I finally have time to write about Finnick and Annie's story! I'm so happy! Okay here's the story for ya!

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Annie's POV:

Right now, at the age of 6, I think that the world is perfect and it works in my favor. Nothing bad could possibly go wrong. My life so far has been filled only with good memories. The ocean seems to tie it all together. Like everyone else in my district, the water helps sooth and comfort me.

At the age of 4, I learned how to swim. My daddy would give me lessons before he went to work every morning until I got it completely. Now it was just a habit for us to go out. He wakes me up in my room every day so that we can go and swim.

Another thing that happens every day is that my mom would come outside, take my hand, and wave to my daddy before he left for work. Both of us always smile widely as we hug him goodbye and kiss him on the cheek. My mom always whispers "Come on Annie" when they're out of view. We walk hand in hand back to our old house.

The house was small with 4 rooms. 2 bedrooms, 1 bathroom, 1 kitchen/living/dining room. I had the smallest of the bedrooms. It was faded green, but I loved the color still. It reminded me of my dad's eyes when he was at work.

Every morning, after daddy and I swam a little, mommy would brush my hair and put it in a braid. Sometimes, she would find little shells from the sea or some seaweed and add it to my hair and it made it smell soothing like the ocean. I liked it best with a little seaweed braided in my hair with some flowers in my dark chocolate colored hair.

Mommy would make breakfast sometimes, but about once a week she wouldn't and instead she would say that we should go and swim some more. After this, I would go to school while mommy would go to work at the hospital. She would pick me up after school and help me with homework. Then we would swim some more. Daddy would come home and join us.

That is my wonderful life right now. Nothing could make it be better than it already is.

2 years later (Annie is 8, Finnick is 11)

I wish that my life was like it was back then. Now it's a complete mess. In a couple of years, I'll be able to be in the Hunger Games. Then, I didn't know what was happening with them. A year ago, my family realized that I'd need to find out sooner or later so I'd better find out now. It was a lot to take in then. I didn't ever realize that thousands of kids have died because of the Capital.

I didn't really have anyone to talk to either because I'm sort of a loner. I'm really shy and I always will be. That's why I'm so afraid about the Huger Games. That and death. I would never get any sponsers because I would be too shy to show myself. I don't have any friends at school and I try to hide as much as possible. Nobody really notices me and I'm okay with that.

I look around to see if anyones around and then run out to the sea and dive into the water. So relaxing. I look around in the water and see a bunch a fish right below me and go down a little deeper.

None of the animals are scared of me anymore. They don't even flinch when I get near them. The fish keep on swimming and I gently stroke their scales. They still don't care. These are my only friends. The fish. It's okay though. They keep me company.

Once I get out of the water, I see someone walking on the beach. I squint and see that they are coming towards me. To avoid getting seen I dive in the water again, ignoring the figure. Instead, I look at the beautiful coral and star fish on a cave next to where I was. I saw some bubbles and assumed that it was only fish and was surprised to see that it was an actual human.

He smiled at my surprised face as I went up to get some air. The boy went up with me. He had beautiful golden locks and the greenest eyes on the planet. He looked to be 2 or 3 years older than me.

"Sorry but, who are you?" I asked him once I got enough air.

"Hi. Sorry. I'm Finnick." He said.

"Hi. I'm Annie." I reply. "Sorry again, but what do you want? I guess that that sounds a little rude but..." I trailed off awkwardly.

"I just saw you and I was lonely. Could we talk?" Finnick asked. I found this weird. Why would some random boy ask some random girl if we could talk? I ignored that thought and nodded.

"Sure... but why would you ask me? I'm sure that you could find somebody else." I say.

"I don't know. Why not?" Finnick said. This made sence I guess.

"Okay then. What do you want to talk about?" I ask as I make my way down to the beach and sit down on the hot sand.

"I'm not sure. How about we play a truth game? Where you ask the other a question and then the other has to answer truthfully?" He suggested.

"Sure. You start." I say.

"What was the highlight of your day?" he asked first.

"Swimming." I say in a heartbeat. He nods his head in agreement. "How big is your family?" I ask.

" I have my parents, and my younger sister, Almy." Finnick replied. "What is your favorite color?"

"Green. Sea green. If you could be in any other district, which one and why?" I ask in a whisper now.

"7 because if I ever got picked for the Hunger Games, I would know how to use a knife and an axe." Finnick whispered back. "How about you?"

"I can't imagine not being in district 4." I say. "What do your parents do? What is their job?" I ask.

"My dad is obviously a fisherman and my mom is a teacher." he answered quickly. "Are you going to answer any of the questions without mentioning the water?"

"Probably not." I say. "Why are we still whispering?" I ask him in a hushed voice.

"I have no idea." he said. Then he stopped whispering. "Do you think that I'm crazy for asking some random person if I could just talk to them without knowing if she's crazy or not?" he asked.

"Not really. My only friends are the fish, so I'm sort of glad that you asked me to talk." I said as he raised his eyebrows. "Do you think I'm crazy since I don't have any friends?" I ask.

"No because now you have one." he replied. He smiled at me and I smiled back.

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