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"Ugh now that was a bumpy ride, right Inuyasha?" Kagome groaned as she sat up while rubbing her head. The two sat at the bottom of the well 500 years into the present.

"Well at least it worked, we got away from him!" Kagome smiled then frowned when she came to the realization about their friends. "Kami I hope they're okay…"

When Kagome finally noticed she was basically talking to herself, she turned to her right and spotted Inuyasha slumped against the side of the well, his head bowed and one arm holding the other.

"Inuyasha!?" She crawled over to him and lifted his chin with her fingers, "what's wrong, are you okay?" He huffed and pushed her away.

"Keh, I'm fine wench." He stated but saw her glancing down at his now exposed hand.

"Oh Kami! I didn't do that did I!?" She shrieked when seeing his burnt hand. Inuyasha quickly snatched his arm away and hid them under his sleeve. His eyes widened when he saw Kagome's eyes start watering.

"Wench stop! It wasn't your fault okay?" His voice was set in a panicky tone as he waved his good arm in front of her face. "See I'm fine!"

Kagome sniffed and shrieked, "YOU'RE A LIER!" Before crying even harder. Inuyasha growled and flattened his ears against his head, clearly unimpressed with how loud her voice could be.

Having enough with her voice, the hanyou scooped up the miko and jumped out of the well and towards her house. Hopping up to her window, he slid it open before dropping the still distraught girl on the floor.

Kagome moaned and rubbed her butt while glaring at the half demon who was sitting on her window sill, looking unapologetic.

"You know, you could have placed me on my bed." She stood up and walked over to her bed before plopping down on it.

"It shut you up didn't it?" The hanyou said, shrugging and looking out towards the street. Kagome silently got up and walked over to him, reaching for his hand.

"Don't touch it Kagome." He stated sternly like a mother would a child. Normally she would have ignored his threats and go about her business but this time she drew back his hand. Inuyasha never used her name and if he did, he was either mad or stressed. Normally he would call her 'wench' or one of his other degrading nicknames.

"I'm sorry Inuyasha, I didn't mean to-"

"I said it's fine, get over it already." He cut in.

"I just didn't know your hand was still on mine-"


"And you did tell me to use my miko powers-"


"Oh Inuyasha how hurt are you!"

"Kagome shut u-"

"Never mind, don't answer that! I'll go get my moms medical kit, I'll be right back!"

"Do you not like listening to me?" Inuyasha snapped but realized she was already out the door, intent on finding that odd magic thing that supposably healed him. Although it really didn't, his demon blood helped speed up the healing process but Kagome didn't have to know that.

"Damn woman…" Inuyasha gritted out before looking down at his hand once more, lost in thought.

"See all better!" Kagome chirped, snipping off the extra strand of gauze that now covered Inuyasha's burn. After many yells and threats (and a few sits), Kagome finally got Inuyasha into the kitchen to wash his burn with lukewarm water before placing bandages over it. Inuyasha finally put down his foot when she tried giving him pain reliever, saying it would 'help numb the pain'. The half demon only swatted the bottle away and walked back up to her room, grumbling about humans and their odd ways.

Thankfully Kagome's family weren't home with Souta at school and her mother at work. She had a feeling her grandfather was out trying to find a ofuda that would seal the well. She new the oracles didn't work but hoped to Kami that Inuyasha would never find out what he was trying to do. She would never be able to return to her time again!

Kagome sighed and sat back on her bed, balling the gauges up in her hand. She glanced up at Inuyasha and saw him gazing out the window with a glazed look over his face. She knew they had to talk about what happened, she just didn't know how to again.


"What are we gonna do Kagome?"

She snapped her mouth shut when hearing his voice have a tint of defeat to it and bit her lip, what are we gonna do?!

Her mind went back to what the older Inuyasha said about keeping her in place and Kagome blushed furiously. The nerve of that basterd! Saying things like that! She knew he was bluffing because Inuyasha was going to wish to become full demon or bring Kikyo back to life. Either way, it ended with Kagome going back to her own time. But a small tick in the back of her mind told her the older Inuyasha was telling the truth, that them two would stay together.

But what would happen to Kikyo? And the Shikon Jewel?

"Kagome?" Kagome snapped out of her thoughts when hearing Inuyasha. Looking up she saw him looking at her expectedly. She smiled dumbly.

"I'm sorry what?"

Inuyasha huffed and scowled, "damn it wench, pay attention would ya?" Before she could argue back, he continued, "we got to figure out what the hell is going on."

She nodded and looked at her hands, "I don't understand, he's you but why is he here. How is he here?"

Inuyasha uncrossed his arms and tapped his claws on the windowsill, "maybe there's another well?"

"That's impossible Inuyasha."

"Why? You got to my time didn't you?" Inuyasha bit back but calmed himself. Arguing wasn't getting them anywhere.

"Lets just be glad he can't get through this well." Kagome said quietly.

Inuyasha looked out to the well house where his older self resided 500 years in the past. It was true, he was glad the crazy half demon couldn't get through. Just imagine what crisis they would be in. But his demon side was itching to jump through the well and confront himself, demand answers.

"Inuyasha? You okay?" Kagome got up and walked over next to him, looking out the window as well. Without an answer, Inuyasha hopped out the window and onto the roof, clutching his tetsusaiga.

"Wh-Where are you going?" She clutched the window and leaned out as the hanyou started walking towards the well.

"I'm going to find that basterd, you're staying here."

"What! No! I'm coming whether you like it or not." Inuyasha growled and spun around, fisting his hands.

"No. You're not, so shut up and quit your arguing wench."

Kagome huffed and stared hard at Inuyasha before smiling, "fine. I'll stay here."

Inuyasha rolled his eyes and started walking away, "good, you're actually listenin-"

"I'll just wait till you're gone before I jump down the well too."

"Damn it just listen to me for once! Kagome I have to go help our friends if they're still alive. What is with you being so hell-bent on returning to my time, usually you're screeching in my ear demanding you want to go home."

"I don't screech!" Kagome shouted back, "and I want to help Sango and Miroku, they could be in danger Inuyasha."

Inuyasha's frown deepened more and he looked back towards the well. "You're just gonna come whether I like it or not huh?"

"Yup!" Kagome said proudly, placing her hands on her hips.

Inuyasha sighed, "damn wench," before grabbing her around her waist and running towards the well.

Once the two were at the edge of the well Inuyasha looked at the miko, "listen good and listen well wench, you are to follow exactly what I say. Exactly what I say. Understand." It wasn't really a question more of a command but Kagome nodded nonetheless. "Good, but before we go…" He ripped off the gauze, ignoring Kagome's protest, and looked at his now healed hand.

"See, told you my medical kit would work," Kagome stated boastfully while Inuyasha rolled his eyes.

"Quiet wench and lets go," with that said, he grabbed Kagome and jumped into the well.

Golden eyes peered over the lip of the well, glancing in every which way before hopping up and landing on the rim. Surveying the land and smelling for any unusual scent, Inuyasha nodded to himself before turning around and pulling up Kagome. The two glanced around the clearing with unease.

"You think we should go to Kaede's?" Kagome's voice shook as she looked behind her and stared into the forest. Inuyasha hopped down before grabbing her by the waist and taking off towards the village.

"Might as well, it's a start isn't it?" He would never admit it, but a disturbed feeling settled at the pit of his stomach when thinking about the monk and slayer.

Where are they?! Why can't I smell them? He shook his head to clear the nagging thoughts before exiting his forest and staring down at the normally bustling district.

"Where is everybody? Why is the place deserted?" Kagome whispered as Inuyasha set her down. Her words ran true as the two glanced at the empty village. The fields that usually housed farmers were naked especially at this time and not a soul was walking the trail like they normally would.

"I don't know." Was all the hanyou said as they started down the steep hill and into the village. Kagome wanted to look in every house but Inuyasha kept a close eye on her, not letting her out of his sight. They finally made it the Kaede's house and walked into the huge hole that was caused only hours earlier.

"Nothing. Nothing is here?" Her voice pitched as she looked around wide-eyed. "Where is everyone dammit? Sango? Miroku? Shippo?" She fell to her knees and bit her thumb nail, thinking about what befell her dear friends.

"Would ya stop hyperventilating over there, we needa keep focus here." Inuyasha snapped at her as he walked around the small hut, sniffing at anything and everything.

Kagome raised a brow at Inuyasha, "since when did you know the word hyperventilating?"

"Since I have to watch that moving picture box when waiting for your slow ass." He lifted a table and chair before sniffing and setting them back down. Nothing. Not one scent.

"Dammit, just what the hell is going on here?!" Inuyasha walked out of the hut, Kagome close behind, and looked around. "Why is this place so friggen deserted-"

He stopped and sniffed the air before growling. Kagome opened her mouth to ask what was wrong but saw a cloud of smoke and sighed.

Why now…

"Well hello there Kag-"

"Not now wolf-shit, we don't have time for you dammit!" Inuyasha snapped and pulled out tetsusaiga. Koga narrowed his eyes and crossed his arms.

"With my mate, there's always time."

"Shit man, she. Is. Not. Your. Mate!" The two took up a battle stance and circled around each other. Kagome only sighed.

"Really, at a time like this guys?" the two ignored her, "come on, stop being stupid!"

"That's exactly what I'm thinking, my sweet." A voice purred out.

Three pairs of eyes looked up at the roof of an abandoned hut to see the older Inuyasha sitting there, dangling his feet over the side. He smirked and cocked his head as Kagome gasped and Inuyasha growled.

How the hell did I not smell him!? The young half-demon thought through gritted teeth.

Koga looked back and forth, sputtering with wide-eyes, "mutt-face? But-but there's two of you?!"

"Hmm observant aren't we?" The older hanyou smiled and leaned his arms onto his lap, "but I do tire of the name 'mutt-face'." His smile turned to a frown and the man jumped off and onto the ground with grace.

The younger Inuyasha immediately backed up towards Kagome and raised his sword as his older self glanced at the wolf demon.

"Why the hell are there two of you?!" Koga was still gaping and looking at the two. The older hanyou only sighed and stepped towards him.

"I do not have time for you, so lets make your death quick shall we?" He disappeared within a second and appeared from behind Koga, who just barely managed to dodge the attack. The wolf demon snarled as he felt blood pour from his arm and clenched his fist.

"Inuyasha we have to do something!" Kagome's voice rasped out as she watched the two, "we can't leave Koga to die!"

Inuyasha sighed and closed his eyes, "fine but keep back wench, I don't know how strong this moron is."

"Um… you just called yourself a moron."

"Just shut up would ya." He jumped into the air and landed besides Koga, raising his sword.

"Just who the hell is this guy, dog-breath?!" Koga looked over at him as the older Inuyasha stepped forward.

"It's me you dumbass! If you haven't noticed the sliver hair or dog ears?!" Inuyasha glared at his future self in hatred. Just why was he doing this?!

"These 'dog' names really do get on my nerves Koga, just what would precious Kagome think of all the name-calling you throw around hmm?" He glanced at the school girl who was still standing in the same spot.

Koga stepped forward and cracked his knuckles, "you do not talk about my mate like that, ya hear?!"

Inuyasha mentally smacked himself, Koga why would you say that?!

The smirked fell from the older hanyous face and hardened within seconds. His eyes flashed red for a moment before he blinked and narrowed his eyes.

"Keep calling her mate and I'll rip your fucking throat out." He unsheathed his sword and both Inuyasha and Kagome gaped at what they saw.

It was his fathers fang still, Inuyasha knew that much, but much larger than he ever seen it before. It pulsed once before changing into an entirely different color. Sharp rocks strutted out of it and diamonds became embedded in the middle of it. The man stared at Koga for a moment before, without uttering a sound, he swung with one arm at the two men standing before him.

Inuyasha jumped out of the way as Koga rolled to his side. They both looked up to see everything still for a moment before the ground started shaking. Kagome stumbled forward before losing her footing and started falling backwards, hitting something behind her.

Inuyasha stabbed his sword into the ground and held on as the ground vibrated throughout the village, tearing down houses and trees. He looked up and saw Koga looking at his feet in horror. Following his gaze, he understood why.

What seemed like rocks and stone started traveling up his legs, keeping him unable to move anywhere.

"Just what the hell is this!?" He yelped as it reached his waist and kept spreading rapidly. Inuyasha watched wide-eyed as the wolf-demon yelled in agony before his face was layered in stone, his eyes squeezed shut and mouth opened. Without another word, the rock structure crumbled apart and fell into bits before disintegrating away into the ground.

All that was heard was the humming of the wind and brushes of the leaves.

Koga. Was gone.


Inuyasha pulled his fathers fang out of the ground and looked at where he stood only moments ago. He's gone…

"Inuyasha!" He heard Kagome's voice and spun around, almost seeing red as she was pressed up against his future self.

The older man smirked and nuzzled the crown of her head, ignoring the growl that traveled from his younger self. Kagome's face paled as her body trembled, not daring to move an inch in this position. Her pleading eyes bore into Inuyasha's as he held onto to tetsusaiga tightly, calming himself and his demon side. Now was not a good time to lose control.

"What's the matter Kagome, do you not like being this close to your beloved?" He purred and burrowed his head onto her smooth neck, ignoring her gasp and Inuyasha's louder-than-ever growl.

"Get your fucking hands off her, you piece of shit!" Inuyasha yelled and stepped towards them, cursing at how close they were.

He slowly licked Kagome's neck and smirked against her skin as the miko cried out in fear.

"You still taste the same, my Kagome." He whispered into her ear before grabbing her around the waist and pushing her flush against his chest.

Tears traveled down her pale cheeks as she tried to push him away with little effort.

"Get away from me! You're a monster! A disgusting monster!" Thick tears wetted her eyelashes as she glared up at him in disgust.

"A monster you say?" He frowned and pushed her against the side of the hut with one arm across her chest. She yelped as all oxygen left her body and quickly tried to detangle herself from the man. Inuyasha glared back at his younger self and clicked his tongue.

"You are in my way far too much," he grunted and looked back at the miko who clamped her teeth around his wrist and bit down. Hard.

"You bitch!" He backhanded her before jumping out of the way just as tetsusaiga slammed into the hut, making it crumple down into nothing.

"You touch her again and I'll make your death slow and painful," the younger Inuyasha seethed out as he saw the other man compose himself and smirk once more.

"Oh but how can you not touch her little hanyou, what with the way her body is-"

"Shut up!"

Kagome looked up from behind Inuyasha who she crawled to, "why are you here?!" She nearly sobbed.

"It's simple Kagome," His smirk widened, "I'm here to kill you."

Before anyone could say anything, a glowing light caught their attention in the sky. Glancing up they say what it was.

A soul-stealer.

"Kikyo," Kagome murmured as Inuyasha still kept his eyes locked on his future self.

The hanyou looked down, his eyes hiding behind his bangs as Inuyasha backed away with Kagome.

To their surprise, the older half-demon looked up slowly with red eyes and heard a growl.

"That bitch." He sneered out loud.

Yes Koga is gone… for the whole story. I'm a very bad person.