TCTB sequel is up now!

It's called 'In The Depths of Winter'. You can find it in my profile.

Also, whoops, turned out to be two years. No excuses. I'm trash.

Coincidentally, I got in a car accident out in the snow last year where I crashed into a guard rail. Weird, huh? At least I didn't fall into a lake *cue fake laughter*. Anyways, it was not a great year but I learned a lot. No matter how bad you're doing, life goes on. Sometimes you gotta' be your own hero.

This story WILL be a bit different from the first TCTB. Whereas the first was very innocent, this one will delve into darker and more adult themes. I might change the rating on it. There will be swearing, mentions of drugs, alcohol, and sex. I want it to be a realistic college setting while still maintaining the magic that all these characters possess in their original myths. There will be different fairy tales mentioned as well.

Please forgive me for the absence. I appreciate everyone who has followed and reviewed and waited this long when they shouldn't have had to. Anyone still cares about this story, you're appreciated. If you end up not liking it, you can always pretend this one didn't happen, haha.

I do hope you like it, though. There are some surprises in this story.