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Was Kovu really the cub Scar had seen? He had nothing of a leader. The cub was almost scared of his own shadow. It infuriated Zira to no end. How could she get her revenge if the cub meant to be King couldn't stand for himself?

She spent months teaching him how to "take care of himself." Even Nuka hadn't taken that much time to learn.

But Zira's faith, even though it was not as strong as before, was still there.

Zira was so focused with Kovu's training that she didn't notice the change of attitude of her two other cubs.

Nuka had kept his word, and he kept on training, harder every time. He was actually getting pretty good. Sometimes, Kopa would join him and they'd hit it off like they always did. They would take Vitani with them sometimes. Obviously, it often ended up in playing instead of actual training.

Vitani had spent every single minute of her time with Kopa. As soon as she could, she would run to him and they would share some moments by the waterhole. Kopa told her stories about his parents, about how they became the bestest of friends, about how they had finally found their way back to each other after believing that Simba was dead. These stories, they moved Vitani.

Yes, she had known that Scar hadn't been the best of Kings. She just hadn't known that he'd been a tyrant, a real one. Her mother would often talk her out of that, telling her that he did what was right, that he did what no lion had ever dreamt of doing before. Vitani always believed her mother. She always believed that Scar had been good, truly good, but hadn't been seen as such. But with Kopa's stories, Vitani couldn't deny the truth. She couldn't bear the thought of being related to him, nor could she understand why her mother had lied about this.

If she didn't want to say the truth, she could have said nothing. Nothing was still better than a handful of lies.

One day, Vitani decided to confront her mother about the matter. It was driving her insane, and she didn't know what to think. Zira probably had a good reason for not telling the facts, Vitani was sure of that. Her mother would never purposefully lie to her, would she?

No, she wouldn't.

"Mother," Vitani said while Zira was busy trying to train Kovu. He didn't want to try anymore. He was tired and Zira was pushing him way too much. Why couldn't she let him be the way she did with Vitani and Nuka?

"Not now, Vitani," she snapped never looking at her nor away from Kovu.

Kovu moaned in despair. He really needed some time to be a cub which Zira wouldn't let him to do. She didn't want him to be a kid, she needed him to be a grown-up. Nala and Simba would never accept to keep an eye on her cub if he wasn't stronger. They'd be too afraid that he'd need his mother. That's why she trained Kovu to make him the strongest. If the cubs couldn't keep Nala and Simba's attention, she didn't know what could.

Sure, the lionesses had promised they would help too, but Zira needed some back-up plan in case something went wrong. She still didn't know how loyal were the lionesses and she wasn't willing nor ready to bet on them.

She needed an excuse to get Kopa alone. What could she come up with? She had a couple of ideas but none of them seemed legit enough to work. None of them seemed good enough to not make Simba or Nala suspicious. They knew she never really gave a damn about Kopa. If she came up all of a sudden and cared, that would be bad. They would know that she was up to something.

She had yet to earn their trust. Zira believed she was almost there, though. Nala had never really feared Zira's presence around her cubs, not as much as Simba. And now, Simba barely kept an eye on her whenever she was "playing" with the cubs. He almost trusted her. Soon, he'd be willing to leave her with the cubs and he wouldn't even come to check on them every two seconds.

But training Kovu was harder than expected and that slowed down her process to earn the King and Queen's trust. Zira didn't think that would be a problem, though. What would was to make Kopa's mistrust to sleep. He thought that Zira hadn't noticed, but she had. She couldn't help but see every time the cub would look her way, his eyes blazing with anger or with confusion or with fear sometimes. That's why she needed her cubs to make him trust her. If Kopa trusted either Nuka, Kovu or Vitani, he would be more willing to trust Zira.

"Mother," Vitani said again. "I need to ask you something."

Zira's teeth knocked together as her head snapped to look at Vitani. Her eyes darkened with annoyance.

"What do you want, Vitani?" Her voice was everything but sweet.

Vitani was almost willing to withdraw her question and to back off, but she knew that she had to ask now. Her mother would never be in a better mood—she had learnt that now. It was now or never.

"Is it ... is it true that Scar was a tyrant? That he murdered Mufasa and tried to have Simba killed?"

Now, Zira's attention was focused on her daughter, on the ungrateful daughter that dared to ask such question. She turned away from Kovu and took one step forward, her eyes never leaving Vitani's. She inclined her head a little, still looking at Vitani from the top which required Vitani to look up at her mother's infuriated eyes.

"Who told you that? Who filled your head with bloody lies?" Zira demanded angrily.

"It doesn't matter, Mother," Vitani whispered. "I just want to know whether or not it is true."

"It's Kopa, isn't it?"

When Vitani didn't answer, Zira knew.

"And you'd trust him over me?" Zira barked. "You'd trust a cub over your mother? I am your mother, Vitani. I would not tell you filthy lies. Scar was not a tyrant. Those lions think that he was because they didn't understand him! They didn't understand his motives nor his behaviour. But I did. Oh, I did.

"You don't know what they put him through, Vitani. You have no idea. What did Kopa tell you? I bet he just told you about the times that his father told him about. He probably only filled you in about the times where Simba believed his uncle was evil.

"But that is nonsense. I'll make you suffer the way they did, and you will never forget. And you will understand why Scar acted the way he did and why everyone else thinks that he was in the wrong."

Zira's tail was like a whip behind her. Her teeth seemed sharper than ever to Vitani who just wanted to curl up in a corner.

That's only then that Vitani knew the truth. Kopa might not have said the whole story. But Vitani knew that he hadn't been lying to her.

Zira hadn't been lying to her, either.

With horror, Vitani realized that her mother truly believed that what Scar did was good. She really believed that he had the best reasons to do what he did.

But there never were good reasons when it came to murdering someone.

At least, that's what Vitani thought. Zira believed otherwise.

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