Grown Man

Epilogue (For real this time)

Dom and Letty never spoke to Kyle again after the incident. The only time they had to actually see him was in court. He was sentenced to jail for conspiracy of attempted murder, and sense this was his third major offense; he was sentenced to 25 years in jail. Things for the Toretto's have been more than just bad, but they've always worked through it. In about week, the newest edition to the clan was going to be joining the team. Her name, Caroline Lucile Toretto, after Dom and Letty's mothers, and she is greatly anticipated by the whole team.

The sun was going down and the wind was blowing gently. Dom, Letty, and Jr. were on the beach. Dom and jr were playing by the water while Letty sat in the sand closer up from the shore. "Dom, don't let him get too close out!" Letty yells. "I won't woman, calm down!" Smiling, she rubs her stomach protectively. She felt safe again, she felt like things would be good again, and hopefully stay that way. Dom comes running with Jr. on his shoulders. Yanking him down, he sits next to Letty and puts a big overbearing hand over her stomach. "She's kickin hard today." He says "I know, it's even starting to hurt a little." Jr. comes running up to her, "I wana feel the baby." He squeals. Dom puts him in her lap and positions his little hand over Letty's stomach. His mouth forms into a perfect "O". "Mommy, I felt tha baby!" Letty smiles and says, "you did! You gonna help mommy with the baby?" Nodding his head Dom kisses it then turns to Letty and kisses her. "I love you Arletta." "Dom..." She says with a smile that fades suddenly. "My water broke." She says calmly. Dom's eyes grow big, "Oh god!" Letty smiles at him. "It' time?" "It's time!" Jumping up, he helps Letty up. "Dom, stay calm." "Yes, I know."

The last time, he was running around so fast and frantically that he left her at the house to go to the hospital without her. He came back after he asked if she was okay and she wasn't there to answer him. But it was different this time. He was calm and serene, he'd been prepared for his daughter for some time now. He couldn't wait to hold her. Helping Letty and Jr. in the truck he turns to look at the falling sun. It was ironic to him that just when the sun was disappearing to the day, the sun in his life was shining bright as ever. Running to the drivers side, he gets in and speeds off into the L.A. dust