Authors Note:

Hello everybody! This is my very first Inuyasha story (oh god why) so I hope this is well written and pleasing to you. This story will not be angst (well I don't think so…) or lemony (trust me you wouldn't want it from me, I can't write it but will read it occasionally.) If anything, this story is gonna have some humor to it (ya know jokes and all that funny stuff) because I am just SO funny and SO comical… Yea I know, I suck. (but not conceited!)

This story is a HUGE if-y to me. Meaning if I feel it isn't catching a lot of readers attention or is becoming a bore of a story (yes that can happen) then I will abandon this story and never look back. NEVER! (alrighty then…). So please be kind, gentle, loving, caring and all other fuzzy words to my story, it may not have emotions but I sure as hell do!

On another note, this is rated T and will be for the whole story. But Inuyasha's amazing (jk yea right) vocabulary may be provocative or unliked ( ß it's not a word! don't believe her!) But that's just the style of my writing, I mean I have a sailor mouth… but I'm not a sailor. I don't even live near the ocean… will kinda… I think. ANYWAYS! Miroku will also be a leech (as per usual) and the older Inuyasha (E GASP SHE JUST GAVE AWAY THE STORY!) will say some disturbing stuff.


With Naraku almost defeated and the Shikon Jewel almost complete, the quest is almost coming to an end. Kagome must choose between both worlds while Inuyasha must choose between both women. If it wasn't that hard for the two, a strange man that looks identical to Inuyasha has come to dispose of Kagome, for good. Now Inuyasha and Kagome are on a journey to stop a deadly hanyou that not only would make Naraku look like a inexperienced lame-o, but would make Sesshomaru look like a happy-go-lucky guy. Now why is it that this Inuyasha can't use his sword…

I don't think anyone's ever made of a story like this? I mean it's not everyday a future Inuyasha goes back in time just to kill Kagome. And if this does happen, then wtf I wanna read this story! The Disclaimer is right here so put the guns down guys come on, ya think I would be able to come up with the idea of making Inuyasha? Can barely make my own breakfast…

Now I'm really shutting up so enjoy!

"Honestly Inuyasha, I don't understand why you still try to keep me from going back to my own time. This is the same old dance every time!" A young miko by the name of Kagome growled out and placed her hands on her hip.

The lump on the ground matched her growl with a much louder one and looked up at her, "damn wench, enough with the sitting!"

"I will only stop when you quit threatening me!"

"I ain't threatening you!"

"Ain't isn't a word Inuyasha."

"Keh! Whatever wench, I don't need no word lesson."

Kagome rolled her eyes and spun on her heel, resuming her trek to the bone eaters well. She was not five steps away when a certain hanyou jumped in front of her.

"Oi Kagome for the last damn time, you're not going!" He narrowed his eyes and crossed his arms across his chest in a very 'Inuyasha' stance.

Kagome sighed and looked at Inuyasha with a blank expression, "Inuyasha… SIT!"

With a loud bang, the half-demon once again was met with the taste of dirt. Inuyasha was getting tired of this shit, with the woman going back to her damn 'skool' and 'tests'. Did she not understand she was suppose to stay here with him! It was bad enough she was always flirting with that mangy wolf (although she says Kouga and her are just good friends), now he had to look out for that lame-ass Hobo at her skool. And to top it off, Naraku was still prancing around with the jewel shards…

Kagome came into the clearing of the old, abandoned well. Finally I can go home!

She made her way to the brim of the portal and glanced in, staring down into the abyss that would take her 500 years into the future. The young girl was still surprised the well had allowed her to pass freely with no complications. Lately with the shard almost complete, Kagome was getting an ill feeling one day she would not be able to return to the Feudal Era.

She also knew she wasn't the only one fearing the thought. Inuyasha often traveled with her through the well and on numerous occasions would down-right deny letting her go alone. A couple of 'sits' would make him learn his place but Kagome could still see the hesitation in the hanyous eyes.

Turning around she gave the demon a smile and waved, "I'll be back in three days Inuyasha! Please try to stay out of trouble, will ya?"

Inuyasha huffed and crossed his arms, "keh! Like I need to listen to you, wench." Kagome only shrugged and jumped into the well.

Only when Inuyasha was sure she was back in her time did he let out a small whine before jumping into a tree, already waiting for when she would return.

"Well I still had a day left, you didn't need to drag me back already!" Kagome lifted herself out of the well and frowned, blowing her bangs out of her face.

Inuyasha was already picking up her yellow bag and tapping his feet impatiently, "well we have shards to find thanks to someone!"

"That wont work on me anymore Inuyasha, sure I feel guilty but I shouldn't have to run to the rescue every time you hear a rumor of a jewel shard." Inuyasha opened his mouth then closed it, instead narrowing his eyes.

"Wench, you can't run to the rescue even if you tried." He turned around and grumbled, "weakling human…"

"Hey I heard that!" Kagome started after him, fully intent on going all preschool on him and pulling his hair.

"Would you just hurry up already, stop dragging your feet!" The two made their way down to Kaede's village, throwing insults at one another the whole way.

They were halfway out of the forest when Inuyasha stopped walking, his body becoming stiff. Kagome skidded to a halt and looked over at her friend.

"Inuyasha, you okay there?"

Ignoring her question, he turned his body into a full circle slowly while surveying anything out of the ordinary. Something's not right here…

Kagome huffed and placed her hand on her hip, "come on Inuyasha there's nothing here, I would've felt a shard or something." She started walking off once more, "now lets get going."

Inuyasha stayed where he was and stared at Kagome's retreating form. It felt off, the smell, it was something so damn recognizable and yet he could not place who it belonged to.

It smells like…like.. ME?!

Yet at the same time it doesn't…

But why…

Inuyasha looked back up at Kagome with wide eyes, "Kagome, get back here now!" She turned around and frowned, clearly displeased with being told what to do, but made her way back.

Within seconds Inuyasha knew something was wrong. Too bad he was too late…

A blur too fast for either Kagome and Inuyasha to notice, jumped in front of the miko. Kagome gasped and stepped back while Inuyasha placed his hand on tetsusaiga, trying to catch a glance at the stranger even though his back was to him.

He could only see long white hair tumbling down the mans back and Inuyasha frowned. It couldn't possibly be Sesshomaru, he would never be this pliable when moving.

Kagome on the other hand felt all air leave her lungs. The man was crouched with one knee on the ground, the other propped up with his hand on it. His other hand was placed on the ground, holding himself up and showing Kagome a view of his long nails. His head was bent low, making it hard to see his face but Kagome didn't need to see his appearance anymore. There was only one demon she knew with dog ears atop his head…

Kagome's eyes widen a fraction, "Inu… Inuyasha?"

Inuyasha looked up at Kagome and saw the worry look on her face, but that wasn't what stopped him from pulling his sword out. She wasn't looking nor speaking to him but to the stranger in between them.

The stranger looked up slowly, a smirk gracing his face and Kagome felt faint once more. He looked older, more mature, more deadly. His golden eyes still held the usual arrogance but something was new… something more demonic. His fangs were longer as was his hair, and his clothes was different, more royal in a way. But Kagome knew it was Inuyasha and for some reason she knew he wasn't all too pleased in seeing her despite his grin.

Standing up slowly, Kagome also noticed he was at least six feet tall and far more built than his younger self. He tilted his head and smiled at her, cracking his knuckles that itched for blood. Her blood.

"Nice to see you alive Kagome," his voice was velvety smooth, almost soothing if it wasn't for the fact that he was looking at her a way a predator would look at a prey.

"Wh-what?" She stepped back some more, inwardly cursing having to walk father away from Inuyasha, yet wanting to stay away from this Inuyasha. She didn't understand, why was this man - no this Inuyasha- looking at her with such malice? Maybe all those 'sits' really pushed him over…

"It's a shame I have to tear that pretty little head off," Kagome gasped as his smile widened, "I promise to make it quick."

And with that, he started running at her.

This is just an intro so the chapter was suppose to be short. The others (if I continue) will be far longer.

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On another quick note: pliable means flexible. I used this word because in Inuyasha, I feel he moves more swifter and bouncier while Sessy is more stiff (like a board… but I didn't say that) so you could probably imagine an older Inu being more graceful and knowing the right moves when in a battle (for future reference).