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Annie's POV

The first thing I heard was a bunch of muffled sobs coming from a woman. I was in immense pain in my left knee. It felt as if someone was stabbing it over and over. It was as if I was in the Hunger Games. Not my best friend.

That wasn't a good thing to think. I started to sob, which made my parents jump a foot in the air since they didn't know I was awake. (I didn't open my eyes yet) When they pulled themselves together, they hugged me. I hugged them tightly and cried my eyes out.

"Annie, what's wrong? What made you faint?" my mom asked softly. I looked up at her. I can tell she already knows. She knows that I know what she meant. (A/N: Does that make sense?)

"I had a lot on my mind." I managed to choke out. She nodded and then I buried my head into her neck. My dad looked at us with a confused expression, then left the room, feeling out of place. "Honey, it's okay." she told me soothingly.

"No it's not. How could I let myself? How will I be able to watch the Games when I know that I'm in love with Finnick?" I whispered sadly to her, not wanting my dad to hear. My mom's always been closer to me than my dad. I find things like this awkward with him.

"I know. Honey, you know that you're going to have to watch the Games. You'll have to know." she said. I sighed, knowing it's the truth.

"Why does it have to be like this?" I asked her. My voice is cracking. "Why did it have to be him?"

"There's nothing we can do about it anymore. You have to make the people of the Capital love you during the interviews because he will at least make it to the last eight. Then the Capital can't kill him. The only chance of him dying is from the tributes which he won't let happen because of how much he misses you. He will think of some way to win for you. Which is why you have to watch." my mom said in a stern, powerful voice. And she's right. I'll have to watch them. And I know that he will probably win for me. We've been friends for forever. He saw me during the reaping. He must know that I can't live knowing that he's died.

"Your right. It's just that I didn't want him to go at all. The Capital people are gross too. They faint when he walks in the room! I mean if it will get him sponsors, then it's fine. It's just hard, you know? Having the person that you're in love with being in the Hunger Games and people fainting at his presence. You wouldn't understand." I said. I wish that she could though. It would be easier to get advise.

"No. You're right. I wouldn't understand. I really wish I could though. It would make things so much easier for you if I could give you advise, but right now all that I can say is to push through it and make the Capital love you. If you do that, then he will most likely come home happy." she said.

"Okay. I'll try to pull through." I said. "I can't stay in my hole forever. Finn wouldn't want me to." I said the last part more to myself.

"That's right! Be strong! Try to stop crying, okay? It's kind of making me depressed seeing my daughter being depressed. Seriously." She said.

"Okay. I'll try to not be so depressed. He will make it back, right?" I asked her. I'm still worried about that...

"You know, I want to tell you something, but I would be meddling so much with your life that I can't say. I'm sorry..." My mom trailed off. Great. Now she left me with a question again. I groaned.

"You can't just say that you know something and not tell me! Now I'm left wondering again..." I said, annoyed. "Why can't you tell me?" I asked her.

"I will tell you later if things... don't work out." She said. I look down. "I'm sorry..." she added.

"It's fine." I said to her. "I'll have to get over it. Even if it means... well, you know..." She nodded. "I still wish you would tell me though. Do you know how horrible it is to figure it out yourself when other people know?" I asked her.

"Sorry. I just can't tell you." She said.

"Okay." I said and then I went into my room.

Finnick's POV

In the morning, I woke up with the same nightmare as usual. I got up and took a shower pressing the normal buttons that smell like the sea. When I was done, I put on a light green t-shirt and some gray shorts. Today would be the day when Mags and Conner would teach us manners and how we should act during the interview. And I'm not looking forward to it.

I heard some knocking on the door and knew Lexi was waking me up even though I've been up for about an hour.

"Up up up! It will be a busy day!" she said in her stupid, ridiculously cheery voice.

"I'm already up!" I yelled at her, annoyed. I heard her mumbling something about manners as she walked away. When I walked out of my room, I went into the dining room.

Mags walked in and I helped her in her chair and then sat across from her. I piled food on my plate and started to eat when Lexi walked in with Amaniya trailing tiredly behind her. She sat down next to me and put things on her plate without noticing what it is. She ate it quickly without one word. Lexi broke the comfortable silence. Why couldn't she just let us eat in peace?

"Okay! Now once Conner comes, then you will both be trained for the interviews. Pay attention and do what they say." she ordered us.

"Could you just be quiet for one meal?" I asked her. They all looked up at me with wide eyes. "I mean, we know what to do! We aren't young ignorant children! You have to give us some respect!" I said. Lexi looked like she was about to cry.

"Nobody has ever talked to me like that! Mags, you have a lot to teach him!" she said before storming out of the room.

I looked down and started to eat a little, feeling bad.

"Sorry." I mumbled to Amaniya and Mags.

"I don't blame you..." Amaniya said, moving her food around on her plate. I smirked and then took another bite.

"That wasn't very nice guys." Conner said while he walked in.

"Where were you?" I asked him in an angry voice. I just want to get this training over with.

"You don't need to know." he said with the same tone. "Finnick, I'm starting with you. We will decide what angle you want to go with. Amaniya you will go with Mags. She will teach you proper manners and how to walk and other things like that." Conner said.

Mags got up, to Amaniya's hand and then dragged her out of the room. Conner leaned forward and then swapped his irritated expression to a serious one.

"Okay, you will obviously have to be the handsome, sexy, capital person that they expect you to be. You have to be as charming as possible. Your stylist will probably have you in some ridiculously showing outfit, so you won't need to add much of the sexiness. I'll ask them to make sure that you look perfect for your angle." he said.

It was stuff like that for the next couple of hours. Just tiny tips on how I can help look more stunning and he helped me with my smile. They swapped us and Mags took me to the room she was just in.

"What is your angle?" Mags asked.

"I have to be handsome, sexy, and charming." I told her. It must have been clear that I don't like it.

"Sorry, honey. It sure will get you sponsors. Okay, let's see what we can do here..." she said thoughtfully. "Let me see you walk." she said. I walked as tall as I could with a proud look on my face. "Good enough, I guess. How about you try to look like you aren't annoyed." she suggested.

"I look annoyed?" I asked. She nodded.

"Extremely." she said. I walked again and she accepted it this time. "That's good. Now how about sitting down?" she said. I sat down with good enough posture. "You need to sit taller. It makes you look better and more determined." she said.

"Okay." I said. When I sat up straight, she liked it and we discussed how I should act. It would be dull if it wasn't Mags, but she kept it entertaining by teasing me with my angle. I laughed her when she did this and sucked in the facts she gave me.

When we finished, Mags pulled me aside.

"We weren't allowed to speak of anything but the interview, so I have to ask you something now. Do you love Annie?" she asked me. I'm not surprised that she's asking me this. It seems that a lot of people are noticing me yelling in my sleep. They're getting curious.

"Yes." I said looking down, blushing.

"Don't be embarrassed. I noticed a long time ago." she said.


"Well, I just wanted to know." she said. "When did you find out?"

"Um... A couple of days ago I figured it out. With the help of Amaniya." I said.

"That girl is smart." Mags said. I nodded. "She has someone at home. I feel sorry for her."

"Why is that?" I asked her.

"You're going to win." she said simply.

"Does everyone think that?" I asked her.

"Yes. I don't think that it's possible for you not to win." she said. "Did Amaniya have this conversation with you too?" she asked.

"Yeah. She's really smart..." I said. "The day that we had this conversation, she told me that she was stupid for telling me that I love her."

"Amaniya's right. There's no way that she'll be able to win with you knowing your true feelings and the Capital and me to help you." Mags said.

"I know. That's why I feel bad..." I said.

"Dinner's getting cold!" Lexi chirped to us. With that, we went into the dining room and ate in silence and Lexi didn't break it this time.

When I woke up, I did the normal morning routine, but when I got to the dining room, I saw our stylists sitting there, chatting excitedly. I went and sat down in my normal spot.

"Hey. What are you talking about?" I asked them.

"Your wonderful outfits for the interviews! I think they will be perfect for both of your angles!" Grane, Amaniya's stylist said.

"Oh. Can you tell me what they will be?" I asked them. They both shook their heads 'no'.

"That would ruin the surprise!" Havannah said. I rolled my eyes and started to eat my eggs.

When Mags walked into the room, I hugged her and helped her to her seat opposite me before going back to my plate.

Lexi was there, but she was quiet the whole time. I finally noticed her when she got up to make Amaniya and Conner wake up. She was wearing a bright pink dress with diamonds all over the bottom of it. It was awful.

Amaniya walked in, still looking tired, and sat down beside me. "Hey." she said. She has bags under her eyes and her hair was just a big clump full of knots on her head.

"Hey." I said and gave her a smile. She smiled back at me and then turned to her food. I wish that she wasn't with the Careers. They'll probably use her to get to me. My score was probably too high for them.

When breakfast was finished, our stylists took us away to make the prep team 'make us pretty'. After they were done with that, Havannah gave me my outfit.

I looked at it and rolled my eyes. I guess that it's not too bad. It doesn't have a shirt though. It's just a pair of torn jeans and some accessories that includes a trident and a crown. I sighed and put it on. I looked in the mirror and saw that I didn't look that bad. I guess that the Capital will love me then. I wonder how Annie will like it... I'm stupid. Why am I thinking this?

"Come on Finnick or else we'll be late!" Havannah said. I walked out and the stylists sighed- and so did Lexi?! Ew! Amaniya was standing there too, but she was wearing an outfit that made her look similar to a mermaid, a creature that the Capital made up that's supposed to be half person, half fish. Oh their ignorance...

"Hey..." she said.

"Hey." I said back. She seemed awkward. Both of us aren't covered all the way. The lower part of her stomach was showing and, well, I wasn't even wearing a shirt. She must be much more uncomfortable than I am. We walked into the elevator and Lexi pressed on the correct button that would take us to the stage.

When we got there, Districts 1-5 were already there- excluding us of course. We waited for the last of the Districts to come and right when 12 got there, Caesar just started talking.

"Welcome to the interviews for the 65th annual Hunger Games!" he said. "Now, we have quite a show for you tonight! First welcome Jade, from District 1!" There was a huge applaud while she walked up on the stage.

I watched intently until they called Amaniya's name. I gave her a reassuring smile and she walked up on the stage.

"Hey Caesar! How are you?" she asked sweetly.

"I'm wonderful! Only the real question is, how are you? What are your thoughts?" he asked her.

"You know, I'm fine! I'll do my best and work my hardest to win!" she said. The Capital seemed to love her sweetness.

"What do you think you have in store for us?" he asked her.

"Well, I guess that you'll just have to see!" she said. After a couple more things like this, she left the stage and they were calling my name. When they saw me, the Capital went wild.

I shook hands with Caesar and gave him one of my supposedly extremely handsome smiles.

"Hello Finnick! How are you liking the Capital so far?" he asked. Everyone in the audience leaned forward to hear his answer.

"I love it! It's wonderful! Everything- and everyone- is stunning!" I said. I'm choosing my words very carefully, keeping in mind both the Capital and Annie.

"Are you excited for the Games?" he asked.

"Yeah, I guess." I said. I was now trying to really hard to control my happiness. "I'm excited to see what the arena will be like, I must admit." I said smiling at the Capital. Caesar nodded.

"I can't disagree." he said, smiling. "Now, let me ask, do you have a girlfriend at home? Surely someone as handsome as you have someone!" he said.

"Well," I said uncomfortably. "There's this girl, and we've been friends for forever, only I'm sure she doesn't like me like that."

"Oh come on! She might! If you win, I'm sure that it will work!" he said encouragingly.

"Yeah... maybe." I said and with that the buzzer went off.

"Finnick Odair!" he yelled to the audience. I gave them one last, big smile and then walked off the stage.

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