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'How long do we have, sweetie?' her eyes glinted.

'The whole of time, long enough?'

He moved his hands from the console and slipped between her and it. She giggled, a younger version of herself, as he moved them onto her hips and leant in to slowly kiss her neck. Her hair, that golden wild hair, fell behind her as she was pulled closer to him. She traced the line of his jacket, pulling it off as she reached his shirt collar.

'River, are you-' She was. And to put it bluntly, she was very well practised when it came to him.

Crying out in alarm and, even though he wouldn't admit it, delight, The Doctor grabbed River's forearms, pinning her hands again her chest, and stared in disbelief at her. She certainly hadn't done that before. This Doctor wasn't used to such intrusions so early in proceedings.

'Haven't I done that before?' She looked worried now. Glancing at his unbuckled belt and undone trousers.

He smirked at her, fully aware that she'd be doing that again sometime soon.

Without warning, the floor lurched under their feet. She fell forward against his chest, and they slid down the console. Another lurch and the lights dimmed.

Picking himself up, he spun in circles hitting buttons and turning handles. After various attempts, the lights steadied and the walls stopped shaking.

He was out of breath by this time, and he glanced over at River who had stood rather helplessly watching.

'Well you could have helped!' He barked.

'I've never seen that happen before,' She muttered, realisation dawning.

'Oh,' He tried to smile, but couldn't look at her properly. 'I'm sorry…'

He did smile then, and she nodded knowingly.

Looking at the console screen and then back at her on the other side of room, he bit his lip. Looking her up and down, his eyes shone and he said finally 'All of time River Song… get undressed,'

She giggled again and he flicked his eyes to the left hand door. She followed his gaze and strutted away, her hands on hips. Stroking the edge of the console, he laughed quietly, before bounding up the stairs and skipping to catch up with her.

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