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The next day, it occurs to Taka that Mufasa's behavior towards him has changed―mostly when he's with Sarabi. His presence has almost become bearable.

"What's with him?" Taka complains to Sarabi as they watch Mufasa with his friends. He hasn't changed a bit around them, though. Only when he crosses Sarabi's glance.

"What do you mean?" Sarabi asks.

"Don't you think he's acting differently around me―around you?"

Sarabi cocks her head on the side, thinking for a second, then she shakes her head, her tail following the movement of her head. "No," she says. "Maybe he thought of yesterday and finally realized that I was right." This is meant to be a joke, but Taka doesn't even crack a smile. He hates the fact that Sarabi doesn't even notice the change! If she only saw it, maybe she wouldn't fall for his big brother's game. Because it is obviously a game to him. He just wishes that she admires him just like every other cub living in the Pride Lands. He just wants them on his side, and not on Taka's. Well, at least, that's what Taka thinks, and he's convinced that it is the truth.

"Maybe" is Taka's only answer to Sarabi. She immediately knows that something is bugging him, but she doesn't ask for details, knowing he won't give her any, knowing that he just won't open up to her if she asks him to. She just needs to let him do it on his own and not pressure him into doing anything.

That's when Mufasa decides to walk up to him. He pretends he hasn't acknowledged Sarabi's presence, but Taka just knows that he has, and that he's doing this because she's right here, otherwise he wouldn't have.

"Taka," he says. "Father wants to show me the Kingdom another time, and I thought ... Maybe you want to come with us."

At first, Taka wants to say no. He doesn't want his brother's pity, and he certainly doesn't want to agree in front of Sarabi. But Mufasa knows his brother more than Taka thought. He knows that his little brother has always wanted to have the opportunity of going through the Kingdom with their father, Ahadi. Besides, their father doesn't really take care of Taka, and this is a golden opportunity for him to show his father that he's worth something. He might not be King, but he's worth something. And he's been waiting for an opportunity like that to prove it to his father. Maybe this will be his only shot, but ... at the same time, he doesn't want to have it because of his older brother. Taka wishes he could have taken it himself, that everything could have been because of him.

"Does he even know that I'll be there?" Taka snaps.

Sarabi gives him a look as to tell him to say yes and not be bitter. But Taka can't help it. Maybe he's just born bitter.

When Mufasa shakes his head, Taka understands that it has nothing to do with really wanting to give his sibling a hand. Mufasa just wanted to show Sarabi that he could be true, too, that he could be thoughtful. But this was just a random plan he came up with. He's probably just thought of it while he was walking to them. This thought makes Taka angry. And when he gets up, his eyes flashing with anger, he growls, "I don't need your pity nor your help to get Father's attention."

That's when Mufasa loses the mask he's been putting on. "Father will never acknowledge your existence. I'm only trying to help you, and you're the one pushing me away. You know what? Fine. Deal with your trouble yourself." And with that, he walks away.

Taka doesn't even mind, he only feels like running and jumping on his brother's back to lacerate his back. And maybe then, Mufasa would know what it feels like to always be hurting. But instead of doing this, he just swallows back his anger and resentment. It's not the time to use it. There will be some other time, and then, he'll be ready.

He looks back at Sarabi who's frowning. "I ... I have to go," he tells her before storming out. She doesn't try to chase him down because it would be useless to even try to reason with him when he's feeling that way.

Instead of running to his mother, Taka decides to go see the hyenas. He's grabbed something for them, it's not much, but it will be enough for them. He doesn't even pay attention to his surroundings, because truly, no one pays attention to him, and because of the color of his fur, it's easier for him to hide in the shadow so that no one sees him.

When he arrives, the three hyenas are waiting for him. They told him their names earlier; Shenzi, Banzai and Ed. Shenzi seems to be the smartest one while Ed seems to be the dumb one, but Taka all likes them equally. They're his only friends―apart from Sarabi.

"Hey buddy! Did you bring us something?" Banzai immediately wonders.

Taka cracks a smile and shows them what he's brought for them. They all jump on it, and it doesn't even take them a minute before the whole thing is gone, in their stomachs, and they now have this satisfied smile on their faces.

"What's up with you?" Shenzi asks.

Taka doesn't speak for a moment, but he finally decides to confide in them. He still hasn't told them that he's Mufasa's brother, and he doesn't know whether or not he should mention it. Maybe not today. Maybe some other day.

"Just my brother," he answers, trying not to give too much details. "He was born a minute before me, and he already thinks he rules the world."

"Brother drama," Shenzi says. "I get it. Tell us all about it."

Taka pauses for a second, but he ends up telling them everything. Once he's done, he still hasn't revealed Mufasa's identity―and surprisingly, the hyenas hasn't asked for it.

The smile on Shenzi's face is a little creepy, but it doesn't bother Taka. "So, it seems that you hate lions, too," she says.

"Too? What did they do to you?"

"Kill our mother. That's what they did," Shenzi snaps. "Not only out mother, but a lot of hyenas."

Taka stops moving for a second, and then he thinks of a plan. They hate lions, they killed their mother and maybe their friends or families. He kind of hates them, too. They don't respect him, treat him like he's some kind of piece of meat that's been abandoned for more than three months, and they don't even acknowledge that if Mufasa was to die, he would be the one ending up being King.

That's it, he thinks. If Mufasa dies, I will be King. And the other lions will have to respect me, they'll have to show me some respect, to acknowledge my presence, my status, everything.

And that's how it all started.

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