Sai's Challenge

The Bet

Today was the Festival of Konoha and everyone was dressed in traditional Japanese clothing like kimonos. Lanterns lit up the streets and stalls were set up with food and games. Naruto and Sakura walked down the street together (Sakura wearing a female kimono and Naruto wearing a male one of course) when they saw Sai. In a kimono. For girls.

"Hey! Sai! What's up with the full female kimono?!" Naruto shouted with a laugh from across the street as they walked over to him.

"I read that for festivals you wear traditional clothing." Sai replied.

"Yeah but that's for girls Sai!" Sakura added.

"It was the only one the shop had... Then should I take it off?"

"Are you wearing anything underneath..?" Naruto asked unsure then once Sai took it off, he was wearing his normal ninja outfit, "I've always been wondering what was up with you showing your stomach..."

"It obviously gives more flexibility Naruto!" Sakura said.

"In a book, it said that girls like people who show their abs..."

"You don't even like girls Sai," Naruto said.

"Yeah, now you come to mention it... Sai's never really been interested has he? Well, apart from the time he called Ino gorgeous..."

"You make me sound like a homosexual,"

"You might be Sai... You might be..."

"I'm not Naruto! Really!"

"Assuming you were, it would explain a lot... Like time with the grave robbers! You kept smiling at me then you made a move on me and you said you were 'showing me some tenderness' so I ran off. It all makes sense!"

"It wasn't like that Naruto! The book said that when a friend is scared or frightened about something, gently place your hand around their shoulder. Let them know their not alone and show them some tenderness."

"I wasn't scared! If anything, I was scared of you. Smiling at me all weird and creepy..."

"What about the time when you kissed Sasuke?"

"That was an accident! And who told you that anyway? You want to prove you're not homosexual, then I bet you you can't get three phone numbers by midnight. If you do, then I'll take back everything I said and I'll never mention it ever again,"

"Ok. I will."

"Also, you're not allowed to get any phone numbers from Sakura, Hinata, Ino or Tenten and don't cheat by getting any phone numbers from any guys either! You can start...now!"

Sai's new mission had began.

Get three girls phone numbers before midnight!