Are You There, Primus? It's Me, Starscream

Co-Written By Breech Loader and Draven Of Shadow

NOTE: This is a prologue chapter. This story will have sex, rape, and OC-lovin'. It will have gratuitous and sometimes derogatory use of the word 'cripple'.


"Broken... Weak... Out of fashion..." Megatron tossed a weapon aside with each word, glaring, "Why, these old weapons are almost as pathetic as you, Starscream!" he cast a glance at his second-in-command, "I have the most soldiers, I have torture technicians, I have the best communications officer in the universe..." somehow Soundwave was looking smug even without a face, "And yet we are still attempting to kill Autobots with guns that are up to half-a-million years old!"

Aboard the Nemesis, Starscream, Soundwave and Knock Out had been dragged into the tactical chambers to listen to Megatron ranting about the age of their weapons. For all his genius, the leader of the Decepticons could be almost child-like in his tantrums.

"We are trapped with their level of technology!" he sneered "That's not good enough! We are still killing wretched little Autobots one at a time! That's not good enough! So, tell me, my advisors, what is good enough?"

Knock Out raised a hand awkwardly, "Weapons that kill lots of Autobots at a time?" the anobby sports car tried.

"You're a genius, Knock Out," Megatron continued to sneer, "Who else would have thought of saying that but you? The only minor detail being that since the Forge of Solus Prime was lost, we can't make those any longer! So," he looked around at the officers, "What are you planning to do about it?!"

There was an uncomfortable silence, before Megatron continued more evenly, "Any idiot can manufacture a blaster. Any fool can fire it. Far too many of the old tools of genocide have been lost. Too many of them were liabilities; as dangerous to their user as to their target. I do not want liabilities in my arsenal," he glared at Starscream meaningfully, "I want reliable tools of mass destruction."

Starscream shuddered for a moment before speaking, his voice uncertain until he found the words he was looking for. "Lord Megatron, you have to understand, without the Forge, the one person who could make such weapons would a Specialised Weapons Designer – mechs both infamous and notorious for their creativity. YOU drove most of them to the Autobots yourself when you began to use such weapons on the surface of our home planet," he tried to explain, starting off unsure, but by the end, he was as smug as ever.

"Ha!" Megatron tried to dismiss the words. When he realised he couldn't, he did as was expected; he changed the subject, "Those who went to the side of the Autobots were most certainly too weak to create the tools I want. I don't need those idiots with their limitations clouded by ridiculous, self-defeating, hypocritical morals! You too seem to believe there could exist weapons that will not inevitably cause collateral damage, Starscream," he loomed over the slim, stilettoed Seeker.

The cowardly jet just stumbled back, shrinking in on himself a little, "N-not at all, merely that aiming them at your own people is NOT how you secure their loyalty, let alone what they're supposed to be fighting for." Even as the words left Starscream's mouth, he realized a change of tactics, at the very least, a change in words, might be a good idea in terms of his own survival.

Megatron growled, "In war, sacrifices must be made. I would have thought that you of all people understood that, Commander," he turned away with a sweeping gesture, "How would you secure their loyalty? More importantly, where would you find one that would be fool enough to listen to you?"

Starscream smirked a bit, resisting the urge to say 'anywhere they won't follow you' and instead gripped his wrists behind his back. "I just so happen to be acquainted with a rather notorious scientist in the field of weaponry." he spoke conceitedly, deliberately neglecting to mention she'd just as soon see their whole race wiped out than work for either side.

"Well, it's nice to know you have a life outside of this war," Megatron returned sarcastically. Knock Out and Soundwave were looking at Starscream with interest, "Why have you not told me of this before? You know the consequences for hiding things from me... Perhaps you were planning on acquiring a few secret upgrades for yourself?"

Starscream held his hands up defensively as he spoke, "N-no Lord Megatron! This was BEFORE the war! We dated briefly at one point, yes, but things did not end... well..." he all but pleaded, his wings scraping the wall with a metallic screech. What had he just done?!

It was no good; after the last escapade, Megatron never trusted Starscream. Even when he wasn't actively motivated towards a full-scale mutiny, the Seeker still might as well be living with the words 'I WILL BE PRIME' branded across his chassis, "But you know where they can located?" he asked sharply. He didn't care about Starscream's social life, as long as he could follow out orders and complete missions.

Starscream flinched a little, nodding hard and fast "YES LORD MEGATRON!" he shouted before he managed to calm himself down, straightening back up and brushing some imaginary dirt from his long legs. "I mean, of course Lord Megatron," he repeated, much calmer this time, "At least I know the last place she was allegedly sighted…"

Megatron gave this consideration, but not much. He turned and glared, "The first rule of war is to never allow your enemy to keep the spoils. I refuse to allow any more scientists to fall into the grubby hands of the Autobots. So you will give Soundwave the coordinates to… her… location. And you will find her, and bring her here, functioning. Willing or unwilling. If she is as good as you say she is, she lives," all this was moot; Starscream hadn't said how good she was, but it wasn't important, "If not, she is dead weight. I will not tolerate dead weight in my army... Oh, and Starscream?" he loomed over the Seeker, "If you somehow get any clever ideas into your devious little head regarding treachery while you are away..." he tapped Starscream on the head with a talon, "Don't."

The deceitful Decepticon's optics widened till it looked like his irises might break, nodding once more as he slowly-side stepped towards the door. "U-understood Lord Megatron, you will have her in your hands as fast as is physically possible!" His whiny voice trembled with the nervousness that he felt, to the point of cracking as he ran towards the exit to take flight for the space bridge. As Starscream exited the ship, his voice could be heard over the radio for Soundwave, telling him the rough coordinates to the tiny planet he'd last heard she was squatting on.

Megatron watched the space-bridge being prepped, "One last thing, Starscream," he added, just before the Seeker stepped though, "Don't take me for a patient fool. If you can't bring the scientist back within 24 Earth hours… don't bother coming back at all."

NOTE: I know this is a short chapter but that's because it's the prologue. From now on, the chapters will be much longer. Don't get too antsy about the OC, okay? Well, at least wait until you've met her…

This is mine and Draven's first plot-based story together, so be honest, okay?