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She'd said it before and heard it before, but he of course had not. And that last, and of course first time, she'd said it with as much flair and gusto as any Pond before her, and he had shrugged it off with an air of ironic youth.

'We've got ten minutes, get dressed,' eyes twinkling, smirking. He loved their adventures, especially when she was in one of these moods.

'Almost the perfect sentence,' she teased, stretching the vowels.

He gestured toward the left hand door, which lead to the expanse of wardrobes she would earlier fill, where he knew she'd find an appropriate costume change. Strutting with her cordial disappointment, she remembered when those words had been different and she hadn't often been alone in her journey down these corridors. He, with smirks of excitement and doubt, knew how he might better phrase his words the last time she met him.

That last and next occasion was all the better, and not singularly because they had more time.