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Dani took a deep breath and let it out slowly. Weddings were so stressful and hectic. Why in the world had she agreed to this? If she had known what she was getting into she never would have said yes. She sighed because that wasn't true.

Even if she had known she never would have said no. She was doing this for him because she loved him.

Max was her big brother and she would do anything for him. Even be the maid of honor at his wedding to Allison. He kept reminding her that one day she would get married and then he would have to be in her wedding.

She had laughed along with him but she wasn't sure that was right. She had a boyfriend, Shane, who was great but she knew that it wasn't love. If she was being honest with herself she knew what the problem was. She held every guy against a standard that they could never live up to.

Binx had set the bar high and Dani wasn't going to lower it. Maybe she was taking a childhood crush a little too far. I mean after all the guy was dead. It was time to move on and grow up. She ignored the feeling that told her she was never going to get over him.

She finished helping Allison into her dress. She smiled at her soon to be sister in law. She wished that someday she could have her own wedding and look as beautiful and happy as Allison. If she ever wanted that to happen she needed to get over her crush on Binx. As she walked down the aisle she saw her brother smile at her and she decided to let go.

A tear slid down her cheek as she watched her brother get married. She wasn't sure if it was because she was happy for her brother or if she was sad about Binx. She said goodbye to Binx. That night for the first time in eight years she didn't dream of him and the kiss that he had given her.