Rage - violent, uncontrolled anger

She came home an absolute mess. Her clothes were torn and tattered. What had once been a lovely dress was now a shredded rag that barely covered her body, visibly bruised and bloodied. Her hair was in tangles and her makeup was running and smeared. She had been crying and still shed a tear or two. He took one look at her and knew instantly what had happened.

"It was him again, wasn't it?" her brother asked, his anger rising in his voice.

She wouldn't look him in the eye. She simply stood there silently sobbing and slowly nodded.

He wasted no further time or words. He ushered her into the house and to the bathroom so she could clean herself up. While she began to take a shower, he ran to his closet and grabbed his baseball bat from the corner. Racing to his car, he tossed the bat in the backseat and climbed in. Starting the engine, he put the car in gear and sped off.

Before long, he arrived at the bar where she had been working that night and quickly found who he was looking for. The large, scruffy man was laughing with his buddies, no doubt regaling them of his conquest, then put out a cigarette as his friends went inside and he started for his truck.

Grabbing the baseball bat, the brother went straight for the man, catching up to him as he reached the truck. With one swift swing, he caught the man in his knees and sent him to the ground in a shriek of pain.

"I told you what would happen if you touched my sister, you sick bastard!" he shouted as he swung the bat into the man's ribs. "You twisted monster!"

He continued his assault, hammering the man's midsection until he felt a bone give way, then moved on to the man's back. He pounded relentlessly, not stopping until some of the other patrons arrived and pulled him off the man. He continued to thrash violently, resisting the pull of the others who attempted to hold him back. "You're a dead man! Do you hear me? You're dead!"

The others begged him to calm down, urging him to stop before it was too late, but he would not be denied. He broke free of their grip and charged forward. His bat had fallen out of sight, so he took to kicking his sister's attacker, keeping him on the ground and in agony. He continued his assault even as the flashing lights began draw closer…

With blood and rage of crimson red,

ripped from a corpse so freshly dead,

together with our hellish hate,

we'll burn you all - that is your fate...