Sally throws a party to celebrate Percy's returned health.

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True to her words, Sally threw a big party in celebration for Percy's health. She invited all of Percy's friends. The demigod didn't know how his mother had gotten all their contact information, but she did. Rachel had helped a lot by assisting Sally and convincing her father to rent out a hall, as well as invest money. The two women went all out, decorating the hall with balloons and streamers, a large banner announcing Percy's returned health. Blue was the theme. It was formal too, much to the embarrassment of the sea prince. It meant that his mother made him wear a suit. Percy didn't hate it so much, because that meant Nico wore a suit too and the ghost king always looked good in smart clothes. Percy wore a dark grey suit, white shirt and a navy blue tie with green and light blue stripes.

"Sally," Nico spoke, "Did you invite Jason and Leo?" Nico opted for a black suit with faint pinstripes, one he often wore to meetings or court. It was a classic. He wore a dark violet shirt and dark silver-grey tie.

"I called everyone." Sally was in a burgundy cocktail dress, black cardigan and black heels. Her hair was pulled back in a simple ponytail.

"Do you know if they're coming?"

"They said they'd both be here." Nico noted shortly.

"Thank you." Sally furrowed her brow but was intercepted by Piper who complimented her on the party, disabling the woman from asking Nico about his strange inquiry. He met up with Percy and they approached Will when they found the demigod. The sea prince had insisted; he wanted to personally thank the son of Apollo for his help. The healer was dressed in a navy suit, white shirt and pink and black tie. He was speaking with Malcolm. The son of Athena wore a chocolate brown suit, grey shirt and silver and lavender tie.

"Malcolm!" Percy cheered excitedly and snatched Annabeth's brother in a hug. The younger male grunted.

"Percy, stop jumping on people." Nico absentmindedly scolded. "You're not a dog." Nico winced when he was slugged. Percy smiled warmly at Will.

"Nico told me you helped with the quest. Thank you."

"It was my pleasure." Will offered in a bitter tone. Malcolm glared.

"Could you be any more obvious? And now you're making me talk like Chandler."

"He was always one of the funniest on the show."

"Is everything ok?" Percy asked. Will stiffened. His eyes trained on the ghost king for a moment before he focused on Malcolm. The son of Athena offered an encouraging smile.

"I just don't care for my father much. He's not…the…kindest of entities." Percy quirked his head; he silently asked Will to continue. "Do you tell everyone about your abusive stepfather? No, so I'd rather keep this to myself, thanks." The sea prince went dark red and he gripped his fists in anger.

"How did-"

"See all, know all, you know." Will interrupted and smiled coldly. "I'm pleased to see you're well, Percy." The son of Apollo turned to stalk off when a hand snatched his shoulder. Will shot Malcolm a nasty glare.

"What Will actually means, is the matter is private." Malcolm informed. Percy was looking between the duo, a dumb look on his face.

"Are you ok?" Percy asked Will. "I didn't mean to offend you."

"Just stop asking!" Will shouted. A few heads turned their way, much to the annoyance of the healer. "Fuck, why did I agree to come?" Will glared at Malcolm, pulled from the younger demigod's grasp and stormed off.

"What an ass." Nico remarked. He blinked when the front of his jacket was grabbed. Malcolm's piercing grey eyes were narrowed.

"Don't say a fucking thing, when you don't know. Do I make myself clear, di Angelo?"


"Good. You'd really hate to have me as an enemy." Malcolm released the other male and took off in the direction Will had gone. Nico smoothed out his suit.

"Malcolm and Will are together. Noted." Percy mumbled. "Oh, and don't worry, I would never let anyone hurt you." Nico smiled lightly. Percy's possessiveness was always so cute. "I wonder how Annabeth feels about that."

"What do I feel about?" Percy turned towards the voice and smiled softly. Annabeth and Piper approached, hand in hand. Annabeth's curly blond locks were pulled up in a messy bun. She wore a dark magenta dress with thin straps. A matching belt was buckled around her waist, accenting her curves. She wore black pumps. Piper's hair was down and partially braided. It was still unevenly cut, but Percy wasn't sure if it was to detract from her beauty (which failed) or if that was just how the Native American liked her hair. She dressed in a yellow, single strap dress that had sequence near the shoulder, ruching down the length of it and she wore brown and yellow flats. "Congrats, Seaweed Brain." Annabeth gave him a hug.

"Thanks." Percy embraced Piper once he and Annabeth parted. "I think Malcolm and Will are dating."

"You didn't know?" Piper snorted. "That was a big deal at camp. Don't you remember the play?" Percy shook his head.

"They've been dating for that long?" Percy frowned. Annabeth shook her head.

"I'm not happy about it, but they've been serious for a while now so I suppose I'll have to deal." Annabeth sighed. "Anyway, you two must be happy now." Percy and Nico laced their fingers. They smiled at each other. The pair had decided not to tell everyone they were engaged. Percy wanted to tell his mother first and he wanted to wait until after this whole ordeal calmed down because he knew she'd make a big deal about it. Not that he minded. He secretly loved his mother fussing over him. Nico liked it too, when Sally mothered him, Percy could tell.

"We're very happy." Percy offered. Annabeth laughed.

"You don't say. You're practically radiating it."

"I think it's contagious." Piper pressed a kiss on Annabeth's cheek. "Drink?"

"Mm? Sure." The two girls wandered off. Percy turned to Nico.

"This is nice." The son of Poseidon remarked.

"Yeah, I was expecting drama. Well, a lot more, anyway."

"Don't jinx it."

"I'll be right back." The ghost king kissed his boyfriend and headed off somewhere. Percy started towards some food. The son of Poseidon turned when his shoulder was tapped. The sea prince's eyes widened and he smiled.

"Reyna!" Percy hugged the Roman, much to her embarrassment. She wore a black skirt, coral blouse and black stilettos. Her dark hair was pulled up in a partial up-do. Her skin had a deep tan which made the Roman look very exotic. "How've you been? I feel like we haven't spoken in years."

"It has been a while." Reyna offered, smiling back. "Your mom called, I had no idea you were sick. If I had I would have come." She touched his arm lightly. "You've lost weight."

"I'll gain it back, now that I'm better. How have your travels been?"

"I love Europe. It's so beautiful and classic yet…" Reyna blushed faintly. "I did miss you though." Percy blinked.

"Oh, umm…I'm seeing Nico." Reyna's blushed darkened and she quickly pulled her hand away.


"I'm sorry."

"No, don't be! I'm happy for you, really." Reyna laughed, somewhat nervously. "I'm embarrassed."

"Don't be." Percy hated the bitter taste in his mouth. Why did Reyna have to make a move on him? He felt bad enough turning her down the first time.

"Always too late." She sighed. "Other than your sickness, have things been going well for you?"

"Yeah. Mostly." Percy refrained from mentioning his encounter with his father, Apollo and Hades. The thought of Nico's father made Percy's blood boil, but he remained composed. "Busy, you know? I'm going back to work soon, which is good. It means I won't be sitting around tempted to smoke weed." Reyna laughed.

"Hey Percy. Reyna, it's been a while." Percy turned and smiled at Leo. The son of Hephaestus had gotten the formal memo, but he'd somehow screwed it up. His black suit was wrinkled, as was the powder blue shirt underneath. Leo's red tie wasn't done properly, which made the younger male look sloppy.

"Nice, Leo." Percy grabbed his tie before the engineer could run off and he started retying it. "So you flew back for this? I really appreciate it."

"I never left." The son of Poseidon blinked at his friend. "I hate it there. I just needed someone…to tell me." Leo yelped when he was yanked into a hug.

"Gods, I'm so happy-I mean, not that you hated it, but you're going to stay now, right? Or are you going to go to New Rome? Or-"

"Let him breathe Percy!" Reyna gasped. Percy released the other male who gulped down air.

"Sorry!" The sea prince grinned. "Here." Percy fixed Leo's tie. It helped…somewhat.

"I don't know." Leo sighed. "I don't have a plan. I haven't even quit yet."

"You're always welcome at my place, Leo." The older demigod assured. "What about you, Reyna? Where are you staying?"

"Hotel, at the moment."

"Are you going to head back?" Reyna frowned. Percy's eyes were conveying his hidden message of 'please don't run away, we all missed you so much' and it made the Roman angry because it was working. It's a miracle Percy wasn't useless. Sally raised Percy so well; she didn't know how the woman ever resisted Percy's pleading.

"Not likely." The woman uttered bitterly. Percy clapped and embraced her.

"Let's get some drinks then! I'm so happy!"

"I should hope so." Nico remarked as he approached. "Hey Reyna, long time no see." Nico slid his hand into Percy's. Reyna gave a somewhat false smile in return.

"You're looking well." She offered. "I think I'll take you up on that drink, Percy."

"Yes!" Percy turned and placed a light kiss on Nico's lips. "Want anything?"

"I have to ask, have you seen Jason?" Percy shook his head. "Nothing for me, right now." Percy nodded and sauntered off with Reyna. Nico turned his gaze to Leo. He hadn't been able to tell the son of Hephaestus about Jason's threat as he had been unable to get in touch with the Latino.

"I want to talk to him about what happened."

"No, you don't." Nico grumbled. Leo arched a brow. The fire bender was about to ask, but an arm slid across his shoulders.

"Hi Leo." Jason smiled sweetly. The Roman wore a grey suit, blue shirt and dark purple tie. His friendliness confused the son of Hades. Why was Jason being nice?

"Jason. Listen, about what happened…" Leo blushed. "I…I got scared and…well…it was so sudden, you know? I needed some time to think." Nico shoved the son of Jupiter away from Leo. "Nico?!"

"Get out." Nico snapped. He knew the son of Jupiter was planning to break Leo's heart. It infuriated and offended the ghost king. Jason glared.

"What? I'm not doing anything. I'm here for Percy, you prick."

"I don't care, I want you gone or I'm going to send you to the Underworld. You'd like that, mm? Dealing with my father?"

"I'd like to see you try." Sparks jolted between Jason's fingers. "I'll crush you, Nico." The room darkened as shadows crept up the walls from the dark corners.

"Bring it on."

"Stop!" The two children of the big three turned. Percy looked between them. "Why are you fighting?"

"Jason's plotting to hurt Leo." Nico accused.

"I draped my arm across his shoulder! Is that a crime?!" Jason gritted.

"It is when I know what you're trying to do!"

"You're paranoid!"

"You're manipulative!"

"I'm going to strangle you!"

"Not if I do it first!" They were grabbing each other's throats.

"ENOUGH!" The boys stopped and looked over at Paul. His years of teaching had given him quite the voice. "This is a party, not an arena! Unhand each other, shake hands and make up. If I see any more fighting, you'll be sorry!" The mortal promised.

"Yes sir." Jason and Nico let go, shook hands and stood stiff under Paul's gaze.

"Why, that was brilliant. I don't think I could have done it better myself." Paul furrowed his brow when a hand landed on his shoulder. The attendees all fixed their gaze on the man. He appeared to be in his mid-twenties. He had blond hair and amber eyes. He dressed well, in a navy blue pinstripe three piece suit, with a powder blue shirt and gold textured tie. Nobody recognized him. Paul eyed him warily.

"Thanks. Might I ask…who you are?" Percy felt a chill go down his spine when he met eyes with the blond. It brought a familiar feeling to Percy, vertigo, and the sea prince immediately figured out who this man was.

"King Zeus, sir." Percy acknowledged. The king of the gods smiled faintly.

"You are a clever boy…man now, I suppose." Zeus moved forward. "Congratulations on your recovery."

"Thank you. You…didn't have to come."

"Oh, I know. I wasn't invited." Zeus smiled hollowly. "I can't stay mad; your mother is a lovely woman…" The tone made Percy frown. "This is a party, isn't it?" Zeus waved his hand and the music started playing a bit more loudly. "Have fun! Dance, celebrate!" Reluctantly, many of the people obliged. Percy flinched when Zeus touched his hair and combed his fingers through it. "You look so much like your father." Zeus muttered. "Pretty."

"Stop it." Percy snapped and swatted Zeus' hand. He kept his voice low but sharp.

"I want to murder you." The son of Poseidon tensed. Zeus had leaned in and his breath ghosted over the sea prince's ear. "I liked watching my wife bring suffering to heroes…it really was a pleasure. She's gone soft now…much more forgiving. Why, I only had to give her Jason to make up for two children." The god sighed deeply, shaking his head as he leaned away. Percy was nearly trembling. He'd known Zeus wasn't a kind god in mythology but this… "Alas, it would be unwise. You are…too important to your father. I don't want any bad blood between us. But you…" Zeus looked at Nico. "Well, your father tolerates you at the best of times. And if you died…Poseidon would be upset to see his son in mourning." The king adjusted his tie. The demigods didn't know what to say. Such a direct threat, it wasn't allowed.

"You're not allowed. It's against the divine law." Jason, to Nico's surprise, argued. Zeus looked at him.

"Was my wife switching your place with Percy not intervening? Was Gaea's plot, Khione's attacks not intervening? Apollo directly assisted Percy when his sister was taken. Do you really think that law is going to protect you from us? It's merely an excuse so we can continue to play with our toys the way we want to." The king smiled again, "As I said; Percy, congratulations on both your recovered health, and your new relationship." A drink appeared in the god's hand and he raised his glass. "Cheers." He took a drink, amber eyes never leaving the son of Poseidon. Zeus nodded at them and departed. Leo, Reyna, Nico, Jason and Percy stared at where the god had been, stupefied by his words.

"He can't." Leo looked at Nico. "Right? He…he can't."

"No. Of course not." Reyna assured, but her tone suggested she was trying to convince herself. Percy took Nico's hand and laced their fingers. The son of Hades looked at Percy.

"It'll be fine." Percy smiled warmly, hoping no doubt seeped into his eyes. Inside he was shaking. He couldn't bear to lose Nico. The son of Poseidon knew if he did, he wouldn't recover. The ghost king took a deep breath and offered a smile in return, but it was forced.

"You're right." Percy felt his heart deflate. Nico wasn't convinced. He actually sounded…defeated. Panic swelled in the sea prince's chest. "You're not breathing. Percy, Percy!" The demigod wavered on his feet. He took a few stumbling steps away from everyone. He needed air. Percy fled the hall. The cool night air bit his flush skin as he greedily sucked in deep, haggard breaths. Hot tears streaked his cheeks. "Percy…" Nico cooed softly. His arms were around Percy's waist, and the sea prince noted his boyfriend was keeping him on his feet.

"I can't, Nico. I can't."

"You won't."

"Don't lie to me!" Percy screamed. "I saw your face; I saw it in your eyes…" Nico blushed faintly. "I can't lose you."

"The sun god said heroes aren't allowed to be harmed unless the council votes in favour." The ghost king wiped away his lover's tears. "Look at me." Reluctantly, the smaller demigod obeyed. "We're going to get married, we're going to grow up, and we're going to get old…together, ok?"

"And kids too, right? I want…we could adopt, right?"

"Absolutely." Percy clung to Nico. He breathed in his boyfriend's scent. "Are you ok?"

"I am, now." The sea prince straightened and smiled. "Nothing is going to happen to you." Percy promised, both to Nico and himself. They kissed briefly before heading back inside, composed. Whatever anyone threw at them, they'd beat it, because they were together.

The End.


AN: I kind of like Percy/Reyna. I haven't read it really, despite the numerous stories out there. I guess I like it because I hate Percy/Annabeth so much anyone paired with Percy is better (in case you hadn't noticed, I split them up in pretty well all my fics, despite it not being necessary or relevant to anything).

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