HAPPY BIRTHDAY LU! THIS IS FOR YOU! *h* ZiLu shall prevail!

"Sorry. Boss is gettin' on my case over here. Gotta put my phone away. Talk to you later. K?" He clicks send and throws his phone on top of the nearest counter. He knew it was going to be a long night after taking a look at the night's orders.

She smiles and replies "It's alright. It's girl's night out anyway. Call me when you get off, ok?"Maka didn't expect an answer anytime soon. It's how their conversations usually ended when he was working. She was content with it.

"Hey are you done talking to your booty call yet? We're almost at the restaurant." Maka ignored Elizabeth's attempt to rouse her and instead answered in a calm manner.

"No, I was not talking to my booty call, thank you very much. What makes you think I would even have one of those?"

"Hmm, I don't know, maybe the fact that there's no reason to believe that you've been texting your dad for the past 45 minutes?" Maka swallowed the lump in her throat, had they really been driving that long?

"Shut up Liz, I'm the innocent one here. And as a matter of fact I've been talking to Tsugumi, Meme and Anya because I'm curious as to how they're holding up without us over there."

"Yeah, I guess it really isn't as appealing over there without us older gals to spice up the place. Though I'll admit those three have a cute side to them that the lolicons we sometimes get would like."

"Haha Lolicons. Those strange perverts. They're too old!" Patti cackled from the front passenger seat. Maka was never too sure about the amount of medicine she took every day.

"Anyways, are we almost there? It's been almost an hour and my stomach is beginning to talk to me." Maka groaned, the feeling clearly mutual as the sisters jeered once the sign to 'A Somatic Experience' came into sights.

"A Somatic Experience. Where the only requirements are a valid ID, an open mind, and just a pinch of bravery. Reservation required. No Walk-Ins." Maka read. "Well now, that...that sounds interesting. What kind of place did you say this was again?" She asked.

"Oh, I didn't. What, are you scared Maka? You've at least got the brass for a simple dinner, don't you?"

"Hmph. You trying to say something Thompson? I'm plenty brave and I'll prove it." Declared the proud Albarn daughter.

"So does that mean you're actually going to drink with us tonight? Well damn Maka, I guess it's finally time to show you how girls from New York really get down and dirty." Maka didn't know it at the time, but Liz's proclamation rung truer than she could have imagined.

They parked the car and met up with Tsubaki, Kimberly, and Jacqueline who were waiting at an elevated table with no legs and a white cloth that was covering something with two large bumps. Maybe they were eating melon for dinner? They took their seats and were soon greeted by a woman with light brown hair dressed in a butterfly themed kimono.

"Welcome, to A Somatic Experience. You must be the group for 7:30, the party of six. My name is Risa and I'll be your hostess for the night. If there's anything you need tonight I'm your girl. As I assume you're all very hungry, why don't we just get right to the meal and you can enjoy your night, alright? Alright!" Arisa reached for the cloth and started pulling it off before Maka interrupted.

"Hey, wait a moment. Aren't you going to take our drink orders? I mean, isn't that how it's generally done at restaurants?" Maka wasn't expecting the answer she was about to receive.

"Oh, you obviously haven't been here before. Well don't worry about your drinks sweetie. Everything you need is already laid out for you. Now I will ask that if you gals aren't too full afterwards, that you'll clean her up for me when you're done, deal?" Risa winked and revealed to the group a voluptuous woman with purple hair hiding under the sheet. "Enjoy your meal!"

Maka's jaw dropped to the floor when she noticed the woman was covered in what she assumed was supposed to be her dinner! Like, she barely, no, she had ZERO covering! There was a piece of sushi on her boobs covering her nipples and a plate of dipping sauce covering her private parts.

"W..wh..Liz...Patti. Wha...what is this? How are we supposed to eat! Our food is...it's all fish! And it smells, and I don't like it! And it's on a naked woman!" Maka couldn't find any logic in any of this. Everyone knew that she hated eating anything that used to swim.

"Oh come on kitten. Don't knock what you haven't tried before. Don't make Bu-Tan cry with your harsh words. Blair swears that she showers every morning and evening, plus the food is all clean and completely sanitary. If you don't like the food, there's always the Sake to help you get it down." She gestured with her eyes towards her abdomen where a cream colored glass stood covered with an empty cup next to it.

Maka surveyed the woman's curvaceous body; there were only a few items on the menu she recognized as things she would eat, but unfortunately for Maka, she enjoyed flavor, and that meant dipping sauce, which meant dipping her food into the bowl resting on the woman's crotch. She held her stomach, which growled in three different languages and stared down at the chopsticks in front of her.

"Come on Maka, where's all that bravery gone to? You can at least do this, can't you?" Liz teased. This night was going to drag on and on for Maka. How was she ever going to make it out of this place with both her pride and innocence intact.

"I still can't believe you brought me here! Why would guys torture me like this? I knew the stories about you two being devils were true!" Maka spat as she pouted towards the Brooklyn born and bred sisters.

"Oh please Maka. You ate the Tempura Shrimp and she even had some chicken I saw you picking at. It's not like we starved you here. And come on, you can't say that you don't at least enjoy the atmosphere here. I mean seriously, when was the last time you ate at a nice place like this? And let's not forget the lovely looking lady who let us eat her clean, KIM!" Everyone immediately squinted their eyes and silently judged the pink haired cheapskate.

It may have been because of a dare, but no one said that she had to take the piece off with her mouth and then totally suck on the woman's nipple. For Death's sake, it's not like she wasn't already incredibly obvious about her sexuality already, what with always hanging around Jackie like she always did.

"It was $200 ok! Who would be dumb enough not to take that? You would have done it too, right Jackie?"

Jackie fumbled with her words while fiddling with her fingers, a bright crimson creeping upon her face.

"Umm...Well, you see...I...uh..."

"It's ok Jackie, you don't have to answer. I know you're not dumb like that. Liz just helped pay for my car this month, so we can thank her for that."

"And Bu-Tan too! We can all thank Blair for being a good dinner plate and not complaining about a few privacy boundaries being broken, right?" She was likely referring to Kim's dare and Patti's curiosity about matching curtains and drapes. Needless to say, there are plenty of unwritten rules and things that aren't usually discussed once the customers leave.

"Ah, we're so sorry for the trouble that might have caused you. It's been a long day and I think my friends had a little too much energy when we arrived. I don't think chugging the sake helped either." Tsubaki tried apologizing, but there wasn't any need for it. Blair just giggled at how sweet someone could be, apologizing for someone else's problems.

"There's no need for that. I'm glad you gals enjoyed yourselves. Well, most of you at least." Her golden orbs eyed the ashen blond haired girl with the ponytail.

"Yeah, well, I'm sorry If I'm not so into eating raw fish. Or anything raw for that matter."

"Sure Maka. Sure you don't. Say that after you've at least tried it once. Or you can always ask Kim over here what it tastes like if you're really curious." Kim blushed and stuck her tongue out at Liz. Maka was lost at this point.

"Umm, no thanks? Sushi is too expensive for my tastes anyways."

"Whatever, prude. You ready for dessert yet? Looks like we're just about done here anyways. Next time the hostess comes around let her- oh never mind. Speak of the devil and she shall appear."

"Yes, yes she shall." Risa greeted with a smile and a bow. "I assume you all have been enjoying yourselves up 'till now. The food was great, right?" Everyone nodded in agreement and stuck a thumbs up for emphasis.

"It was delightful, thank you very much. I wasn't expecting such variety on one person alone. It all tasted so authentic too. I haven't found many sushi places that I would brag about around here. Being in the desert and all I guess that's a bit understandable. But I really enjoyed the lay out. So thank you."

"Aww, that's so sweet of you...umm, your name was...Tsu...uh...Tsu something...right? I'm sorry, it's been a busy night tonight and I may have had a little something to help it move along quicker." Risa embarrassingly admitted.

"It's alright. And yes, it's Tsubaki. you were close."

"Drats, tip of my tongue." The hostess snapped her fingers and looked over her employee once more.

"Well, it looks like you guys did a good enough job to earn dessert. So how about it, you guys up for something really special?"

"Alright! Hell yeah we're ready! Dessert is the best part of the meal."

"Chocolate and ice cream! Woo!" Screamed Patti as she skipped off and ran ahead of the group, unknowing of where she was supposed to be going.

"Finally, maybe there'll be something I can actually eat." Maka mumbled.

"Oh honey, I wouldn't be worrying about eating dessert if I were you. Rest assured we've got the best dessert layout on this side of country. I can promise you that. Now! If you'll all follow me inside we can get started." The girls got up and stretched their legs before following behind Risa, who slowed her pace until they were walking ahead of her. She threw her arms out in front of the pink haired girl and whispered into her ear. Kim stealthily snuck back to the bombshell of a dinner table while everyone else continued onto dessert.

"Alright then! Now that we're all here, I'd like to congratulate you all on your bravery for making it this far. Not everyone has the guts to eat off another person, a naked one at that. But you guys cleaned her up like champs. So good on that. If you guys don't have any questions, I'm sure you're all ready for the dessert of your life and dreams."

"Hey, wait a second." Jackie spoke up. "Where'd Kim go? We can't start without her!"

"Huh? Yeah, you're right, where'd she go? Wasn't she walking with us?"

"If you're talking about the girl with the pink hair, she told me her stomach wasn't feeling too great, so she had me call her a cab. I tried to convince her to use our bathrooms as they're very clean and spacious, but she said she had some sort of insecurity about using other peoples' bathrooms. I wasn't going to push her into staying if she didn't want to, so she went home." Risa explained.

The group murmured their wishes of a quick recovery for their friend and then just as swiftly turned their attention back to the main attraction, dessert!

"Ok then! Now that we're all settled on that end, we can go ahead with dessert! Once again, I'd like to congratulate you on making it this far and I would like to thank you on behalf of A Somatic Experience, we hope that you've enjoyed yourselves and hope to see you sometime soon. Without further ado, I'd like to introduce you to the main attraction!"

If a naked woman wasn't enough to surprise Maka, then this sure as hell was. He was the very last person on Earth she expected to see tonight. She could barely contain her surprise.


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