Right so this is my first fanifiction so I hope it's gonna be ok! It's a tad depressing at the beginning, but that's as bad as it gets and it's completely necessary!

Hope you all like this enough to continue reading


Daisy looked at the small box that she hid under her pillow. It was 3:30 am and the house was silent. Her father hadn't come home that night and her mother had taken her usual routine of hitting Daisy before taking a swig of alcohol and passing out. Only tonight she had hit Daisy harder, and had left a nasty gash on her left cheek. For the first time in weeks, Daisy had let herself break down and cry.

She was normally strong, but her mother drawing blood on her own daughter without a hint of remorse truly revealed how much Daisy was cared for. It had all begun 11 years ago, when her father had first begun his drink problem, back when Daisy was just 5. He would come home and hit her, until her mother begged him to stop. At first it was irregular, at random points in the years. However when Daisy was 13 it began to happen most nights.

It carried on like this until her mother suddenly stopped begging her father 2 years earlier. Infact she encouraged him, claiming she never knew what she'd been missing. Daisy knew it was because her father had passed his drinking onto her mother.

Daisy had no friends, they left her when they realised she couldn't bring them home or have parties. Some friends they were.

She began to self harm, not intentionally at first but it had grown, grown into a way she could control her emotions. She didn't eat and began wearing away. Of course her parents hadn't noticed. Tonight had been the final straw, and Daisy had cracked.

That was what had brought her to looking at the small box she hid under her pillow. She had thought about ending her life so many times in the past month, and now that she was here and just mere minutes away from finishing the job she felt numb. Tears silently made their way down her cheeks, stinging at the fresh cut as she pulled the box closer to her. Opening it she revealed a small knife which she had stolen from the kitchens at her school a couple months back. She silently crept towards her door, knife in hand and made her way to the bathroom.

She ran a bath as silently as she could, though she knew there was no chance of waking her mother and even if her mother woke she would be in no state to smash down a door. She decided not to take her dress off, she wanted to be found with some dignity. It was a dress her grandmother had made for her last year before she died. That was also another factor in Daisy's decision. Her grandmother was kind, blissfully unaware in her old age of problems in Daisy's life, but she was the other person who had ever been kind to her. As she got in she placed the knife on the side, looking at the object that would claim her life.

It's funny really, She thought. That a girl with a sweet name could do something so dreadful. But she knew that if she lost courage now, she would go back to living in hell. Grabbing the knife firmly in her hand, she drew a line across one wrist, then the other. She lay in the water and closed her eyes, not caring about leaving the bathroom in a mess. She knew she'd made the right choice, which worried her. Somewhere in her mind she knew that she would be a lot better off from now on.

As she closed her eyes and let the darkness consume her, little did she know she was completely correct.


The first thing Daisy noticed was that she was lying in a field, which had very green grass. Smiling to herself she sat up, looking around.

'Well if this is heaven, I think it'll be just fine.' She said to herself, just as she looked down at her wrists. They were red and bloody, and Daisy panicked. She rolled up her sleeves to discover her scars were still there. Very cautiously she placed her hands on the ground as if afraid this whole place would disappear and she'd be back in her bedroom looking at that knife. Looking down at her dress she discovered that it was wet, the dark green that complemented her dark hair was now even darker. She stood up wearily and, when she decided that the field wasn't going anywhere, began to walk in the direction of a small hill. She suddenly remembered that she had no shoes on, and was quite glad that her dress was long sleeved and went a bit past her knees for she felt a bit bare. But, as this seemed like an ideal world for her at the moment, she didn't think she'd need shoes. And so she carried on, up the hill until she was met with quite an extraordinary sight.

As far as she could see, there were little round doors in the hills, with flowers surrounding them as if they were actual gardens, for actual houses, for actual people. Daisy smiled, she could get used to this. The setting sun was the most beautiful things he had ever seen. Though it was beginning to get a bit chilly, so she decided to try and find out if she could stay in a little hill house for the night. She was about to start walking again when she heard a voice behind her. She froze.

'Excuse me Miss!' it called. She didn't want to look around, afraid it would be someone coming to take her back. 'Miss!' It called again.

'Perhaps she didn't hear us' A second voice, sounding remarkably like the first also said. Knowing she could regret this, she slowly turned around to be greeted by two rather attractive looking males.

'Ah see, she did brother. Excuse me Miss, my name is Fili, and this is my brother Kili.' The man with the blonde hair said, pointing to the brown haired man beside him. Daisy lifted her head so that she met their eyes properly and saw them stop dead. After a couple seconds of awkward silence Daisy spoke up.

'Um, can I help you?' She asked, shyly. She didn't realise the boys were admiring her, no one had ever done that to her before.

'Oh um' The brown haired one, Kili started before noticing her appearance. 'Why miss! Your hair, dress…you seem to be soaking!' Daisy took a step back. She had not realised it was that obvious.

'And your cheek.' The other one began but Daisy did not here what he had to say as her hand flew to her face as she felt the wound she'd received hours ago.

'Has somebody hurt you?' Kili asked, concerned.

'Who was it?' Fili added, the same worry in his voice.

'We can help' They both took step forwards but Daisy already felt like she was being cornered, like her parents had always done to her before they beat her. She began to take steps back before her foot caught on something.

'Careful Miss!' Fili cried before rushing forwards to stop her from falling down the hill. Daisy flinched at being grabbed so suddenly, memories of her father grabbing her flashed in her mind and she tried to get away.

'We're not going to hurt you, I promise' Fili said softly, letting her go. Daisy calmed down, breathing heavily.

'I-I'm-' Daisy began, not really knowing how to approach this. In the back of her mind she had a niggling feeling that she'd heard these names before, but dismissed it.

'It's alright. How about telling us your name?' Kili suggested. Daisy took a deep breath before speaking.

'My name is Daisy' She began.

'And what a pretty name that is!' Fili complemented, ignoring his brother's eye roll. Daisy blushed a bit, not able to control the slight wave of giddiness she felt when the men smiled at her.

'I-I don't really know how I got here.' She continued and at that they stopped smiling and looked at each other.

'Well, do you have any idea? Were you attacked?' Kili asked, confused.

'I, um, well it's a long story. I don't really think you'll believe me'

'Strange things happen here Miss Daisy, I'm sure we'll believe it.' Fili told her.

'Well I was in the bath-'Daisy started and the men spluttered before all three of them turned bright red. 'Oh! Sorry err, probably a little too much information' Daisy finished; she sure her face was now a beetroot.

'No, no, um and then what happened?'

'Well, I woke up in a field just over there!' Daisy cried, desperate for the men to believe her. They looked at her, then at each other.

'Miss Daisy, we can see you are clearly distressed. We ourselves are on the way to a meeting, and we are sure that someone there will be able to help.' Fili said.

'We aren't entirely sure where this meeting is you see, we aren't familiar with Hobbiton, or the Shire for that matter.' Kili finished. Daisy's mind was ringing with alarm bells. You've heard those names before….

'That's what we were going to ask you, but as you don't seem familiar with these parts either we will just have to try and find it ourselves! Where are you from, Miss Daisy?' Fili asked.


'Never heard of it. Is it near Mirkwood?' Kili asked as he reached up to grab Daisy's hand. Daisy didn't get a chance to reply as Kili had spotted her blood stained wrists and had cried out in surprise. 'Miss Daisy! What happened?' Daisy tried to get her hand away from Kili but he wouldn't let go. She struggled for a bit, panicking as the memories seem to take hold.

'GET OFF ME!' She screamed, stumbling backwards. Kili held up his hands in surrender.

'I meant no harm miss.' Daisy put her head in her hands. She knew they meant no harm. She needed to forget. Her parents weren't coming for her anymore.

'I'm sorry' She whispered and Fili reached down and helped her up.

'It's ok, whatever you've been through we understand it must have been tough. We'll get you to a safe place. We've heard that this hobbit has lots of good food-'

'A roaring fire-'

'Comfy armchairs-'

Daisy felt a little put out that she had never really experienced anything like that in her lifetime. She couldn't remember the last time she'd eaten a proper meal. She'd normally have a couple cheese crackers. She didn't normally feel hungry when she was at home.

She was also a bit concerned when they had mentioned the word: Hobbit. She was sure there was a film named that, she'd walked passed the cinema only last week.

'Miss Daisy? We should be heading off. The other dwarves will be wondering where we've got to.' Daisy was a little bit worried now, dwarves were fantasy creatures, and even she knew that. She knew of medical conditions but these 'dwarves' were no taller than her. Then she supposed she'd always been short.

'Hey, maybe Gandalf will know what to do.' Kili said suddenly. The name Gandalf caused panic within Daisy. She knew who that was alright. Although she'd never been truly exposed to Lord of the Rings, she knew that Gandalf was a character in that. And there was another book, and she was certain it was called the Hobbit, and she was certain there were dwarves in it called Fili and Kili. She'd heard boys at her school talk about it.

Why on earth, or really Middle Earth as Daisy knew enough to know about that, was she in the story? Was this just the weird afterlife? She'd ask Gandalf, she was sure he was a wizard.

And so it was that Fili and Kili arrived late to the meeting of Thorin Oakenshield and his company. They had found the little green door with the little symbol on and rung the doorbell. The door was opened by a rather frazzled looking creature, which Daisy guessed was a hobbit.

'Mr Boggins!' Kili cried. Daisy had to hide a smile when the hobbit's face merged into one of annoyance. It was clearly not his name. The dwarves, as Daisy had come to accept, pushed their way passed the hobbit handing him weapons that Daisy stood well back from. The hobbit then turned to her and looked at her a bit strangely.

'I don't mean to be rude, but I do not believe we've met. And I also don't believe that we've met either-' He said pointing at Fili and Kili. 'and I don't believe I've met any of those dwarves who have invaded my pantry and wrecked my house!' The hobbit raised his arms as he said this.

'Master Hobbit, Gandalf told us to come here. Though we're a little late as we picked up this fine young woman along the way' Fili motioned to Daisy, who was shocked at his words. 'Who has had quite an ordeal so we thought you'd like to see to it that she is ok, being a good natured hobbit and all.'

The Hobbit looked quite baffled.

'In the meantime, we are off to get food.' Kili said and marched with his brother into a room where shouts of 'Fili!' and 'Kili!' were heard. Daisy felt quite saddened by the fact they wouldn't be looking after her, and how they had just cast her aside after being so kind. She felt the memories of her life crash over her again and a tear rolled her cheek, stinging her cut. A cough knocked her out of her thoughts.

'Excuse me, my name is Bilbo Baggins. I apologise profoundly for my rudeness a moment ago, but as it happens I am not accustomed to so many visitors, dwarves nonetheless, in my house eating my food at once.' Then, when he noticed Daisy's tear: 'Oh, I'm sorry Miss, I did not mean to make you cry. Goodness me look at the state of you! Your dress is soaking, and you're injured and why have you got no shoes on?' Daisy looked down at her feet, they were muddy and ached. So much for not needing shoes.

'No no, it's fine' Daisy began as Bilbo hurried towards her. He placed a gentle hand on her arm, as if he knew she was worried about people grabbing her. Daisy decided that although Fili and Kili were charming, she much preferred Bilbo's gentleness. He knew how to treat his guests, no matter how unwelcome they were.

'I insist Miss…?' Bilbo inquired, realising he had not asked her name.


'That is a lovely name' Bilbo replied, and smiled. It wasn't a fake smile, or a flirty comment like Fili had made, it was genuine. Daisy decided she liked Bilbo more than the brothers.

Bilbo led her to a small room which he told her, proud as anything, was his guest room.

'I haven't got any female clothing I'm sorry. If-if you don't mind me asking, what are you?' Seeing the look on Daisy's face he hastily added: 'I mean, you aren't a hobbit, you are way too thin and haven't the right feet, but you are not a dwarf. Again you are so thin and not at all mannered like them. You aren't an elf,-'

'I'm a girl. Human.' Daisy said sadly. Bilbo went to get a small cloth and water by the windowsill before returning and trying to clean up her wrists.

'Where are you from?' Bilbo asked as he sat down. Daisy sighed, she truly didn't know if she belonged anywhere.

'I don't know anymore.' At her words Bilbo looked up at her, sadness in his eyes.

'I'm sure Gandalf will be able to help you.' He said as he returned to cleaning up her wounds, only to find that there were many small cuts along her arms. Daisy tried to pull her arms away. No No he can't see she thought.

'I-' She stuttered.

'What happened to you? How did you get those cuts?' Bilbo asked, standing up as if trying to check her over. Daisy felt like she was being scrutinized again and tried to back away. Bilbo reached out to her and she shrunk back.

'Don't touch me' She whispered. The look of hurt on Bilbo's face shook her back to reality.

'I'm sorry I-'

'No Bilbo, I'm sorry. It's just that I, I don't really want to talk about it.' Bilbo nodded in understanding and put a hand on her shoulder before frowning.

'You're skin and bones!' He cried. 'I can feel your shoulder blades on my very fingertips!' Daisy looked at him. 'Come! You must eat. If, that is, you are not in too much pain and do not mind being a bit damp for a tad longer.' Daisy wasn't in the mood to protest, and she wanted to keep her dress on for as long as possible so she followed Bilbo into his kitchen, which the dwarves had all but destroyed. Bilbo groaned when he saw the state of it.

'Bilbo! How nice of you to join us. And who's this?' And old man Daisy assumed was Gandalf asked.

'This, Gandalf, is Miss Daisy. She is a girl, and I don't quite know how she came to be here. And I don't think she does either.' Bilbo informed Gandlaf, who peered at Daisy.

'Hmmm, I suppose Miss Daisy, you are quite hungry?' He asked. Daisy really wasn't but she didn't want to seem rude.

'This is quite a strange heaven' She muttered out loud. One of the dwarves to the right of her spoke.

'What's heaven lass?' Daisy jumped, she hadn't realised any had heard.

'Oh um, you know, it's the place you go after death. Like an after life.' She told the dwarf, and then looked around the table, slightly worried how all of the dwarves had gone silent and were now looking at her.

'And why do you think you'd be in the afterlife, Miss Daisy?' Gandalf asked.

Daisy gulped.

'Be-Because I killed myself.'


Hope you like it, that is as depressing as it gets. Arrival of Thorin coming up! Things will start to get interesting as several members of the company decide they want to help Daisy…..