Trapped in a Love Triangle

Ton-Tongue Toffees: Makes a person's tongue swell up to ten times its normal size. Write something without dialogue.

Triad: James/Remus/Lily

Prompt: Someone To Love

Alice and Marlene were probably more excited than I was, even Morgan, who didn't usually get excited about these things seemed pleased for me. After all, James had been trying to get me to go on a date with him for years now and god knows how long I've liked him back.

But there was still that part of me that that still longed for those kisses that Remus and I shared back in fifth year, or perhaps one moment like last year when I discovered Remus crying. I held him close for hours. I knew something bad had happened because just a few days before he'd been missing for two days and I hadn't seen him with his friends once since. After what seemed hours, we ended up kissing again like we had back in fifth year, but this time it went further than it ever had before. One thing lead to another, we ended up sleeping together in the prefect common room and the next morning we ended up having the same discussion we'd had just months previous.

Remus wouldn't risk his friendship with James, nor would I let him.

I vaguely heard someone say that James was downstairs, and with a somewhat forced smile I made my way towards the door of the girls dorm. It seemed selfish to be so hesitant, even though James and I both liked each other, but I liked Remus equally too. Maybe it was because Remus and I had been friends longer, whilst I'd crossed the line between love and hate for James; the line that Morgan insisted never existed.

Maybe I should cancel, figured out what I really wanted - who I really wanted.
Someone called my name again, and I realised that I'd reached the Common Room. James was stood by the portrait hole with Sirius and Remus and for a split second I caught his eye. All those times we spent together seemed so long ago and I wanted more, yet there was James Potter. I'd secretly liked him for a long while, I wanted to date him and make memories like I had with Remus. Despite my confusion, I managed to keep up my facade and smiled as I approached James so we could walk to Hogsmeade together.

As he took my hand and led me from the common room, I took one last fleeting glance back at Remus, and that's when I knew.

I, Lily Evans, was trapped in a Love Triangle.