Are You There, Primus? It's Me, Starscream

Co-Written By Breech Loader and Draven Of Shadow

NOTE: Sex, this chapter. But don't worry. There's still a lot to happen yet before actual love comes into the equation.

Chapter Six: The Lie Feels Good

It was four days and one Energon-gathering mission – a horribly failed mission - since Starscream had last poked his attention into her lab, and Hotwire was finally starting to put things together. The Commander had known in his Spark that she wouldn't be able to keep herself from the task at hand for long.

Apparently this task at hand involved developing phaser blasts that could beam a virus into even the hard drive of a Cybertronian. It wasn't entirely the virus that was the problem. In Hotwire's opinion, which was loud and barely capable of being expressed indoors, it was hardly a weapon if you had to risk a battlefield to use it. She was working on having it beamed via satellite.

Starscream walked up behind her and touched her shoulder. She was short enough that he could easily have rested his chin on her helm. She tensed up nervously, but at least this time she didn't pull away.

Starscream ran his hands slowly down the scientist's arms, leaning over her to see her work "How interesting, a weapon like this is quite novel, but the applications... I'm quite certain you weren't THIS brilliant a few million years ago." His hands reached her own, squeezing them a bit.

Hotwire swallowed and reached out for a small cube of Energon, "Oh, I was," she insisted, trying to ignore how close he was to her, "You were just too busy with your own agendas-" he ran a finger down her arm, and her hand started, spilling the cube over the desk. She couldn't help but flush heatedly, "I really wish... that you wouldn't do that..."

He stepped back from her, not pushing her boundaries today as he so often did, almost shocking her more in the fact that he was simply letting her have her way for once. "Unfortunately, we do not yet have a way to produce artificial Energon, the recipe was destroyed by those accursed Autobots." he moved beside her, his hands crossed behind his back.

"We wouldn't have a problem like that if the Autobots were as willing to sacrifice their friends as they are complete strangers," Hotwire commented dryly, and it was nearly impossible to tell if she was being sarcastic or genuine. She turned back around, more for courtesy than practical purposes, "That's biology though. If I knew about biology I wouldn't have let you kidnap me half to death." She frowned a little, surprised that he had let go of her without her having to ask more than once. It wasn't like Starscream to respect personal boundaries, "Listen, there is one more thing I could use... I'm getting a little tired of being locked in this lab constantly, so if you could have a word with Megatron..?" she suggested.

He quirked a brow and turned to her with a grin. "Oh? So the great and powerful Oz wishes to step out from behind the curtain?" He realized almost immediately that she wouldn't get the line, none on the ship would, they hadn't spent the time trapped down there with those meat sacks he'd been FORCED to. "I'll see what I can do, with something to show for better treatment, I'm certain he'd grant you more autonomy to assure a further increase in output." He said with a chuckle, curious as to what exactly she would do outside of her lab.

Hotwire nodded, not especially expecting much. She picked up the cane and walked past him, stepping around a Vehicon and shooing another out of her way, "I used to have a planet under my control. Not a big planet, and not much of a population, but still a planet," she hooked a chair closer to herself and sat down, "Now I'm effectively a slave," she sneered angrily.

"Really?" the seeker asked as he moved to stand in front of Hotwire, a distasteful smirk on his face. "Isn't enslaving its people the end goal of ANY government?" He asked a rather philosophical question of her as he moved to take a seat on a nearby table, "At least a slave is respected for their contributions for the cause instead of simply punished for their failures." He sighed.

"At least an employee gets paid," Hotwire retorted, then looked away, "If you hate it here so much, why don't you just leave?" she asked him, ignoring the Vehicons putting together a work-table to one side, "If you can't leave, you might as well be a slave."

Starscream laughed at that as if she'd just asked a destitute man, 'if you don't like your life, why not buy a new one?' and nearly fell from his seat. "You think I haven't tried?" he asked incredulously. "It doesn't go well. You end up gutted, hunted by both sides, homeless, without so much as the basic Energon needed to run your systems, you're better off ripping your own spark out and eating it." The jet's voice was bitter, clearly speaking from experience.

"I was managing well enough on my own until you came along and did a little conscription," Hotwire rapped her cane against her leg sourly, "I suppose you wanted somebody else to share in your experience..." Admittedly the Energon had tasted like it was thrice-processed and the company was a collection of brainless drones, but she had been fine, at least in her personal opinion, "And I hardly even noticed the encroaching insanity at all," she finished out loud.

Starscream couldn't help but laugh at that as he stood again, pacing circles around her, the click, click, click of his heels on the floor a sharp rhythm to her finely tuned audios, "That's when it's at its worst you know. When you don't know you're crazy I mean." He chuckled.

"Oh, everybody knows Triple Changers are crazy," Hotwire frowned as Starscream moved behind her. She couldn't see him anyway, but it still made her feel uncomfortable. She stood up and tried to keep facing him, though it wasn't a simple matter, "You don't like being alone though," she stated to him.

He frowned at that, making a rude sound she could barely make out, "What can I say," he finally came to a stop, facing her once more. "I'm great company, but the sort best appreciated when I can truly shine over others." He laughed.

"You like it when people admire you," Hotwire concluded, "Typical Seekers... always looking down on people..." She turned her back on the taller mech and picked up a touch-pen, "I heard you laugh when you first saw... the optics," she referred to him finding out she was blind.

"Can you blame me, really? I assure you, I was NOT happy to be there to get you, no more so than you were to see me. Learning that you'd burnt your own optics out, it was almost therapeutic at the time, knowing I wasn't the only one that made a mistake that day with the path they chose for themselves." His voice was calm, he wasn't making excuses or pretending it wasn't some of the pettiest bullshit she'd ever heard. The only thing she could take from it was that he didn't directly think less of her due to her disability.

"I manage just as well with RADAR and SONAR as I ever did with full visuals," Hotwire insisted. But she remembered how she'd touched Starscream's face to look at him, and heat rose to her cheeks all over again. She'd been so far away from the world that she'd forgotten how that might be taken by others at the time.

He moved up behind her as she worked with the pen, hugging her around the stomach and letting her feel the light scars that covered his chassis, "Just as well indeed," he said softly, tracing his fingers over her midriff.

Hotwire's hand started again, messing up an equation. It looked like Starscream didn't know about boundaries after all. But then, she hadn't minded before all the unpleasantness. And she was so terribly aware of his touch. Her rotors clattered at the feel of it, and she didn't pull away. The hand not holding the pen reached behind her, and met with the Seeker's sleek thigh.

Beneath her hand were several new scrapes and dents that had yet to be repaired by Knock Out, and the feel of that hand arched his back, making him moan softly as he traced his fingers further up from her stomach towards her chest.

"You... got kinda busted up today, huh?" Hotwire asked. Her answer was his fingers brushing against some very sensitive gears, and she gasped at the sensation, inadvertently squeezing his leg.

He dug his fingers in just a bit from the sensation, rubbing across those gears all the more as his hips bucked a bit, finally kissing her on the cheek. "A little, yes." his lips practically brushed her pickups.

Another touch from him, and Hotwire dropped her pen even as she started to lean back against him, her hand sliding up his leg without even thinking about it, "Why do you… keep doing this to me…" she moaned to him.

He smiled a bit as he ground gently into her back, his hands sliding down slowly, moving to her hips as he hissed softly behind her. "Maybe we were made for each other," he whispered into her audio as he stroked her cheek.

The suggestion seemed both ludicrous and plausible at the same time. Starscream was an officer and Hotwire... well, she was little more than a prisoner and a slave right now. But the rotorcraft leant her head back slowly, her frame trembling and her hips shifting forward slightly. Behind them, the Vehicons were starting to edge out of the lab, most likely feeling that they had overstayed, but she didn't even notice, her other hand moving to Starscream's other thigh, and both of them moving up together.

As her hands moved up, his moved down, finding the crux of her hips and thighs, close to her innermost zone, rubbing softly with a murmur as he arched his back, pressing himself into both her back and her hands as he kissed her visor much as he had once kissed her between the optics.

"This... this is all just..." she moaned even deeper as he touched her more and more intimately. It was so arousing that it made her ache inside. It was a lie, a manipulative, cruel, lie; that was all it could possibly be with Starscream.

But just for now, let a lie feel good enough...

She groaned, her chassis rising as he rolled his hips against her, and, shaking enough that her armour jangled, turned to face him.

He lifted her visor, letting himself forget the nature of their relationship, and stole a kiss from his mad scientist, deep, passionate, and longing, his hands moving around to cup her backside. He wanted her as he had in the past, if only for tonight, if only in the sickest of ways. It was more than that, even if he couldn't admit it; couldn't see it.

She returned the kiss, deep and heated and yet clean, feeling it course through her and whimpering with the rapidly increasing pleasure as their hips bumped gently. Her hands slid up his back and moved to his wings, sliding along the edges gently. If there was one thing that being blinded had done for her, it was that she knew exactly how to use her hands, almost without trying.

His hands tightened to resist digging his fingers in, and the next moan she heard shuddered in her ears as his hips pressed much harder into her midriff. At the rate she was going, he might need to get out of his armour rather soon. It had been so long since he'd been touched as reverently as this, and much longer since it had been done right…

Hotwire cried out abruptly as Starscream pressed against her, her back arching and pushing her against him, "St-Starscream..." she hissed into his audios. She'd had a bunk installed into the lab, but she wasn't sure that she wanted to pause these feelings even for the length of time it would take to get there. She was starting to get seriously oily behind her interface panels and her fingers found the hairline joins in the Seeker's armour, working under it to tease at the cogs and gears it protected.

The sounds he made were ones she hadn't heard in ages, even by the standards of their race, and it drove him to feel under the plates that held her armour in place so he could feel the circuitry and mechanics in her boot, playing his fingers along them as she did those on his shoulders.

Hotwire moaned even louder as Starscream started to unclasp her plating. Her knees almost buckled and she slumped a little against him, loosening his armour further as she fumbled a little. With difficulty, she began to pull him towards an examination table, while her fingers went even deeper into him, moving their investigations towards his crotch plating.

The platinum fighter was more than happy to take a seat on the table, though he regretted losing his grip on the treasure he'd found. But as her hands wandered lower, he wasn't quite ready to complain about his loss just yet, letting his hands move higher and higher slowly, up the sides of her midriff and then her chassis.

Hotwire shivered as he unclasped the extensive plating over her shoulders, and then got to work on that over her chassis. She started to unclip the plating on his. Since she couldn't see exactly where they were, she had to feel her way around, moving over more sensitive places.

If he were to be honest, he'd tell her outright, the feeling of her hands exploring his body as his eyes did hers was nearly as good as the end result, certainly enough to make him writhe on the table as he tried to match her in releasing her armour at a similar rate to which she undid his.

Hotwire started to lean back against the examination table, Starscream on top. Her fingers found the clasp for his crotch plating and then she hesitated. Even now when it was obvious what he wanted, she had the decency to pause and...

"Uh, Starscream... this... I..." she swallowed, embarrassed. But it was clear what she wanted to ask. She was actually respecting him, without being ordered to.

He grinned, and even if she couldn't see it, she could almost feel it through the tone of his voice, warmer than she'd heard... in far longer than she'd care to remember, "If you're comfortable with it, nothing could make me happier right now," he purred as her chest armour fell away.

She nodded, and undid the clips, hearing it drop to the floor. Under that was the interface panel, and she unclasped the armour on her forearms so that she could better reach it, and stroked at it with clever fingers, almost willing it to open as he started on her lower plating, "Kiss me... again..." she whispered, sounding even a little shy as she spoke.

He kissed her just as she asked, even more passionately than before, moaning into her mouth as his hands explored her back, making her shudder beneath his touch.

"Uh… nnngh…" Hotwire whimpered at the feel of him, moving her lips against his as she trembled, her foot rubbing up and down against his long leg. His long fingers touched the complicated gears that moved her rotors; a place just as sensitive for any Rotorcraft as the wings were for a Seeker, and she yelped, letting out a soft cry that was only slightly muffled by the kiss. She grabbed his hand and pushed it down to where they both knew the catches for the heavy plating over her hips to be.

His voice caught for just a moment at what she was asking him to do. It had been too long since he'd known the touch of a femme, and he fumbled just a moment before deftly unlatching the plating that blocked his way, letting the armour fall away as his tongue sought out her own, seeking to intensify the pleasure all the more while his fingers dug into her.

Hotwire couldn't see him, but she still used her hands like an expert. The drones that had been a replacement on HD-10180 were really not much better than self-service, and she'd become very good with her hands. She felt her way around the Seeker, moaning louder into the kisses. Then she gasped as her interface panel slid open smoothly thanks to his attentions, and her body jolted.

As soon as her body was open to him, Starscream pressed the advantage, digging his fingers into her slowly, starting with just one, wanting to build Hotwire's anticipation, as well as her pleasure. He knew how well the patience would pay off for her, as well as speed and force and initiative paid off for many men. At first it was just the tip of his finger, teasing her entrance in small circles before dipping in to the first joint, then back out, over and over again.

She groaned, and her hand moved down to his panel, rubbing at it encouragingly. As he eased a finger into her, she spread her knees with a whimper, letting him in.

As she rubbed the Seeker's panel, she felt his cable rousing, and heard the moan from his lips as he pressed in to the second joint on his finger, in and out as he stirred her slowly with it, starting a gentle circular motion.

"Oh, Starscream..." As his fingers stirred deeper, Hotwire gritted her teeth. She sat up slightly and buried her face into the crook of his neck, "I... want to... see... every inch of you," she whispered, one hand on his wings, the other rubbing at his cable.

HIs intake shuddered before a moan escaped the silver jet's mouth, letting his finger slip in the rest of the way and rest there, tracing circles along her innermost walls as his other hand moved to her backside, rubbing the curves he found there, "Hotwire... please..." he said softly, as if she had a choice.

She smiled, and he felt her lips curve against him. Her engine purred a little, and she teased at his wings with a thumb and forefinger while her hand rubbed up and down the main cable, cupping the bundle as she spread her legs wider and raised her hips, "You're not nervous, are you?" she whispered, "The great and powerful Commander Starscream, nervous?"

He smirked at that as a second finger pressed at her port, spreading her femmehood around them even more as he began to work both holes in a slow steady pace. "Not nervous, eager…" There was just a twinge of doubt in his voice that he didn't even know was there.

Hotwire's frame shook again slightly, and she began to kiss him, not on the lips but with soft licks against the pliable metal that lay under the armour as she heated up further. Her fingers moved down, playing with his exhaust gently. That same exhaust had been ravaged by Megatron just days ago.

He flinched a little, though he knew it was her and not the ruthless gladiator that in his personal opinion seemed to function solely to torment him. His cable grew hard rather quickly against her hand as he started to work his fingers in and out of her faster.

She was leaking oily lubricants at his touch, over his fingers and the table they were draped over. Huffing gently, she kissed his cheek and eased his fingers out of her, "I... nnngh... I don't care if you're a liar..." she managed, holding his cable next to her entrance port, "Just... just make a lie feel good..."

He smiled and pushed her onto her back, nodding before he stole a deep, passionate kiss, making her mouth his own as he slowly pressed into her, letting his cable stretch her in the most teasing way. He wanted to make sure she couldn't have one single complaint about the pleasure they were about to share.

Hotwire kissed him back fiercely, endeavouring to claim his mouth as deeply as he was hers. His entry was smooth and slick thanks to how wet he had made her, not a single twinge of pain, just a slight stretching. She wrapped her arms around his back, pushing her fingers up into important gears and cogs as she brought up her hips to meet his.

He laughed and stroked her side, a grin on his lips even as he kissed her, shuddering as he began a gentle in and out.

She hissed at the feel of it, one foot rubbing against his leg again as he started to fill her up. She had all but forgotten this... how well he seemed to fit her body. Despite their different shapes - or perhaps because of them - they really did match well. She was already wet, and now she was shaking with how aroused she was, "Oh, that's... that's so..." she jolted between words.

He smirked a bit as she broke the kiss, bracing himself with both hands as he pulled back again, "I guess you're ready for more then?" It wasn't really a question, because as soon as those words left his mouth, he began to fuck her much harder and faster than before, giving her a proper workout.

She cried out as he started to slam her against the table, and her fingers dug into sensitive metal, groping enough to leave dents. It was stupid, it was crazy, it was irrational... but it felt so good for all that as she pressed up, willing him to drive deeper inside of her.

He felt that desire, and gave her it as best he could, and she could feel every gear, every piston in his back under his skin work with each of his thrust, the table beneath them rocking and creaking as he dug his talons in.

She couldn't see it but she could feel it and hear it, and for her, that was the important thing. They weren't kissing now, and her cries were unrestrained, "I... oh! I had... Nnnngh! Almost forgotten..." she huffed, her engine revving as he touched her. Triple Changers had the same sensitive spots as a regular Cybertronian did for one alt, and when he stroked her wheel rims, they sent the same shudder of pleasure through her as when he rubbed at her rotors.

He gave her a knowing smirk, one of masculinity, a trait he shared with humans, at least when he was with her, and lust, dominance shading it as he continued to fuck her, harder and deeper, not letting up for even a moment. Again and again he bottomed out, digging his fingers more firmly into the table as he moaned her name.

Deep scratches were left in the table, and Hotwire drove her hips up, spreading her legs wider. She had been aroused when he'd started, and now... "Starscream..." she felt her entire body jolt, "Real soon... I'm gonna..."

He nodded to her in response, as if to say he as well was nearing his limit. It had been so long since he'd known such an embrace, and his body was relishing it, so much so he couldn't find the control he once had, though that didn't stop him from putting his all into her, it only made him do it all the more.

She braced her feet against the table, gritted her teeth, and held on to him tightly, squeezing his hips while at the same time allowing him to move as he pleased, "I'm gonna... I'm gonna..." she huffed out, and then sat up sharply with a cry, his cable going all the way into her as she pressed her face to his chassis. She came, lubricants spilling and the soft, sensitive metal inside tensing around him, "Oh... oh frag..."

Between the tensing and the pleasurable currents her body produced, he came hard, returning the passionate static as he poured his essence into her, a mix of lubricants and Energon that drove her pleasure to the next level, as he called her name, dragging his fingers down her sides. "H-Hotwire..! You are… s-so fragging good..!" He praised her as he ground and pounded into her, his whole body tense and trembling from the overload.

Whimpering slightly, Hotwire kept a hold of Starscream. Unable to see, the static overload that had filled her with such pleasure was also a shock to her systems, almost scary in its intensity. What was even more frightening was that it was Starscream whom she had done this with, and she started to tremble despite herself, curling up carefully, yet getting closer to him.

He rolled onto his side, grinding eagerly into her pussy as he grinned, loving how she felt beneath his hips, laughing softly, happily, as he held onto her, kissing her forehead as his hips bucked a bit and his fingers bit into the curve of her aft. He'd forgotten how amazing they were together. It was like a drug; if he wasn't careful, he'd be hooked once again.

For now, she held on to him, ventilating heavily and rubbing at his sides with the tips of her fingers, rolling her hips against him slowly as he continued to press into her, now all but helpless to him as her soft inner metals continued to tremble around him and the lubricants dripped onto the table beneath them, the colour like oil on water.

He was in bliss, wishing he could go back, knowing what he knew now, the afterglow making him regret so much more what he had done to her, what he had done to himself, on that day, denying himself both pleasure and love. But here they were, and now he had different motives.

Hotwire continued to collect herself. Now she knew what Starscream looked like again, all over. Still, to be interfacing with him again, as if nothing bad had passed between them, as if they hadn't been apart for over four million years, was unnerving. It had been intense, and so, so pleasurable... but at the same time, she wasn't sure that it hadn't been a mistake. Her silence and deep ventilation was telling.

He held her, a satisfied smirk on his lips that she couldn't see, hands groping at her as he shuddered, stretching as his cable slid out of her, fluids pouring out of her and onto the table.

Hotwire only nodded shakily, her engine juddering as she held on to him. Even now she was remembering that she was a prisoner here. Starscream was her jailor. The logic of the thought was intensely sobering, "Starscream?" she asked, her voice quiet and nervous, "Are you... you're not going to..." she bit her lip, afraid to ask.

He quirked his brow, sitting up slowly and looking down to her as he stroked her shoulder and back. "What is it?" he asked the Triple Changer, wondering what she had to ask him.

"Just that..." Hotwire looked away. She might as well say it; Starscream was either going to do it, or he wasn't. Her pointing out the blindly obvious wasn't going to change anything, "It's just that you pretty much own me," she admitted, "And... not in the good sense..."

He kissed her cheek, laughing softly. "That would make me feel much better if we weren't BOTH owned by the same pile of scrap..." his tone was filled with bitter humour.

Hotwire just sighed. She would have much liked to point out how even if they were both owned, at least for Starscream it wasn't official. At least his door wasn't locked, at least he could walk out. She let it drop. The Seeker was unlikely to understand any time soon. He was far too wrapped up in himself.


On the bridge, Megatron watched the two mechs in their embrace, distaste on his features.

"Only Starscream would lower himself to mating with an imprisoned, crippled Triple-Changer."

Who would have thought his Commander would frag a cripple, even to gain her allegiance? And who would have thought that same cripple could successfully turn him into a moaning, shivering wreck? It only confirmed what he already knew; that Starscream was a glorified whore. He'd have to take advantage of that, sometime. But right now there was a war to fight...

NOTE: Yeah, Starscream's using Hotwire for feel-good sex. It's Starscream. He won't exactly improve in a hurry.