A/N: Hi everyone I'm back. This is the next chapter entitled I Give More Than You Need. The plot and the ideas came from a good friend of mine, Orionastro. Thank you once again for the suggestions! And the title of this chapter is from Poisoned With Love by Neon Hitch. Enjoy.

Neither of them were aware of Derek's presence so lost in the kiss were they.

Stiles couldn't believe it; he had wanted to do this for so long. And Scott, how wonderful a kisser Scott was, he even tasted better than Stiles imagined and he had imagined this many times. The thoughts, no matter how taboo they were to him, popped up in his dreams and haunted him each time he took a glance at the shorter boy.

He always dreamed of raking his fingers through that midnight black hair or placing a kiss to those pouty lips. Each time Scott would bite them in concentration, Stiles' thoughts would go on a rampage.

The sensation of kissing his love was akin to the feeling of floating on air. All those years of wishing, of wanting what he wasn't supposed to have imploded on itself, leaving him a man on a mission with loaded desire. He made sure to explore every crevice of Scott's mouth, to memorize this moment as if it were to end any second.

Scott didn't seem disgusted. His mouth molded perfectly to Stiles and followed his tongue wherever it led. There was no complaint, no resistance as if he too had shared Stiles' desires.

They were interrupted however by a voice, the same voice that made Stiles' blood seethe with hatred every time he heard it.

"Excuse me but what do you think you two are doing?" They turned around to face a livid Derek who looked as if he wanted to eviscerate Stiles with his teeth, which wasn't a very helpful impression. But Stiles could care less, he was still basking in the glow from the kiss to register much of anything. That is, until Derek took a step closer and instinctively Scott took a step closer to Stiles.

Under his breath Stiles could hear Scott murmur to himself, "This changes things."

Derek's eyes, which were beginning to change into a florid gold, darted between the two of them, but every time his glance touched Stiles his fists would clench tighter.

"Derek, it's not what you think." Scott cried, inching himself carefully in between them in anticipation for something.

Derek just ignored him. Behind him, Stiles could see the rest of the party clearing, obviously intimidated by the burly guy from the woods' sudden crash.

Stiles realized belatedly that this was Scott's attempt at protecting him or at best trying to quell some of Derek's anger. "Derek h-he didn't mean anything, please."

The words seemed to hit the right chord, because Derek halted his movements for a second to stare into Scott's eyes. They shared a secret look and everything seemed to be just peachy until, very gently Derek pulled Scott out of the way, to get closer to Stiles.

"If I ever catch you kissing him again, I swear I'll-" But his words were cut off as all the muscles in his body seemed to turn to stone, hindering his motion and rendering him frozen in place, before Derek could feel himself rising off the ground then crashing hard out to the school parking lot.

"Scott, there's something else I've always wanted to tell you," Stiles said to the shocked teen. "I have powers."

Stiles could feel the magic shooting from his fingertips as he kept Derek stock still. It was the safest and easiest spell he knew, safe because everyone else wasn't harmed and easy because he knew worse spells that could make someone spontaneously combust right where they stood.

Scott's eyes were trained on the big hole left from where Derek blew through the wall. Despite the shock on Scott's face his expression was mostly unreadable. Then those eyes looked in his direction and a smile broke across Scott's face. He didn't say anything but that smile said it all. He was happy for him.

The teens walked over to where Derek lay, obviously knocked out from the blow he had been dealt. Stiles smirked to himself, how easy big bad Derek could be defeated without him even having to lay a finger on him. It was as funny as it was ironic.

Scott's face morphed into a frown as he took in the sight of his beloved sprawled in the school parking lot. For a second he looked apologetic before leaning to whisper in the burly man's ear. "We are never getting back together."

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