"Nooo!" I scream as I watch the Decepticon leader stab a clawed digit into my brother's throat. "You pit spawned mother glitching slagger!" I screech, chopping of the arm of the nearest Decepticon femme to me. I try to charge towards Megatron, the one responsible for the pain I'm feel over my sibling bond.

I can see Sideswipe, and Sunstreaker rushing over to grab my brother while Optimus Prime fights his evil younger brother. "Bee! Bumblebee!" I scream at the top of my lungs, trying to get his attention. The youngling glances over at me, eyes wide with horror, just as Sunstreaker screams at me, "LOOK OUT! Nova!"

That's when the knife penetrates my spark chamber, slicing my spark painfully. I cry out in agony, my screams echoing with my brother's. Barricade pulls the blade out and follows the other Decepticons as Megatron calls for a tactical retreat.

"Star? Novastar I need you to stay with me!" Sunstreaker says, collapsing to the ground next me, not giving a frag about his paint job getting messed up. "RATCHET?!" Sideswipe roars into his comm, "We have a situation! Get to my location NOW!" He plops down onto my other side, and my little brother climbs onto me, and I reach for his servo, and hold him close as Sunstreaker and Sideswipe take my other one.

"Listen to me." The twins heads snap to me, and I lock optics with them. "If Ratchet doesn't make it in time, you two are hereby charged with protection over my little brother. If anything happens to him, so help me Primus, I will haunt you for the rest of the forsaken time you remain functioning." Bee tugs lightly on my hand, "D-don't aacct lliikee'rre giiivinngg uup." He manages to croak out, his vocals damaged from Megatron.

I turn my head to his, and look him dead in the optics, "I will never leave you bug, NEVER!" I look at all three of them now, "I love you all, so much. I said the day you were born Bumblebee, that I would protect you until I took my last intake. And I have. And I love both of you with all my spark, even with your all your flaws." They look back at me with energon teared eyes, and in unison reply with, "We love you too!"

"Move!" Ratchet roars, and pushes the twins out of the way, handing Bumblebee off to First Aid to be sedated. I feel him relax, and realize my time in the universe has come to an end. "Take care of my brother. Tell him I'm sorry." And I close my optics, and prepare to enter the Well of AllSparks.

"You are a rarity among cybertronians these days. Pure of heart. You care so much about your that I believe you deserve a second chance."

"Um, if you don't mind me asking who are you?"

The voice chuckles, "We have met once before.."


"Yes. You will be sent to distant planet where a sparkling is to be born in two vorns. You will be the sparkling, and your brother will arrive there in 15000 vorns. You will be reunited 2000 vorns after that. Is this acceptable?"

"If it means I get to see my baby brother again, so be it."

"One more thing, your memory will be wiped until you complete your second transformation."

"What transformation? Memory wiped? I didn't agree to that!"

"Your fate is already sealed. Your journey begins now. Good luck child."

"Wait! What planet am I being sent to?"

"An organic planet with sentient beings called humans. The planet is called Earth."

A flash of blue light went over the planet Earth, taking it a different dimension where Transformers would only be a cartoon and franchise, rather then being alive, sentient beings. But it was already too late. The baby girl earlier named Nathalia Morgan Dawson was asleep in her crib. Her fate, was sealed.