Even when they treated me it still hurts a little... But I can still win this bet. It's just one more number.

"Hey! You should check out the tavern! The ladies are all over you!" a drunk man said sleazily to another as Sai overheard.

Hmm, the tavern. A tavern is where people get drunk. If the women are drunk they might be easier to get numbers from.

Five minutes later, he arrived at the tavern and entered being greeted by a rowdy crowd of people. He sat in a booth and soon three women approached him.

"A cutie like you shouldn't have to sit alone. Mind if we join you?" one asked. They didn't wait for an answer and sat down beside him.

"What brings you here?"

"I-" Sai started when some other women came over.

"HEY! You didn't tell us there was another young one!" one said as she sat down.

"So, what are you doing here?"

"I-I'm here to get a phone number..."

"You can have my number!" a women said as they wrote it quickly on a tissue as another one said, "Here!"

I should have come here a while ago. This is easy.

The women basically threw themselves at him and he did not know what to do.

"I'm going to go." he said as he stood up.

"What? No! Stay!"

"No I-" he started but was dragged back down viciously.

"It's not even midnight yet!"

These women... They scare me... I have... six... seven. Seven numbers but now I need to get to Naruto before midnight...

"No, I really need to-"

Sai kept trying to make a break for it but was always dragged back down and the women (now around ten of them) were completely unaware they were harassing him and he seriously could not escape.

Forty-five minutes later when Sai couldn't handle any more of it, Sai really forced himself out of the horde of women and ran desperately to the door clutching it in his hands in case the women would try to pull him back. He swung the door and ran like hell down the street.

"Come back soon!" a woman shouted from the door smiling eagerly.

I need to get to Naruto before it's too late. I won't be able to find him in ten minutes if I go by foot.

He took out his scroll and brush and quickly drew a bird then said, "Ninja Art: Super Beast Scroll," then he used his bird to find Naruto quicker.

"There he is. Naruto! Naruto!" Sai shouted to Naruto surrounded by Sakura, Ino, Choji and Shikamaru. He flew down and landed presenting Naruto with all seven numbers he collected, "I got all three of them and an extra four Naruto!"

"So the paedophile got seven numbers," Shikamaru said.

"So he won the bet. Good for him," Choji added.

"What?! S-So you did get all three numbers? And more?" Naruto said with a slightly embarrassed tone of voice.

"So Naruto you lose," Sakura said, "You didn't even get more numbers than Sai!"

"Get more numbers than me?"

"Yep! After Naruto made the bet with you, he wanted to see how many numbers he could get also. In the end, he got-"

"No! Don't say it!" Naruto shouted.


"So I got more than Naruto?"


"I win the bet and win with the women too,"

"Fine, I guess you're not gay..."

"Yes, I'm not gay!" Sai said happy.

~ The End ~

~ Sorry, this was a pretty bad ending but I didn't have anymore ideas and I didn't want to leave you guys hanging so I finished it up... Sorry! But I hope you enjoyed it anyway! Thank you for reading! ~

~ YawnyPenguin ~