd say if it meant that he'd still look at her like that. She had her doubts, too. She didn't think a lot about their future. She didn't think a lot about when Kopa would become King because then, he'd have so many other things to think about other than his childhood best friend. She didn't think that he'd be willing to make her his Queen. But that was just meaningless words. They were so young. How could he even know what he wanted? He didn't.

"I would love that," Vitani stated.

And they stayed like that, together, their heads against each other's, until they were called, until their parents wanted them to get back home.

And no one seeing them could have doubted their love.

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