Lily's Wildest Dreams


Triad: Bellatrix/Sirius/Lily

Prompt: Word: Shiver

Lily dreamed about the wild-haired Slytherin way too much to be healthy. It was the crazy eyes, that glint that she got when she jinxed some first year kid out the way. As a prefect, she should tell her off, but no one told Bellatrix Black, Slytherin Seventh year off. It was just lucky that Lily got to admire her from a distance as she headed down the corridor after Sirius Black. She slipped into a nearby alcove as Bellatrix called out after her cousin.

"Oh Sirius."

Her voice made Lily shiver, it was so dangerous, so desirable. Sirius froze, the rest of the corridor abandoned and yet his hand didn't shoot for his wand, no, instead he dropped to his knees with a soft thud. Lily's eyes widened, had Bellatrix shot a spell at her cousin?

It certainly didn't seem like it. Lily stepped further back into the alcove as the older Black continued down the corridor, getting closer and closer to her cousin. Lily's eyes were fixated on the two Black's, Sirius head dropped so he was staring at the floor as Bellatrix approached him. Lily's stomach tightened uncomfortably and she knew already she shouldn't be watching this, but she couldn't go anywhere.

"Well, well, what would my traitorous Gryffindor cousin be doing all on his own," Bellatrix asked him. Lily couldn't hear Sirius' answer, he spoke to quietly, but obviously it was the wrong answer. She fisted a handful of his hair, pulling him up into his knees.

"What was that?" She hissed angrily.

"Nothing Mistress," Sirius said clearly. Lily brought her hand up to cover her mouth to stop from gasping aloud. Sirius was in a relationship with his cousin, but not only that, he was in just the type of relationship she craved from Bellatrix herself. She'd had boyfriends and girlfriends before, of course she had, but none of them wanted to control Lily.

"Since you aren't doing anything then, you can do something for me," Bellatrix whispered.

"H...Here, in the corridor?" Sirius looked over his shoulder nervously.

"Do you deny me, cousin?" She hissed at him, he shook his head quickly and moved his hands to her thighs rolling her skirt upwards. A pleasant warmth erupted in Lily's lower stomach, Bellatrix had no underwear on. Sirius' face came up, she threw her head back and grabbed the back of his head, pushing his face deeper into her soaking pussy. Bellatrix moaned aloud, Lily found her hand slipping under her skirt and pushing her knickers aside so she could reach her aching clit. It was bliss, she watched, stroking herself and occasionally slipping a finger inside herself. She shivered, her insides tightening.

Eventually Bellatrix pushed Sirius back, her juices visibly glistening on his face, "Did you enjoy pleasing your mistress?"

"Yes I did, Mistress," he answered.

"What about you, Mudblood? Did you enjoy watching?"

Lily froze, her fingers inside her as the older Black turned, her eyes falling to the red-head in the alcove With a cruel laugh.

And without a second thought, Lily nodded, knowing that finally things might actually get interesting.