The Darkness Inside My Heart

Taka is Mufasa's younger brother. And he's tired of being called that way. He's not even someone, he's Mufasa's brother. His father won't even take time for him; he's too busy teaching Mufasa everything he needs to know to be King.

There's only his mother who's still willing to take care of him. Is it because he's just like her? Sometimes, he wishes he was just like his brother, and just like his father.

But Taka's always been more patient than Mufasa. He's always accepted that his brother was the true heir, and that he would never be King ... unless Mufasa died. It had never truly bothered him ... until Mufasa's eyes set upon the only friend that Taka had, Sarabi.

Mufasa had already taken away everything that Taka had. And he wouldn't let his older brother take away the one person who never rejected him, who had always been there for him whenever he needed someone.

He'd do everything to prevent his brother from winning the lioness he secretly fancied.