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The Boss drove with haste to the Wardill Airport with Shaundi and Pierce in his purple SUV, and took the first plane to Stalicoast. Kinzie had told him over the phone that she and Oleg would be making their own way to the city with reinforcements, but Shaundi had muttered to the Boss whilst sitting in the plane that she didn't want reinforcements. She didn't need reinforcements.

To her, this was a meal. She was the one who had spent time making it and finishing it, and did not want to share her pleasure with anyone else. The Boss sat next to her, restraining himself from telling her to calm down, as he felt he couldn't let her down anymore.

"Boss?" Pierce began calling over to the Boss across the seats in the plane, and the leader stopped worrying for a moment to answer him.

"Yeah?" He replied with a slight break in his voice. Shaundi glared at him for a moment, feeling that he was actually scared for what was about to happen. Then she corrected herself; scared, out of all people, she could never think that her leader would ever be scared, especially over some shithead like Quiver.

"That son of a bitch ain't getting outta this one…He's a dead man walking!"

Shaundi gave him a warm smirk as she began reloading her weapons over and over, making sure that she was perfectly armed to the teeth with ammo. The Boss however sat next to her resting his head next to the window, thinking deeply about how much his gang had changed in only two years. How the life of organised crime had changed his friends.

What happened to his hippie vixen that could turn any man's head with a sombrero?

The trio sat themselves on the roof of a small diner in the middle of the night, looking across the street towards a warehouse where their target was meant to be. Shaundi rested her sniper rifle on the edge of the roof, and made herself comfortable next to the piles and piles of ammunition. As if she needed it all.

Pierce sat with a pair of binoculars, looking across the street through the windows of the warehouse, making sure that the target was where they wanted him to be. The Boss was on the phone, going over the plan to Kinzie who had told him that Oleg and Saint Reinforcements were positioned to the south of the warehouse, and that, should the plan somehow go wrong, the reinforcements would move in and torch the warehouse to the ground.

The leader had too much to lose to go forward with this mission. Normally he was never scared to look through a scope and shoot a bastard in-between the eyes, but this was different. Edgar's words had engraved themselves into his head, and no matter how many times Pierce and Shaundi had told the Boss how Edgar couldn't escape, the Boss still had his doubts. Edgar wasn't normal; he wasn't the usual type of gangster that the Saints would fight. There was something seriously wrong with that bastard.

The Boss tucked his phone away into his cargo pants' pockets, and crouched next to Pierce who handed over the binoculars to him.

"The Intel checks out…It's Tommy Quiver. 'The Skipper' himself…" Pierce whispered, he looked over to Shaundi with a hardened expression in his face, and she calmly nodded in return before bringing herself back to looking through the scope of the sniper rifle.

They had grown so much after the Boss had recruited them in Stilwater; they weren't small-time gangbangers anymore, they were smart powerful criminals that had a lengthy reputation in the criminal underworld. The Boss should have felt safe as these were the two people he could trust with his life, but he still felt anxious.

He looked through the binoculars and kept his eyes fixated on the warehouse, and observed the auction through a window. Quiver was standing in front of a considerably large group of people, whom all ranged in terms of appearances. Some were the young and naïve drug dealers that wanted an extra boost in protection for their deals, others were intimidating thugs in suits that actually thought that they were something to be scared of, and a few looked like ex-convicts that were trying not to attract attention by wearing tracksuit pants and baggy t-shirts. Then the Boss saw someone he didn't expect to see sitting next to Quiver.

It was a kid, a freaking kid, sitting inbetween Quiver and a pile of military missiles that were pressed against a wall.

"What the fuck?" The Boss bellowed, Pierce and Shaundi darted their eyes over to him, but he did not return the stare. "Why is there a fucking kid there? The fuck would Quiver want with a ten year old?"

"It doesn't matter." Pierce said with great confidence. "He ain't the target; we'll take out Quiver and then move in on the warehouse…"

"No, no, no…This isn't right…" The Boss decided, he dropped the binoculars onto the ground carelessly and brought out his phone, and began calling Oleg.

"Oleg, change of plan; we're not storming the warehouse. There's a kid there, and I don't want that blood on our hands…We'll move to the east perimeter, find a way to take out the target with as little bloodshed and chaos as possible. Sit tight and keep an eye out."

"Affirmative." The former Soviet replied. That's what the Boss liked about Oleg; he never questioned his leader's motives or actions, and always did whatever the Boss asked of him.

The Boss ended the call and told Pierce and Shaundi to follow him across the rooftops so that they could get a better view of Quiver. Before they could even respond, he was already leaping across the buildings, and his two second in commands had no choice but to follow him. Pierce followed him gladly as he copied the Boss's movements in response, but Shaundi was growing agitated as she hurled the rifle across the rooftops, and then herself afterwards.

They stopped jumping across the rooftops after they found the Boss looking across the street at the warehouse. Now they were on a Forgive and Forget drive-thru, and no longer needed binoculars to look through the windows as it was easy, even for Pierce's awful eye-sight.

"OK, if we hit him from here, the kid won't get hit and will have plenty of time to get the fuck outta there…" The Boss decided, he turned to Shaundi who sat alongside him with her sniper rifle firmly sat, pointing towards the warehouse.

"Shaundi, let's go."

"Alright, about fucking time!"

Shaundi looked back through the scope of the sniper rifle and placed her finger on the cold rusty trigger, and the Boss and Pierce sat with their hearts beating at a too fast pace, waiting for their torture to end. Shaundi let out a cold breath of air, licked the small birthmark scar on her upper lip, and allowed her elegantly shaped cheeks to blush with happiness. She was finally having her reward.

The Boss kept his eyes closed as he tried to keep his heart beating at its normal pace; he thought he was going to have a heart attack with the amount of worry in his eyes. He thought about Johnny to calm himself down.

He thought of the day he stopped his appeal trial, exchanging a fist bump after they killed the judge with a shotgun pellet into the kidneys and how Johnny let out a cry of laughter when the Boss told him that their day had come. He remembered the two of them escaping the court in a police car, the siren blazing in their ears, the sensation of running over cops with the car, and the feeling of sitting next to his best friend for the first time after five years.

It was bliss.

"Boss! Something's wrong! They're all leaving the warehouse!"


"They're leaving the warehouse!" Shaundi roared, she held her rifle in her hands as jumped across the rooftops once more, whilst Pierce joined her as the Boss looked to the warehouse.

There was a horde of the weapon buyers running out of the front entrance of the warehouse, all heading straight for their cars and trucks. The trio stopped running when they landed on the roof of a Friendly Fire Gun store, and they looked across the warehouse which was now further away from them.

The Boss brought out his own sniper rifle, and before Shaundi could look through the scope of her own rifle, the Boss looked through his and told his crew what he could see. He saw Quiver standing alone in the warehouse with the pile of missiles, EMP grenades, and the same child from before. The Boss was about to fire a shot at his legs so that he was still alive for Shaundi to finish him off, but something else caught his eye.

"Shaundi, hold your fire, there's some more people there!"

"It's Edgar, the fucking bastard!" Shaundi screamed, she threw her rifle next to her heels on the roof as Pierce looked on with concern, as he had never met either of the two men his friends were pissed about, and had no idea how to handle the situation. Except for his usual idea; shoot first, ask questions later.

The Boss looked back into his sniper rifle and gazed at what he could see in the warehouse. Edgar and Quiver were shaking hands whilst observing the missiles, and after a long talk, Edgar turned to the child who had his back perched against the wall. He stroked his hair arrogantly which caused the child to flinch, infuriating Edgar enough to strike him directly in the face with the brunt of his left knee. From what the Boss could see, it was strong enough to cause the boy to start bleeding.

"Fucking sick bastard…" The Boss muttered, Shaundi nodded in response as she picked up her rifle and looked through the scope, and her disgust at her kidnapper was evident. Pierce sat quietly behind them, clutching his phone tightly in-case the plan went wrong, as he began to fear that judging from the Boss's surprise, Edgar wasn't expected to be in Stalicoast.

As Edgar finished beating the child, he turned his attention to the backdoor, where a hooded man could be seen walking in, alongside another man. The second man was no stranger to the Boss; it was the assassin from the Gangstas In Space Premier, the Boss knew it was him as he wore the same timeworn brown trench coat, but surprisingly, the other man was also no stranger to the Boss. He wore a purple hoodie that covered most of face, and also had bandages around his large paws that were supposed to be his hands, and stood in an intimidating position.

"Is that who I fucking think it is!?" Shaundi yelled, she tried to take a breath and couldn't, then tried to blink and couldn't.

"It is…" The Boss concluded. The moment felt surreal, absurd; it had knocked the breath out of the Boss and brought the world around him to a standstill. His face was burning.

His name rose from the deep and the Boss did not want to say it, as if uttering it might give Shaundi reason enough to run down to the warehouse and burn it to the ground. But it was him. He was already there, in the flesh, standing with the enemy across the street, after all this time.

His name escaped the Boss's lips: "Angel."

"You gotta be fucking kidding me!" Pierce exclaimed, the revelation was enough for him to end the night once and for all by calling Oleg to move in to take out Edgar and Quiver. He had told Oleg on the phone to let Angel live, so that they could discover why he was there, with Edgar of all people.

"Wait!" The Boss pleaded, his lips had gone dry and he tried to lick them but found that his tongue had dried too. A sip of alcohol would not have made him feel any better though, as the betrayal had already revealed itself. Pierce reluctantly told Oleg on the phone to hold his position.

Through the scope of the sniper rifle, the Boss saw two more men entering the warehouse. Two men in an army uniform with red bandanas, obviously two of Edgar's goons. The Boss realised that they were dragging another man into the warehouse, who, after noticing the bright green suit he was wearing, was also no stranger to the Saints.

Eddie "Killbane" Pryor. The Walking Apocalypse, the man that had fallen from grace after he lost his mask in the ring to the Butcherer of Stilwater, and was driven out of town by the Third Street Saints.

"Killbane…The fuck is going on?" The Boss sighed; he grew even more confused by the minute, and began fidgeting on the rooftop. All of a sudden, it felt too hot; sweat was pouring down his white tank top, and he felt as though he was being held against his will in a sauna, instead of sitting on a rooftop in the cold dark night.

The two goons dropped Pryor to the ground, and judging from the state he was in, he had received the beating he should have endured from Angel long ago. He had bloodstains all over his suit, hand marks across his neck, and his face was now shapeless. Before, every part of his body was defined, sculpted in strength by him, but now, he just looked broken.

He looked tired, beaten, and desperate for death. From what the Boss saw, he did not say anything to his kidnappers, whether or not it was because he physically couldn't or was just too tired remained to be seen. But one thing was for certain.

This was not the Eddie Pryor that the Boss had fought months ago in Steelport. This was a twisted shell of a man, begging for salvation.

Angel stood in front of Pryor, and brought out a pocket knife, and after accepting a nod from Edgar, he began slashing away at the man's face. He struck with great fury over and over, and his hood fell down to reveal his face, his face that was hidden away by his mask. The mask used to have impressive stitching, and eye-catching purple and golden colours, but now there was nothing but ash and dust on it.

But as Angel moved, as he finally felt peace after so many years, the dust and ash fell off the mask, and the once bright colours had returned on the mask. The Boss however, saw no difference, as the damage was already done on the mask, and he could not look at it without remembering the state it was once in.

The Boss looked to Angel as if he was an insane butcher, slicing and cutting away at a piece of meat. The animal was already dead, and did not need to be tortured anymore, but the butcher found solace in making his job a pleasure.

Angel nearly lost the blade of the knife in a small river of blood that oozed out of Pryor's nose, and gashed the former wrestler's neck with nothing but brute force. Brute force that was strong enough for Angel to snap the metal part of the knife, and the blade was stuck in-between the bones of Pryor's neck. No matter how many times Angel tried to claw away the bones, it would not budge, and it was only until Edgar touched him on the shoulder that Angel gave up.

"He's dead," The Boss uttered. "He's finally dead, and I didn't help Angel kill him…"

"It doesn't matter!" Shaundi objected. "We have to kill Quiver and Edgar! NOW!"

"But-" The Boss tried to beg with his friends, but they had enough of waiting, and within seconds, Pierce had made the call to Oleg to end the night once and for all.

The trio looked out across the warehouse as they saw a large horde of Saint Reinforcements storm the front entrance of the warehouse, but to their horror, they saw the Saints engulfed in a blast of smoke, and realised that it was a setup. Edgar had known the Saints were going to attack. Of course he knew, he seemingly knew the Boss better than anybody.

"Oleg, it's an ambush!" Pierce wailed, he tried to warn his friend over the phone as he watched countless young Saints have their limbs blown apart within seconds. The Russian however, made no response.

A fleet of helicopters emerged out of the foggy clouds, and blew away the smoke which sparked the Boss's attention. Shaundi and Pierce then jumped down onto the streets as the Boss followed them, and they ran through the alleys with their guns, hoping to find a car to escape.

"What about Oleg?" Pierce questioned, he had drawn out an SMG with a suppressor on the end and was struggling to keep up with his friends, as his legs were stiff and numb. He almost tripped over the pavement.

"We'll send the Backup Squad after him!" The Boss decided, despite the splitting headache he was getting, he was still strong enough to think ahead and bring out the backup plan.

The trio made their way to the end of the alleyway but the helicopters were still flying over the area, and so the Saints had to hide behind a large bin to the back of a Planet Saints store. Thankfully, the helicopters chose to fly away towards the warehouse, seemingly to save Edgar before anymore Saints could get to him, and the three Saints ran onto the road.

An army jeep sped in front of them, and Shaundi quickly took out the driver and two soldiers with her AK-47, but the other passenger caught her attention before she killed him. It was Quiver, trying to escape from the area as quickly as possible like the spineless coward whilst the attention was drawn onto Edgar.

The Boss let out a deep sigh of relieve and told Shaundi and Pierce to knock him out, which they did happily and quickly, as the middle-aged businessman begged them to leave him be.

"Pierce, take the wheel and head east of here, we should be able to find an empty apartment to hide in or something around here. "

"Got it Boss." Pierce replied, he pushed the dead driver onto the ground and took his seat, then began wiping the bloodstains off the steering wheel.

"Shaundi," The Boss began, but before he continued he rushed over to her and held her arm back. She was about to strangle Quiver to death in his sleep, but her leader did not want him to die so early.

"You gotta be fucking kidding me! Why the fuck do you want this slimy bastard to live another fucking second!?" Shaundi protested, she headbutted the Boss onto the ground, and placed her hands onto Quiver's flabby neck again, and began to push her hands down until she could hear the bone snap.

"We need him alive!" The Boss roared. "We'll set up a prisoner exchange-Him and Oleg! We'll find a way to signal Edgar, and have him send over Oleg in exchange for Quiver!"

"Oleg doesn't need saving, he's a fucking tank!" Shaundi protested, but it was not her decision to make.

"We look out for our friends Shaundi! No one gets left behind! Now stay the fuck away from Quiver!"

Shaundi reluctantly complied with the Boss's demands, and sat next to the unconscious businessman, watching him struggle to breath. She sat like a predator in the wild, watching her prey and waiting for the perfect moment to strike, to move in for the kill and have her desired meal. Only she was never going to move in for the kill, as long as they had other priorities.

"Angel…What the fuck have you done?" The Boss muttered, he was still in deep shock over the betrayal of his friend, and sat thinking of what he could have done weeks ago.

He thought of what would have happened today if he had found Killbane, if he had given Angel the pleasure in killing Killbane himself, but he didn't.

Once again, he had failed the Saints.