"So...we're gonna have to tell them today." Maka stared up at the ceiling with her fingers entangled behind her head.

"Aww. You mean we can't act like we're just really good friends who have sex every now and then?" He may have sounded sarcastic, but she knew he actually half meant it.

"You're going to have to get over the fact that when someone moves in with you and you wake up in the same bed together, you're a little more than just friends, Soul." Maka explained as a matter of factly, kicking the bed sheets off and heading towards her drawer of clothes.

"Come on, you know how awkward I get when people give us labels in public. Like remember last week? People are already starting to say that we're like an old married couple!" In one smooth motion Soul wiped his face with both hands and cracked his knuckles just in time to get a face full of pants.

"Just get dressed already. It's gonna be a long day. I don't want you to freeze your ass off and take my jacket, again!" Maka finished getting dressed before doing a clean sweep of the apartment.

"Heh,you're acting like you don't enjoy frozen chocolate!" Maka grumbled in frustration. Soul heard the refrigerator shut before Maka returned to the bedroom with a devious look on her face.

"True, but I prefer hot fudge over frozen any day of the week. She winked before pulling out a bottle of chocolate sauce from behind her back. Soul smirked before throwing his pants back towards the dresser.

"So I guess you don't mind being a little late then?" Soul sat up with his back against the headboard.

"It's cold out. I figured we could warm up a bit."

"Well it's about time you guys got here-oh look who it is! How's it going chocolate man? Did you come out all this way to bring us dessert or something?" Liz teased, poking at his forehead, admiring the fact that she was taller than he was.

Soul scoffed before mumbling curses under his breath.

"Actually Liz, I invited him. The more the merrier, right?" Maka answered while the small group walked into the cafe, quickly finding an open table.

"Oh, guys. This is Wes, the guy I've been seeing." Maka did a double take and then pinched herself to make sure she was actually seeing what was in front of her.

"Woa. Talk about strange. It's like I'm seeing doubles." She squinted and did an eyes check this time. He's got red eyes too.

"See! I told you! This is why I practically jumped him that night at the restaurant! I had a very good reason for doing what I almost did!" Liz exclaimed, gaining the interest of the older white haired male.

"And what exactly almosthappened, Elizabeth?" Wesley asked.

"Umm..I uh.."

"Dude your girl almost raped me while I was working. And I'm pretty sure she was trying to seduce Maka at one point as well." Soul explained.

"WHAT!" The three of them exclaimed in unison.

"That is not what was happening!" Liz pleaded.

"Yeah right Soul! You wish!" Maka shouted accompanied by continuously smacking him in the head with her purse.

"L-Liz." Wes didn't want to imagine the details. The mental image alone was more than enough to get his eye twitching. He knew how customers could get at his brother's job.

"Wesley! Let me explain! I swear I'm clean! It...uh..it was all...uh...So how about we order our coffee?" Wes pat her on the head.

"It's alright honey, I'm sure it was all in good fun and humor."

Ehehehe. Yeah, fun.Liz didn't have the best self control when under the influence. So it wasn't technically 100% her fault.

"Hey, wait a minute. Back when we met, you said you didn't know a guy named Wes who looked like you! Tell me now, do you two know each other?" Liz asked, a threatening look on her face.

They caught each other's lazy stare and nodded.

"He's my brother." They claimed whilst pointing to one another. Liz pointed at the younger brother who claimed almost being raped, like he was some sort of murderer.

"Lying little shit."

"Had no reason to exploit anything personal to a customer." Soul retorted. And he wasn't wrong. He had no reason to give a complete and total stranger his name or tell them what family he belonged to.

"Whatever chocolate boy. So after I left to pay the bill and look for everyone, you got friendly with Maka. Is that what happened?"

"Sounds right, pervert." Soul remarked.

"Heh.. Calling me the pervert, when you're the guy who wears chocolate instead of a suit at night." Soul groaned in defeat. Pervert 1 - Soul 0.

"Whatever. So, what is this place? Is it supposed to be just some kind of diner or something? I don't see anything on this menu that has a normal name. Everything is just Master's this, Master's that. Real original." Soul complained, taking a closer look at the menu. "Master's Maid Cafe. Amazingly original." You could practically see the excitement seeping from his face.

"Oh hush Soul. This is where sanitary people like me, work. Well, for the most part it's sanitary. There are a few rotten eggs who like to make fun of customers instead of paying them compliments and being courteous."

"Please. There are some creeps who come in here who deserve all the shit I give them for stalking us like we're some kind of celebrities. It's like they've never seen a girl in a skirt before. Oh, speaking of. There goes Jackie, still following Kim around like a little puppy dog. Man, I can't imagine how awkward things must be between those two." Liz chuckled to herself, leaving the rest of the group in a state of confusion.

"Oh, you guys wouldn't get it. It's nothing, forget I mentioned them. Anyways, can we order already. We've kinda been waiting for like an hour, maybe two. What took you guys so long?" Both Liz and Wes stared intently, neither expecting the truth.

"We uh.."He began to stutter.

"The idiot wouldn't wake. And then he couldn't find his keys. And after he found them he decided he wanted to have breakfast in bed. And then~, he decided to take a 30 minute shower because he felt, 'dirty'." Maka rolled her eyes, trying to make it seem real.

"Ok ok, jeez Maka. Enough with the scrap, I get it." Ha! Nice save!

"Ah. I see. So that's why it smells so sweet near you guys. Because Soul obviously spent plenty of time freshening up before he picked you up. And it was so strong of a cologne that I can smell it on you as well, Maka. Say Soul, what cologne is that, I think I might pick some up later." Wes sincerely asked.

"Wh...what? C-cologne?" Soul sputtered.

"Yes. The cologne you put on this morning. It's smells familiar, I think I might have walked passed it before at the mall the other day. I can't be too sure though."

"It's actually that dark chocolate scented Axe body spray. I bought it for him." Maka interjected, once again saving her dolt of a boyfriend and their dirty little secret.

"Oh really~ Maka? I smell something else, in your hair." Liz whispered in her ear. "You reek of it, it's pretty overwhelming, ya know. It's pretty awesome." Maka shoved her away to hide her rosy cheeks.

Sh...shit. Dammit Liz, stop fooling around!Maka was looking for anyway to change the conversation. Something...Anything...Another look at the menu.

"Ah. Uh, can we order yet guys? My stomach is starting to growl." She lied. But anything was better than playing bitch to Liz's games, whether she was faking it not.

"Yes, a wonderful idea. What would you suggest? I haven't the faintest idea on how to read this menu. It's quite confusing for an outsider like me." Wes admitted.

"No. It's not just you Wes. This menu is for fuckin' lolicons. No normal people would understand this crap. Just tell the waitress you want a burger when she comes around. Easy enough, right?" Soul answered coolly.

"Yeah, no. We don't make burgers here, moron. How long have you lived in this area, yet you don't know that?" Liz spat at the younger brother. He glared at her, she could give a rats ass though.

"Izat so? Then why don't you suggest something then?"

"Just get the Cookies 'N Cream Cheesecake, Soul. You wouldn't like anything on the menu here anyways." Maka suggested. He groaned in response.

"If we came out to eat, why did we have to come to some place that doesn't even serve good food?!"

"Because, Moron! Maka and I get discounts here so that it's practically free. And the food isn't that bad. You just have no taste for fancy foods." Liz spat ignorantly, feeling like she was winning this one.

Pssh. If she only knew.

"Whatever Horn Dog, I'm getting the cheesecake anyway."

"You can get whatever you want, Shark Teeth."

Maybe it was just Wes, but there was little more than just friendly tension going on between the two. He hoped he was just thinking too much.

"Oi! Kim! Get your ass over here and take our orders, would ya?" Kim less than enthusiastically skipped over to the group's table with a pen and paper.

"Welcome to Master's Maid Cafe, my name is Kim, how can I be of service to you today?" Kim blushed a deep crimson when everyone started staring at her, Liz with more than the others.

"Ahh Miss Kim, first off I would appreciate it if you did a little turn around for us, show us exactly what we're getting." Kim pouted, but relented to Liz's grin. "Come on maid, do what you're told."

"Ah, Liz, don't you think-"

"Nonsense. This is perfectly normal behavior for this place, isn't that right, Maka?" Maka chose to avoid eye contact and instead just silently nodded.

"Are we done here Liz, your orders please so I can continue my day of being miserable." Miss Kim requested.

"Shh shh shh. Hush down Kimmy pie. I think we both know what's going to happen here." Liz whispered into her slave's ear.

"Umm, no, we don't. So please explain so I-"

Liz whispered again into Kim's ear. This one gaining the response she planned.

Liz put on a devious smile while Kim walked back to the kitchen, slumping her shoulders all the while cursing under her breath.

"You're a devil, Liz. You're going to give the girl a heart attack."

"Huh? What just happened. Someone please explain!" Soul complained.

"Yes, we would appreciate not being left out of whatever it is just happened." Wes agreed.

"Oh, nothing. Just that we're going to be getting some extra special service and then some." Liz reclined in her chair, extremely content with herself and her evil ways.

The group waited until three waitresses came out with gigantic dinner plates stacked with various desserts that had sparklers burning from them.

The four stared in awe at the spectacle. None of them caught the death glare of the owner from behind the bar. Their eyes were glued to the cakes being placed before them.

Tsugumi carefully set a big chocolate cake in front of Wes. "I hope you enjoy." She said with a smile.

"Here's your ice cream." Anya faked a smile and placed two hot fudge sundaes in front of Liz and Soul.

Soul was drooling before the cheesecake was even halfway to the table. With his back hunched over, his hands on his chin holding his head up, he slowly fell into a dreamlike state where everything was chocolate, chocolate, and more ch-ohshitit'sfalling!

"Soul!" Maka bellowed, too slow to stop the unfortunate event from occurring. Not that she really disliked it. "Ugh! Not again. You idiot." Maka shook her head in disbelief. Twice in one day was one time too many in her books.

Liz took a mental note of Maka's words.

"Oh my God. The irony in all of this is unfathomably hilarious. Meme, you're my new favourite server. " Liz almost fell out of her chair. Thankfully she had Wes looking after her.

"You alright there Soul? You got some, uh...it's a little...um...everywhere."

The 3 sat almost mortified at how long Soul's tongue was and how quick he was able to clean up his face.

"That...I don't know if I should be disgusted or proud to be honest." Confessed the older brother.

"As a woman, I have to admit he's got skill."

"Ah! Liz! What are you saying?! That's..that's so...so!"

"True?" Maka couldn't hide the tint of red on her cheeks this time.

"AHA! I knew it! You two are a couple aren't you!? How long have you been hiding this? And what did you mean just now when you said 'not again'? You're hiding something from me Maka. I'm going to find out, one way or another. And I suggest telling me now before you end up like Kim."

Maka contemplated her many options. There was her preferred option of continuing denying being in a relationship with Soul. She could have admitted to just starting dating each other. Or she could have just NOT do what she was so very tempted to.

Maka couldn't take her eyes off the small bit of Cheesecake still left on Soul's face. It was bothering her so much more than it should have. It wasn't the fact that there was something on his face, more so the fact that Maka had an uncontrollable sweet tooth that's gained her a few cavity's since meeting the red eyed freak.

Losing all of her self control, Maka submitted to her desires. She stuck her tongue out and licked Soul like the dog she was. She licked twice to make sure she got it. Soul could do nothing but stay still and wait for her to come back to the real world.

He honestly enjoyed all the attention Maka gave to him, but could realistically do without the public indecency every time he spilled food on himself.

Maka eventually did snap out of her chocolaty haze, she found Liz on her phone texting like a madman. Wes sat in his seat astute as ever.

"So...are we going to discuss just how long this has been going on? Or...what?"

Soul and Maka stayed silent while they shared Maka's sundae.

"Hey Soul. You missed a spot. Somehow you even managed to get some behind your ear. I'm real glad I got the better of the brothers. Besides not being a moron." Liz clasped her hands together. "His hands~. AH! To die for! How about you Maka? I heard Soul plays the piano. He's probably well equipped to write you a love song, eh, eh?" Liz nudged Maka, trying to get some sort of response. Maka said nothing.

"Hmm? You know what. Silence is golden, Maka. And ignorance is bliss. And I just want you to know that, no matter how much the girls heckle you for being a prude, I know it ain't true. Don't worry, I'll back you up. Oh! But if you don't want me to, you can just do what Kim is doing."

"I'm afraid to ask what kind of dirt you have on them." Maka looked to Soul. Both knew they were screwed.

"Oh, not much. Just a little somethin' somethin' involving a woman with purple hair and tits like watermelons. Ya know, nothing much." Liz spoiled.

Oh Shit! She's talking about Blair! You're kidding me! Blair and that Kim girl? Oh damn! Wait. Oh damn! That Kim girl is like her slave right now because of that information. I ain't being no one's bitch.Soul decided that neither he nor Maka would enjoy being someone else's slave.

"We've been dating for almost a year."

"Soul! What are you doing?!" Maka screamed.

"That night at the restaurant, wasn't our first meeting. But I never told her where I worked. That night shouldn't have happened."

"Soul. No. Stop!" Maka covered her face in disgrace. Her whole social life, it was going down in flames. Liz would make sure of that.

"Oh ho ho, go on, Soul. Please, tell me more." Liz entwined her fingers on the tabletop while Wesley tried his best to ignore the situation and dig himself into an ice cream cake coma.

"Soul! Not! Another! Word!" Maka commanded this time. She searched the area for a book to slam into his head.

"Not what you said this morning." He mumbled. His mind too slow catching up to his mouth.


Maka's eyes darkened to a shade more threatening than his own crimson orbs.

"I...that wasn't...I mean."

"Wesley. I don't think we'll have to go on our lonely dates anymore. I think Soul and Maka here just volunteered to be our 'special friends' for a while."

Maka had never seen Liz smile with her eyes closed before. It looked as wrong as it was terrifying.

"Aye, Kim! Good news! Your services are no longer required!"


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