Don't look now here comes trouble
Here comes trouble headin' my way
Once again here comes trouble
Turnin' my blue skies to grey

I feel trouble, trouble, trouble
I feel trouble, trouble, trouble comin' my way

- Here comes trouble, Jem & The holograms

Chapter 11: All Hades breaks loose

While Nonnie is giving her friend Elsa some silent moral support from her spot in the crowd and her mother not too far away - the younger members of the Harker family witnessed yet another important event.

The two young children had flinched in their seats once the lightning struck the separate five locations. Carefully, they opened their eyes. Nothing else seemed different and their ride was almost over.

But then Willow squinted at something in the distance then took the binoculars. What she saw took her back, "Ahh! What is THAT?"

"What's going on?" questions Jaime.

Willow leaned back in her seat whimpering, "Something's coming this way!"

Jaime took the binoculars to see and was the next one to be scared.

The minute they were out of the ride, they rushed to their mother's side just as Elsa's song was ending; Nonnie had gone to get a better view of her friend up the front of the stage.

"Mom!" Jaime piped up urgently, "There's a big turtle monster headed this way!"

"Not now, you two." Mrs. Harker told them, with a motion of her hand.

"Really! We saw it!" cried Willow, tugging on her sleeve.

"And it looked hungry!" added Jaime.

"Jaime, Willow, now's not the time for your wild stories!"

"Mom, would we lie about something like this?"

Their mother rolled her eyes, "Lie? No. But the two of you already let your imagination get carried away half the time. Now where's your sister?"

"Name one time." Willow protested indignantly.

"Remember that night when you thought you saw a scarecrow holding an ax coming from the hall in the middle of the night?" Mrs. Harker said to her with out even sparing a glance, "And it turned out to be Ebony dragging out the leftovers from the spilled trash?"

Willow huffed in annoyance at the memory, what she'd seen briefly forgotten. But Jaime kept looking up and glancing back.

"It's not a wild story and we're not kidding!" he griped agitatedly, "It's a giant monster and it's headed this way! RUN!"

Mrs. Harker gives her two younger children a pointed look. "For the last time, you two," she said firmly, "There's no such thing as-"

Her words were cut off because she felt something that made the festival lights rattle and flicker briefly.


Several people looked round, mumbling confusedly. That was when the source of the vibrations comes into full view, causing the denizens to scatter like frightened sheep.

It was a giant bipedal turtle monster - just like the one the children described!

"We told you so!" Jaime and Willow exclaimed simultaneously to their mother.

The creature makes its way through the overhanging barrier and into the middle of the fair.

In less than five seconds, the three Harkers are buffeted by various people that were running away and rapidly separated. A hysterical mother on one side and two stunned children on the other.

"Jaime! Willow! NONNIE!" Mrs. Harker cries in distress, unable to see her children in the chaos.

On another section, the younger Harkers took cover under a stand, breathing hard.

Nonnie, who had been close to the stage, looked round left and right for her family. "Willow! Jaime! Where are you guys?! Mom!"

Then on hanging lead pan - what was behind her was reflected: a whole group of small sea monster type chittering wickedly. She screams and dives out of the way, just barely avoiding the foot of the giant monster and promptly losing her cap. As she brushed her hair from her face, she could see the gym teacher being chased by what appeared to be a large rat beast.

"What the heck was going on?!" The tomboy wailed.

Just as she said this, she looked to the right in time to see her two crushes with Bob and-

"Sparky? OH MY GOD!" Nonnie yelped, stumbling into a stand full of stuffed animals. So Edgar wasn't making it up!

She got her feet shakily. That was Victor's dog alright; but Sparky looked like he got a whole new stitches and bolts makeover - like the creature out of Mary Shelley's novel.

To her left, Nonnie also caught sight of Nassor shambling out of the shadows. In his hands, he was holding a little mummified hamster.

"Go Colossus." The tall boy said, setting the little beastie down then pointing to the giant turtle. "Kill! Kill!"

Is he out of his mind?! Nonnie thought incredulously. Compared to that humongous thing, his revived pet won't stand a chance!

Though for being a little guy, Colossus was certainly ferocious. Nevertheless, Nonnie already had a pretty good idea of what would happen next, before it did. And she covered her eyes just before hearing the shuddersome THUMP!

With an uneasy whimper, Nonnie opened her eyes to see a distressed Nassor staring at the huge leg where his beloved pet had been standing just seconds ago.

"C-Colossus?" Nassor inquired with sorrowful disbelief.

Nonnie bit her lip sympathetically. Oh god, that had hurt! And she didn't just mean the fate of the poor mummy hamster.

In the next instant, the giant turtle beared down on Nassor, who fell back and slipped. In the process, he somehow got himself tangled up in multiple banners and tickets until he resembled an Egyptian mummy - bandaged from head to toe leaving his voice completely muffled and his eyes could be seen. He crashed into a giant Russian nesting doll that falls back. The boy gave one last terrified look as it closes in on him.

An astonished Nonnie saw it happen - Nassor might've intimated her earlier but the way he was wrapped up, he could end up asphyxiating in there!

She rushes forward but is confronted by the same rat beast that had been chasing the gym teacher. It corners her, Elsa, Persephone and Edgar. Elsa was trying to hit it with a long stick but it broke in two.

Nonnie took a bat managed to land a few blows to it's head. At one point, she hit the side of it's face causing the head to twist into an unnatural position much to the kids' disgust. But then the thing grotesquely fixed it's own head back with a snarl making them scream.

Sparky ran up barking at it. Then he latched onto the horrid thing's arm causing to throw him aside. When the were rat lunged for the dog, it bit down on the bolts on the Sparky's neck - visible electricity shocked the beast and it turned into a dead rat.

Victor rushed to his dog's side, praising him for stopping the thing.

Nonnie notices the sea monkeys were gone but then questions. "Wait that reminds me, where's Toshiaki?"

She remembered seeing him when he arrived with Victor, and Bob, who was presently wiping some kind of goo off himself.

Hearing the roar of the turtle monster, she glanced up seeing it approach the Ferris wheel - and on one of the seats was Toshiaki!

Apparently, he'd wanted to get a better view with his old fashioned camcorder. But now the monster spotted him. The boy whimpered and began trying to escape only for the monster to grab him by the edge of his slacks.

"No stop!" Toshiaki shouted with a mixture of dread and annoyance, "You put me down, I gave you life!"

Nonnie looked fearful for his life but paused briefly at his words: What did he mean he gave it life?

That was when she remembered what had transcurrred in the afternoon and it sank in.

"Holy crud!" She yelled suddenly, "That's supposed to be his dead turtle?!"

"Victor! Victor I need help! Please! Anyone!" Toshiaki cried out from his helpless situation.

"Hang on, we'll get you down!" Nonnie called up to him.

Thinking fast, Victor spotted a live-wire and the liquids spilling from some wooden barrels. Luckily the turtle-beast was stepping directly on the fluids so the boy threw the wire down into it then he and Sparky dove out of the way. While Nonnie anticipated a safe zone once the monster let go of Toshiaki.

In effect the thing was electrocuted and the boy fell - Nonnie quickly kicks over a crate full of tulips directly for Toshiaki to land in safely just as he bounced off one of the stands.

Even out of harm's way, he continued to record the beast being electrified - only for it to revert back to the shell of a dead turtle that landed right at it's owner's feet. Toshiaki puts down his camera, picking up the shell and gazing at it morosely.

"Shelley?" he asked in a heartbroken tone.

Nonnie carefully walked up to him and gently put her hand on his shoulder. "Listen, Toshiaki…" she said quietly, "For what's it worth, I'm sorry things turned out the way they did. I truly am."

The crushed boy didn't seem to hear her, however, something else distracted Nonnie's condoling thoughts.

"Here Mr. Whiskers…"

Bewildered, she turned her head to see Weird girl trying to talk down what looked to be a cat crossed with a vampire bat.

"Mr. Whiskers?!" Nonnie's eyes grew wide.

Then she could only Watched as the vampire cat took Elsa's dog causing the girl to chase after it.

"Mr. Whiskers!" Weird girl gasped.

"I'm coming Elsa!" Then Victor was the next to pursue them.

A stunned Nonnie looked from her dejected crush to the direction where the others had run off and made a quick choice. She could talk to him after this but right now, Victor and Elsa may need her help too.

She was just about to break off into a sprint when she heard a softly muttered, "Thank you…"

It took her split second to understand it came from Toshiaki.

"You're welcome…" Nonnie replied kindly, then took off, "Catch you later!"

And she ran off into the direction where the mutated Mr. Whiskers had taken Persephone which Elsa and Victor were following.

To be continued…