Page Six Lovers

"W-wait what do you mean you can't make it? Derek you know how long I've been waiting for this. It's prom night." Scott clutched his cell phone tighter as the meaning of Derek's words encircled around his heart. This couldn't be happening. Derek couldn't be standing him up on the one night he needed his boyfriend to be there.

"Do you have any idea how stupid I look right now in my tuxedo waiting for you? Or do you not care?" His voice was getting louder but he could care less if the whole school heard. This was the 100th time Derek was doing this to him and it was past the point of being annoying; it was downright heartbreaking.

"Babe," Derek cooed, in that tone of voice that always worked on Scott. Always of course, except this time. "I'll make it up to you some other way. Right now is just a bad time. I'm sorry."

But Scott just hung up right in his face. The tears in his eyes threatened to overflow, so without a moment's hesitation, he walked over to the lacrosse field where, he forgot he and Derek had shared their last kiss.

He wasn't ready to go home nor was he ready to enter the school building and face the rest of his friends having a good time and bugging him about seeing his boyfriend. He would be the king of humiliation and there was no way he wanted that.

So he suffered in silence, unable to fight the tears and instead letting a few drip shamelessly down his face. Didn't Derek love him? Why was he always doing this? Scott knew the answer; it was because no matter how many times Derek hurt him Scott would always let it slide and return to being the good little sidekick he was. It sucked but Scott never questioned it, never denied the pull of his love for Derek. Even if it made him submissive to Derek's every command, there was no way he would fight.

Love was just a powerful force. Then why did it make him so miserable?

As Scott sunk deeper into his melancholy, he hadn't noticed someone approach and watch him as he cried.

That is of course when temptation willed the figure to reach a tentative hand towards Scott, all but making the small boy fall off the bench.

As Scott gained his bearings he looked up to find the most beautiful creature known to existence, watching him with a soft look of pity and love. The creature was half-bathed in the moonlight, the etchings of his face immersed in silver. Smooth shapely lips curved in a very familiar crooked smile and dark brown eyes reflecting like pools of bourbon faced him, while a hand rested on his back.

For a second Scott thought it was an angel before his senses returned and he realized that he was looking at his friend Stiles, dressed in his own tuxedo and looking dapper than ever. Except, Stiles looked upset too, though Scott couldn't figure out for the life of him why.

"What's wrong man?" He asked, but the tightness of his jaw and sudden hard set of his eyes proved to Scott that he had an idea of what or who it was already.

"It's Derek." Scott sighed looking away for a moment as the pain returned like an annoying gnash to the chest.

From beside him, he heard a soft growl coming from Stiles. Always the possessive and protective best friend, Stiles hated whenever Derek was around as those were the moments that caused Scott the most pain and yet the most happiness. "Do I wanna know?"

Scott looked away again. A sure sign that he didn't want to talk about it. Which meant it was something very dear and significant to him that Derek managed to screw up.

"It's best if you didn't let's just say that I don't have a date to the prom and leave it at that."

Stiles signature goofy smile broke across his face at the good news. "What a coincidence! Neither do I."

But Scott wasn't catching on. "Then why did you bother showing up?"

The question caught Stiles off guard momentarily. The truth was he only bothered showing up to catch a glimpse of Scott and to see who he was going to the prom with. Call him a masochist sure, but when it came to Scott, there was no risk factor too high to slow Stiles down.

Stiles shrugged. "Boredom." He said, smiling again at the teen wolf he was in love with since they became friends. With a move of grace, he stood up on his feet while taking Scott's hand and pulling him up too, to face him.

"Congratulations, you now have a prom date."

The two teens had a blast. They danced, pissed off the coach who was chaperoning the party, said hi to their friends, hung out with Jackson and partied like it was 1969. As the night was boiling down, Stiles pulled Scott out to the back, declaring he had something to say.

The night was still beautiful and young, so Scott sat on one of the painted white benches as Stiles looked as if he was going to faint any minute.

"Scott," He started, clearing his throat a little. "From the moment I first met you, there was always something I wanted to tell you. It's something you must know. So here goes. I'm in love with you."

As he finished Scott's phone rang and Scott answered out of reflex. "Yeah, sure you can pick me up." Scott said to the person on the other end, not once taking his eyes away from Stiles.

When he hung up, the look of betrayal in his eyes was evident. "I have a boyfriend Stiles. You know that. How could you?"

Stiles was too puzzled to notice Scott retreating from him like he just said he had the plague. "Scott I-I'm sorry. It's the truth."

But as Scott was leaving Stiles reached out a hand and grabbed his arm in one swift motion. It was now or never. With all his might and all the emotions pent up inside him, he dragged Scott to him and planted a firm kiss to those soft, boyish lips.

The kiss was meant to be chaste, to be innocent and brief. That is until Scott let out a sinful moan and Stiles felt his resolve crumbling. Soon his fingers were tangled in Scott's hair, and his tongue was running over Scott's in a fight for dominance Stiles was winning. They were both so lost in the kiss they hadn't noticed an angry Derek standing behind them and watching the whole scene with clenched fists.