Disclaimer: I obviously don't own any characters or ideas of these 2 movies. Please believe..it's all in fun

SUMMARY: Imagine the cast of The Fast and the Furious in the setting of Baby Boy. It's 2 years after the Incident and Dom has been back from Baja, Mexico for about a year and a half. Letty and Dom have a 2 year old son (but aren't married). Brian and Mia are married with a 6 month old boy, Vince has a girlfriend, and Leon is still Leon.



Looking into a half eaten box of Lemonheads, Dom leans against his '03 Denali. It just seemed right to get it after Dom jr. and Brian jr. were born. It was roomy and it made it easier to transport parts back and forth from harry's to the garage. Suddenly Letty emerges from the building facing him. Dressed in sweatpants and one of his old hoodies she walks over to the car looking down the whole while. "You okay baby?" he said as he helped her into the passenger side. "I just wana go home Dom." He goes to move the tussled hair from her face then moves over to the driver's side. Cranking the car he starts to make small talk, to no anvil all he gets from her is her back as she looks at the passing scenery of L.A. Getting to their home they both get out and make their way up the driveway. The whole gang comes out of the house with worried but concerned faces. Dom gets a little annoyed by all the attention. I mean can they get anymore nosy he thinks as he moves his hand over Letty. "You ok Let? Can we do anything?" Vince says as he moves in closer. Dom stops him at the door. "No she's not 'ok', she just got back from the abortion clinic what do you think." Dom says before heading in the house after Letty, leaving them there with the same faces they had when they pulled up. Going Mia's old room but now is Dom jr.'s room first to check on him he gets a small lurch in his stomach. God what have I done?...Why did I make her have it this time? What's so wrong with her having another baby? I mean this is the 2nd time already? He thinks as he watches his pride and joy play with his hot wheels. "Hey, little man, what's shakin?" He says. With that Dom Jr. looks up and runs to his daddy, scooping him up and kissing him deeply on his forehead. "Where's mommy?" jr. says as he plays with his hotwheel. " uh...Mommy's tired, she needs her rest so she can play with you tomorrow at the park. Now go and ask uncle Brian for some juice downstairs." Letting him down he makes his way to his and Letty's room. Walking to the door he hears muffled voices. Leaning close to the door he makes out the voices to be Mia, Letty, and Vince's girlfriend Kitty. "How did you let him talk you into this..AGAIN" Mia said. "That's not fair Mia, it takes two. I agreed to this also." "But I bet it was more of his idea wasn't it?" Kitty chimes in. Waiting for Letty's response makes Dom feel how slimy and low he's been about the situation. It hadn't occurred to him about Letty's feelings. He pretended like he didn't know what she wanted but he knew. She wants him, she wants a grown man, not a baby boy who still cheats on her. She wants a marriage, not a live in 'baby's daddy'. She wants the family she never had. Oh Let you have no idea how much I wana give it to you. I wana be everything you want and more. I'm just so scared. "Kitty, You don't understand, I love him, besides last time I checked you were just one shy from me." "That's different, Vince and I knew it wasn't the right time. Whereas You and Dom already have a baby and you're living together." "Kitty's right Let. You need to get a hold of Dom. I love my brother to death but he needs to hurry up and grow up and be a man and not a little boy trying to get his dick wet in skank pussy at the races." Mia says in a not so quiet voice. This is the last straw for Dom. Bursting through the door and scaring the girls. "Well I'm feelin the love in this room..I love you too Mia...I love you too Kitty. Now get tha fuck out!" he booms making them scurry for the door. "Dom..I'm sorry but it's the truth you ca-" before mia can even finish her sentence the door is slammed in her face. "YOU CAN'T KEEP ON TREATING HER LIKE THIS DOM. YOU'LL END UP LOOSING HER!!!" Mia yells at the door. "go home mia...i don't want this to escalate into something more so please just leave!" "Dom, calm down they were just trying to make me feel better" Letty says as she shrinks down into the bed. "Look Letty ...you know how much I love you and.." "Stop Dom...just stop..I know you love me and I love you.." She says with a warming smile. Damn that smile. She knows how that gets to me. Laying on her side she feels his frame of his muscular body move close to hers "Dom what are you doing...you know it's too soon ...the doctor said to wait." "No I just wana hold you.just hold you." This was it..this is what made her stay...these moments right here. This is where they laid til the next morning.