When I was younger I always wanted a family. Children, a nice house , someone to come home to every night, and a steady job. I wanted to have a perfect family. Well not exactly perfect as what America supposedly "wanted". I wanted what was perfect for me. Ever since I was twelve I knew that I liked girls in a way I should boys so obviously my American Dream would be different. And I love it.

My wife, Maureen was sitting over top of my legs as I was looking over some cases. She was reading a script and was really concentrating. I knew that because she had her eyebrows bunched up and her bottom lip was between her teeth. Every so often she would highlight something or write something down on the script. A smile spread across my face. I didn't know about what she was reading but I did know that it was her next gig. She had been doing small roles at a local theatre company these past few years. She stopped doing it so much when we had the twins, Rosie and Tracie. They were a hand full and she wanted to be there more often. So she laid off on the performing. With our oldest, Elena, she didn't have to because she was already ten and she loved the theatre.

She just recently truly got back into it. Usually she would be in the background. Supporting actress. But now she had the lead role in a play called Wicked. She was ecstatic when her agent called her and asked her to audition. She agreed and not even two hours later she got a call saying she got the lead role. She even did her happy dance. It was pretty cute.

She yawned and reached for her water bottle on the coffee table. She glanced at me. I was caught.

" Are you staring at me?" She asks.

I shrug. " Why not? I needed a break and you're something nice to look at." I smirk.

She smiles widely. " Oh really?" She sets her script down and grabs my papers from me and places them on the coffee table. She captures my lips with hers and I melt under her touch. We've been together for more than nineteen and she still does that to me. I'm not complaining.

The simple peck turns into a full blown make out session on the living room couch. I was so into it that I didn't hear the front door open.

"Children in the room!"

Maureen stopped and rolled her eyes. "Darn kids." She mumbles. She sits up and wipes the lipstick from the side of her mouth.

" That's totally gross. We sit on that couch." one of the twins said. I couldn't see which because I was still lying on my back trying to regain my breath.

Maureen got up from the couch and straighten her shirt that had ridden up. " If you don't like what happens on the couch then don't sit on it." She stuck her tongue out like the mature adult she was. I sat up in time to see the twins stick their tongue out at Maureen. I rolled my eyes.

" How was school girls?" I asked.

"Fine." They say in unison. Tracie goes off into the kitchen and Rosie sit next to me on the couch despite what just happened.

" What was so fine about it?" I ask.

Rosie had her hair in a ponytail with a pink headband. She wore the school uniform of a blue plaid skirt, white button up blouse, black blazer with blue plaid lining. She even wore suspenders and a black tie (which was mine).

" It was just fine. Nothing really happened. We got to see Elena a few times. Maddy is in my Algebra two class. So I got to see her. " she shrugs. Something was off about her.

" Nothing else?"

A blush creeps across her cheeks and before she denies anything Tracie yells from the kitchen.

" She got her first kiss!"

Rosie turns red all over and her mouth gaps open then closes. She opens it again.

" Tracie you are such a snitch!" She yells. She gets up from beside me and storms to her room.

" Get it!" Maureen yells from the kitchen too.

"Very mature, Maureen." I comment as i push myself off of the couch and go after Rosie. I knock on her door softly.

" Go away, Tracie. I don't want to look at you right now!" She says threw the door.

"It's your momma, Rosie." I open the door even though she didn't say come in. She laid on her bed looking up at the ceiling.

" Sorry." She mumbles.

I shrug off the weak apology and walk over to her bed. I sit down next to her.

" So who was it?" I nudge her leg.

She smirks. " Don't tell mommy." She says, before she sits and folds her legs under her.

" Why not?" Suddenly i was more interested in who it was.

She rolls her eyes. " Forget it. You'll tell her anyways." She says.

I wasn't gonna deny it. Maureen and I gossip like old ladies at a country club.

"Probably." I smirk.

Rosie narrows her eyes at me. Knowing full well I would have.

" Okay. I would have. She's my wife. Sue me." I smile and nudge her.

" Can't do that yet. But I'll get there. By the way I was totally thinking about going to Harvard." She replied excitedly and completely dodging the she wanted to change the subject she started talking about going to Harvard. Or at least with me she did. With Tracie she just talked about her hair and how pretty it was.

"You're changing the subject." I said bluntly.

She sighs then pushed up from the bed and walked over to her dresser and started picking at the many things on it.

" Den Coffin." She mumbled.

I raised my eyebrows. I wasn't really surprised by this. Every time the Coffin boy came over she was always around him. It was cute. I didn't mind her dating as long as she made good decisions. Den Coffin was a nice boy in my opinion. Maureen still didn't really like Benny but over the years He was slowly accepted back into our bohemian family. That was of course after Alison dumped him and basically gave all rights of their son to him.

Rosie turned and looked at me. She shook her head. " You're not even surprised." She deadpan.

" I saw it coming." I said shaking my head slightly and shrugging.

" gosh, whats up with you and your shrugging? Did you and Moms session loosen you up too much?" She smirks.

I reached behind me and grab a pillow then threw it at her before she even knew I picked it up. It hit her square in the face. When the pillow fell down she was frowning.

" It was a joke." She pouted, her bottom lip jutting out.

" It wasn't very funny." I recountered. To be honest it was funny.

" Mommy would have laughed." She crossed her arms in a child like way.

" Then go tell your Mommy." I say gesturing to the door.

" Fine. I will." With that she stuck her nose up and stomped out of the room.

I chuckled lightly at her dramatics. She was so much like Maureen, but looked up to me more. She would deny being like Maureen but its true. Tracie was more like me. Quiet, determined, and sensitive. She also loved dancing. She was pretty good. Elena was just her own person. Very mean, cold, and diva-ish. She wasn't always like that all the time but it was a fascinating to see her do a good deed

Speaking of Elena, where was she?