Breakfast, despite Gandalf's 'bombshell' as many would call it, was actually a jolly affair. After the initial coolness between herself and Bilbo, Daisy found that he was acting completely normal again and showed no signs of even remembering what occurred in the night. In fact, he even got up and moved from his end of the table to hers in order to pass her the honey.

"There you go Daisy," he'd said cheerfully as he perched himself on the edge of Ori's seat. "Pass me the butter please" Daisy stared at him whilst she handed the butter over.

"Here you go" She'd said weakly. He looked at her strangely.

"You sound ill Daisy, perhaps you should ask Gandalf to delay your departure until you're better."

"I'm fine Bilbo"

"Now now, it won't do anybody good to have you sick whilst travelling"

"Bilbo, honestly I'm fine." He seemed only half satisfied with that answer, and went back to his seat looking as if he wanted to say something else but couldn't bring himself to do so.


That was an hour ago, and now Daisy was packing her things in preparation to leave with Gandalf. Unknown to her Thorin had watched the exchanged between herself and Bilbo at breakfast and it had left him wondering what on earth was going on. With only a few precious moments left before Daisy left him, Thorin knew he must put that behind him for now; he did not want their parting words to be an argument.


Bilbo sat on his bed roll feeling lost. He really had no recollection of what had happened the night before, he'd gone out with Fili and Kili and then he'd woken up on his mat. There was something off about this whole situation; the way he jumped when Thorin had woken him up, the way Daisy cast wary glances about him and even though Gandalf announcing his departure wasn't a surprise, the fact that he wanted to take Daisy with him was. Bilbo felt as if he needed to apologise to someone but what for he did not know, and deep down he also knew that an apology wouldn't be enough.

"My dear hobbit, have you filled yourself up on bread so much that your body has decided it no longer has the ability to move?" Bilbo jumped when he heard to words of Gandalf, and looked up to see the wizard giving him a peculiar stare.

"No actually, it hasn't. I can stand up and I can move," As if to prove his point Bilbo stood up so he had gained a little height. The wizard sat down heavily on a chair and took off his hat.

"Bilbo" he began slowly. "Something is not right. There are darker forces at hand than ever I could have imagined. I am leaving you because I need to take care of a few…things." Bilbo stared at him blankly.

"And Daisy is going with you because?" He asked eventually.

"I had suspected that question would come." The wizard was silent for a few minutes, leaving Bilbo to stand awkwardly. "But I wasn't anticipating on giving an answer." Bilbo stared at him again.

"Gandalf, there are some things with you that I just go along with because you're, well…you." Bilbo began. The wizard arched an eyebrow. "But there are some things that I cannot let slide, and this is one of them. I wish, no I demand, to know where you are going and why Daisy is coming with you because I care for her safety and feel responsible for her at all times." Bilbo felt his lungs collapse after his little rant, but the wizard was now eyeing him even more suspiciously than before.

"You've changed Bilbo Baggins,"

"And I suppose 'It's not entirely for the better'" Bilbo sneered at the wizard, mimicking his words all those months ago in the Shire. As soon as he'd realised what he'd said however, he clamped his hands over his mouth. "I'm sorry Gandalf, I don't know what came over me." He said, his voice muffled by his hands which still resided on his mouth.

"This is why I am leaving. And why I am taking Daisy with me." Gandalf told the hobbit as he stood up and placed his hat back on his head.

"That's not an answer!" Bilbo complained.

"I think you will find, young hobbit, that it is answers your question, therefore it is an answer, and if you were in your right mind you would be able to see it." Gandalf replied coolly. Bilbo's scowl deepened.

"In my right- I am in my right mind!" He shouted after the wizard, who was walking away. "And maybe if you weren't darting off all over the place you'd be able to keep your mind still for once and see that it is!" The wizard stopped in his tracks, and for a moment Bilbo feared he would cast some terrible spell on him but Gandalf continued without even turning around. Composing himself Bilbo realised that he'd caught the attention of several of the dwarves, including Thorin, and quickly returned to his position before the wizard came before any of them could ask him about it.

Bilbo couldn't help feeling that maybe the wizard was right, and that his pocket which held his ring felt ever so slightly heavier.


Daisy had heard the commotion between Gandalf and Bilbo, but she hadn't seen it. She wasn't sure if she would see Bilbo, or any of them, again so she wanted he memories to be of the times they had, not of him threatening to kill her. Gandalf had told her she was to meet him by Beorn's front doors in no more that five minutes, for if they were to outwit the Orc pack then they must leave as soon as possible. She'd just finished when she felt a hand gently placed upon her shoulder.

"Did you think I would let you leave without so much as a goodbye?" Thorin asked her and she turned around to meet him.

"I would have said goodbye! I'm not heartless you know" Daisy replied, lightly nudging him.

"I do indeed." Thorin pulled her into a hug, and they stayed that way until Thorin spoke again. "Daisy, if by some chance we do not meet again-" Daisy looked up at him.

"Thorin! Do not say that, we will meet again." Daisy said firmly, despite not being sure of the fact herself. "Gandalf knows what he is doing and if I am to go with him then I'm sure he will take care of me."

"I know Daisy, but if Azog catches us and I do not make it.."

"Thorin please. You will make it, you will make it to that mountain and you will sort out that dragon. And I will be reunited with you along the way."

"My dear Daisy, I do not know how I will go so long without you."

"You've managed all these long years"

"That was different, I had not known you. My only wish is that I had met you when I was younger, so I would have more time with you."

"If you'd met me when you were younger then I would have been a mere baby and would still die before you." Daisy looked into his eyes and for the first time she saw truly how tired and old he was. How many battles he had seen, how many enemies he had destroyed. And it scared her.

"What's wrong?" He asked softly.

"I don't want to go" Daisy admitted. "I don't want to leave you"


"But I must, Thorin. For I think we both know that if Azog attacks our company then I have the smallest chance of survival. And if Gandalf knows reason for my being here, I want to be around to hear it. I think my mortal status here still stands and I don't want to test it."

"You really are amazing." Thorin breathed as he leant down to kiss her. "If you ever need to know I'm there, just look to the stars every night for I will always be looking up at them thinking of you."

"Oi, Thorin, let me say goodbye to Daisy!" Thorin whirled round and Kili backed away slowly. "Sorry, I meant Uncle Thorin"

"Stop right there Kili before you dig yourself any deeper" Fili chuckled as he came to stand along side his brother. "But Uncle, do let us say goodbye to Daisy" Daisy felt Thorin tense.

"Thorin its fine."

"No its not, I have to deal with them by myself now." Daisy laughed and went to hug Thorin's nephews. Thorin watched in despair as she hugged every dwarf in turn, fearing he would never get her back. When she'd finished at last, she turned to face him. Thorin swooped down and kissed her with a passion, ignoring the whistles of his men. When he finally released her she put her hand to his cheek, smiled and left to find Gandalf.

It was only then that Thorin realised just how far she'd come during their journey, she'd learned to trust and learned to love again.

He also realised that she hadn't said goodbye to Bilbo.


Ok so sort of a filler chapter but it sets us up nicely for the next few events and the ring plot. The ring is going to be a big part in this tale I will just warn you. Or so I hope it to be. My mind may come up with a better plot!