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Same day, fifteen minutes later

The ride to the hospital was tense. I didn't know what to do while Maureen was crying. Ok actually I did but this was a special circumstance. Her best friend was dying. When Maureen gets upset I would bring her ice cream and rub her back till she would be ready to talk or falls asleep. Now I couldn't give her ice cream and rub her back till she gets better. She probably wont get better for a while.

It only took us fifteen minutes to get to the hospital, but those fifteen minutes were the longest minutes of my life. I parked close to the entrance then Maureen and I walked hand in hand inside the hospital. We went straight to the elevators, skipping the front desk because Roger told Maureen what room it was and which floor.

I glanced at Maureen on our way up to the fourth floor. She wasn't crying anymore though you could tell she had been crying. Her eyes were still red and her bottom lip jutted out in a pout. Her left hand fiddled with her wedding band and ring, twisting it nervously. She looked so lost. It shocked me when she looked up at me with those piercing brown eyes and spoke.

"Joanne, I'm scared. What if I can't hold myself together? I don't know how I'll react if i see him." She asked fear dripping from her voice. I pulled her into a hug. " It's like Angel all over again, just a thousand times worse." She whispered resting her chin on my shoulder.

I honestly didn't know what to say. I didn't want her to cry so i knew I had to choose my words carefully. Even as my mouth open I had no idea what I was saying until it all came out.

I pulled back and cupped her face with both hands. "It's Collins, Maureen. Just be yourself. He would hate to see you cry over something you can't control." I said as I wiped tears from her cheeks with my thumb.

She bit her bottom lip before She nodded. I gave her a small smile before taking her hand in mine and leading the way to Collins room. The door was already open and we could hear laughter. When we walked in Roger, Mimi, Mark and Collins were doubled over in laughter. Mimi looked up and smiled at us.

"Hey! Look who made it!" Mimi greeted. She got up from Rogers lap and gave the both of us a hug.

Maureen smiled back, all the fear gone from her eyes and replaced with joy and calmness. I smiled too.

"What's so funny? Did Mark embarrass himself again and I wasn't there?" Maureen said as she left my side to go up to Collins side where Mark was. She ruffled his blonde hair before leaning over Collins bed rails and placing a kiss on his cheek. She mouthed a 'hey' before directing her attention to the rest of the group.

Mark rolled his eyes. "No. We were actually talking about the kids."

"Who's kids?" She asked, excited to talk about kids especially ours.

I went over to Collins while they had their conversation. He looked up at me with a bright smile.

"Hey Jo." He said.

"Hi." I smiled, bending down to give him a kiss on the cheek. Before I could straighten up he grabbed my wrist keeping me in my leaned over position.

I looked at him with questioning eyes.

His brown eyes were concern, not for himself though. I could tell by the way he flickered his eyes to Maureen then back at me.

"She's -"

"Fine." I cut him off with a smile. "Dont worry about her. I got her like I promised Angel and you." I said as I patted his blanket covered leg.

He smiled, the corner of his eyes crinkling and his cheeks bunching up, before nodding and letting my wrist free. I stood beside Collins right as Maureen stood on his left. It was like deja vu. This was the exact position we had been in when Angel was dying. Then we couldn't stand looking at each other. Every time we made eye contact I would dart my eyes away to something else. Anything else other than her big brown eyes. It hurt to look at her and to know that we were no more an 'us'. It hurt even more to have Angel in a hospital bed all pale and weak. We both had a downward spiral into hell. But now we're both there for each other. Keeping one another on their toes. Never letting the other be by themselves.

I didn't realize I was staring at her until I saw her smirk with those red lips. My cheeks and ears heated up. That's what I love about her amongst the other reasons. She can still get the same reactions she got when she first met me. Whether it was just a simple touch of the hand or a peck on the lips I would always tremble under her touch, wanting more.

I smiled back making her wink at me. I chuckled lightly before going back to the conversation. We stayed for a long time. I glanced at my watch and it was a little after ten. I knew the girls would be sleep but I still decided to call to check. I excuse myself and went out into the hall. I unlocked my phone and dialed in Elena's number even though it was saved in the phone then held it up to my ear, listening to it ring three times before she picked up.

"Hey Momma." She said sleepily.

"Hey did I wake you?" I asked.

" No." There was some shuffling over the line. " Well kind of. Maddy and I were watching a movie and I kind of fell asleep. Rosie and Tracie are sleep though." She said, answering my question before I even asked.

"Okay, good. We'll be home in a bit." I tell her. I really hope she doesn't ask what we were doing.

"Oh okay. We'll probably be in bed before you get back though." She said. I could tell she wanted to ask, but she didn't. That was Elena. Never probing when she knew I didn't want to tell her something.

"Alright, baby girl. Goodnight. Tell Maddy I said good night too. Love you."

"Ok I love you too." She said before hanging up the phone.

I sighed and put my phone in my jacket pocket. I really really hated not telling Elena things that were important. I knew Maureen was right to some degree as to not telling them right away but they needed to know and soon. We didn't know how long Collins had.

I turned around at the sound of the door clicking closed. Mimi walked out with a smile on her face. I returned a grin.

"We worked out a schedule to who will be staying with Collins." She started. I nodded, telling her to continue. "Mark volunteered to stay first. Roger on tomorrow and Wednesday. Me on Tuesday and Thursday. Maureen on Friday and Sunday. You on Saturday. Maureen suggested you only take one day because you work during the weekdays and she also said that you'd probably stay with her on Fridays." She informed.

I silently nodded. She bent her head down and sniffled. I soften up as I realized she was crying. I grabbed her shoulders and pulled her into a hug.

"Angel wouldn't want him to be alone." She stated into my shoulder.

"I know." I agreed. We stood there for a few more seconds before pulling apart.

We went back into the room to say goodbye to Mark and Collins. Maureen gave Collins a long hug before heading out. She slipped her hand in mine as we walked to the elevator. I glanced at her as we rode the elevator down. She looked relieved. Her shoulders weren't slumped over in grief and her eyes were brighter. She had a small grin on her lips as she looked forward. She flickered her eyes over at me and smirked just like she did in the room.

"What?" She asked, her lips pulling up into a lopsided sides grin. " I keep catching you watching me. Can't wait to get all of this into bed? Huh?" She bumped my shoulder with hers before winking. There she was. The happy-go-lucky, bright, and seductive Maureen.

I laughed. "Something like that." I pursed my lips and shrugged.

Her eyes softened. "I'm fine you know. It wasn't as hard as I thought it would be." She said as the elevator dinged walked threw the lobby and out the hospital. The cool December air nipping at exposed skin. She squeezed my hand as shivered from the cold. "I mean its still hard but not as bad as I thought." She shrugged.

I smiled and let go of her hand and wrapped it around her waist before pulling her close to my side. "Good." I kiss the top of her head as we continued to walk to the car. When we reached the car I opened the passenger door for her. Instead of getting in right away she faced me and pulled me into a kiss. I returned the kiss, pushing her back against the back door. She gripped my hips in her hands pulling me flush against her. I cupped her face and kissed harder. Her slick tongue swiped against my bottom lip and I invited it in. The kiss was getting more heated than she intended it to. Or did she intend for it to get like this. Before I could even think about taking her into the back seat I pulled away breathing harder than normal.

Maureen smirked as she breathed just as hard as me. "I know you wanted me." She whispered seductively.

I rolled my eyes playfully. "I'll always want you." I whisper before give her one peck on the lips and stepping out of her arms. I was immediately hit with the cold night air. If I was cold I was pretty sure she was too. Her bottom lip jutted out in a pout. "Its cold, Honeybear." I tell her. I nod to the opened car door. " Get in please." I ask sweetly.

She playfully sighed. She crossed her arms over her chest making her boobs push up and expose themselves. I bit my lip as pressure built up in my lady parts. "Fine but now I'm sexual frustrated." she huffed as she made her way in the car. Her jean cover butt was exposed for enough time for me to smack it. She whipped her head around to look at me with raise eyebrow.

"I plan on finishing what you started. " I say with a wink. As I hurried over to the driver side. I truly hoped everyone at home was asleep.

Tuesday morning, next day

I was waken up by sunlight streaming from a sliver from our red curtains that Maureen oh so loved. She was laying on my chest, her arms wrapped around my naked torso. The sheets on the bed were splayed messily across our naked bodies. It was a pretty good way to wake up. Maureen mumbling lightly in her sleep, bird tweeting outside our window where they made their nest at. I begged Maureen to get rid of it, but she said something about the world being taken over by humans and letting the birds have at least the tree right by our bedroom window. I'm actually glad she told me that. This was a pretty awesome moment. Like a pure bliss moment. That is until I saw what time it was. I had ten minutes before I had to get up for work.

I look down at Maureen who was still fast asleep. I scooted out of her grasps, lifting her head gently and setting it on a pillow and letting her arm slip from my stomach. I scooted the rest of the way out, not bothering to cover myself with anything. I picked out an outfit for the day: a white button up blouse with sleeves that went to my elbows, tan pin skirt with a light brown belt and a pair of pretty cute light brown heels. Over the years my work attire has gotten way more diverse. Im not afraid to try anything new thanks to Mimi.

I hopped in the shower turning the water to hot. At first when I got in, it really hot but I quickly got use to it as my somewhat tense muscles relaxed. I stood there before washing up and stepping out shutting the water off. I wrapped a fluffy towel around my self and dried off before brushing my teeth. When I went back into the bedroom Maureen was still sleep. Its not like I expected her to be up because a) we didn't go to sleep till way late last night because she wanted a third round and b) she didn't have to go to the studio to do a table reading till one this afternoon.

I dressed quickly so I could actually put on make up to hide the bags under my eyes. I swiped on some foundation and eyeshadow then put some mascara on skipping eyeliner. I finished it off with a lip stain that would last the whole day. It makes my life a little less stressful. I walked back out to the bedroom and found Maureen sitting up still sleepy with a pout while squinting at her phone. She still looked tired. She had put curly hair in a messy bun to keep it from her in front of her face and it actually made her more beautiful. Her face was always shielded by her thick curls. I liked it best when she had her hair up. Either way was fine with me of course.

"Morning." I greeted her with a smile as a bent down to slip on my heels.

She looked up and gave me a goofy grin as her eyes grazes over my body.

"Morning, sexy. I'm seriously contemplating on keeping you home and taking you all over against." She said with a pout and playfully sad eyes. I grinned before walking to the bed and bending over taking her chin in one hand.

"Thank gracious." I said before kissing her on the lips. I pulled back but she held my arm to kiss me again. She hummed against my lips then pulled back.

"Anytime." She whisper before pecking me one more time. "Now go before I change my mind." She let go of arm and shooed me away. I rolled my eyes then looked at the clock. About an hour till I have to get out of here. Traffic would be bad so I had to go now.

"Don't forget to give Rosie and Tracie their permission slips." I said pointing to my bedside where the two pieces of paper sat. "And I'm pretty sure Maddy is over again so don't be surprised." I tell her as I kiss her again not being able to contain myself. Maureen nodded and smiled. I said goodbye and walked out of the room closing the door behind me. I went downstairs and got my coat and gather up my papers and briefcase from my office before grabbing my car keys and heading out the door. My phone buzzed in my coat pocket as I locked the house door. I took it out and show that it was my assistant, Carol. Sighing, I pressed the green button on the screen and put it up to my ear.

"What is it?" I answered not giving her a good morning.

"Good morning to you too, Joanne." She responded.

I sighed, wanting to know what she wanted. I shifted the phone to my left ear as I pressed the unlock button on my car keys. It clicked unlocked and I opened the door , placing my briefcase in the passenger seat before sliding in. "This better be important. I'm not even in yet and you're already calling me." If Elena were with me she would say "wanky" because it sounded like a sexually innuendo. I'm glad Carol didn't have a dirty mind like me or Elena.

"Well it is. Mr. Finnick wants to speak with you right when you get in. He said it had something to do with your position in the firm." She said nonchalant.

I stuck the key in the ignition and turned it hearing the engine purr. "Well did he seem mad." I knew it wouldn't be likely that he would fire me. I'm one of the best lawyers at the firm. If not the entire city. Just saying.

"Mmmh, nah. He was actually pretty glad. Anyways, I thought I would tell you because I know you hate surprises from Finnick because you don't like knowing what he's up to."

"Thank you, Carol." I said sweetly.

"Yeah, yeah whatever. Your coffee will be on your desk and so will your breakfast sandwich" she responded.

"Okay good. See you when I get there." I said.

"Uhuh, bye."

I hung up the phone with eye roll before pulling out of the driveway and driving to work. Carol has been my assistant for a year now. She's been the longest assistant I've ever had stay. Most begin to cry after four months of my high expectations. Not Carol though. With every rude remark I make she comes up with something snarky and smirks. She gets why I'm so hard on everyone in the office without me even having to tell her. She knows that if I get soft in the industry people will walk right over me. To name some reasons: I'm a women and I'm a lesbian. Just to name a few.

I never break character once I get to work and as I pull up into my designated parking space in front of the firm I go into the character. I get out of my car taking my briefcase and walk to the glass doors which I thought were super fancy for a firm. I stride into the skyscraper like building and take the elevator up to my floor not looking anyone in the eye. Mostly because everyone avoided eye contact with me. I hid a smirk as I took the elevator up. It dinged and I got out first amongst the four other people in there.

"Hello, Mrs. Jefferson-Johnson. Your cases are on your desk" the secretary greeted. I nodded, acknowledging her. I went to my office not greeting anyone. I stopped at Carols desk.

"Is he in his office?" I ask her.

She looked up from the computer in from of her shook her head. "He's in your office." She said nodding to the door behind me that lead to my office. I nodded sharply.

"Hold all calls until I'm done." I tell her. She nodded. I turned on my heels and went to my office. There he was. Mister Frank Finnick. The lead attorney and partner of the firm, so he's my boss. I, on the other hand, am a associate lawyer which is like me trying to work my way to partnership. I've been working here for seven years so I hope this has something to do with a promotion.

"Good morning, Mr. Finnick. How are you?" I asked as I round my desk and set my briefcase on the ground. The smell of black coffee hits me and smile even wider.

"Good morning, Joanne. Im just great and please call me Frank." He gestures for me to take a seat. I sit down as he too sits down. " I have some news."

I nodded. "Of course, Frank. That's why your in my office." I said with a grin as I bring my coffee up to my lips and take a sip of the slightly hot bitter liquid.

Frank chuckled lightly. "Oh yes, I'm sure you were surprised to see me in here, knowing I rarely make a appearance over here."

I nod in agreement as I flicker my eyes to a white paper bag next to my computer. My breakfast. I take another sip from the cup and set it down, giving Frank my full attention.

He eyed me taking in my stance before speaking. "Joanne Jefferson-Johnson, on behalf of the Finnick & Co. firm we'd like to promote you to partnership and one of the lead attorney's. You're performance over the past seven years have been phenomenal and I would personally love to work with you side by side." He wore a sincere smile on his thin aging lips as he looked at me.

I grinned up at Frank. "It would be a honor." I replied calmly. My insides so did not match my voice.

He smiled widely and stood up. I stood up too. "Fantastic! I'll be seeing you at our leading attorney and senior partner meeting this afternoon." He held out his hand. I shook his hand firmly, so use to the sternness of it.

"Yes you will." I replied not being able to contain my smile.

He nodded once with the Santa Claus grin and stepped out of my office. Once the door was closed I sat down the smile still on my lips. The door opened again and Carol stepped in with a grin.

"So.." She asked.

I shrugged. "I got promoted leading attorney and a senior partner." I say nonchalant like it's not a big deal.

"Yes!" She cheer while she fist pumped the air. "That's what I'm talking about." She smiled widely.

I roll my eyes at her. "Get back to work, Carol."

"Yes ma'am." She saluted me and stepped back out of the room.

I leaned back in my seat and processed my promotion. I am a senior partner at Finnick & Co. Man, I'm good.

The rest of the day was a happy blur of looking over files, going to important senior partner meetings and lunch with Franks' son. Blake Finnick. We've been since I've worked here. Probably because he was the only guy at the firm that didn't look at me like a piece of meat. And yes he is straight. He was just as excited as Carol was when I told him the news even though he already knew because he is one of the senior partners. He suggested we celebrate this Friday and I would have said yes but I remember my other obligations and told him another time. He understood and continued to talk about the days news which didn't really hold my attention much but I kept up with it.

Soon it was time for me to go. I packed up my suit case, slipped on my coat and cursed myself for wearing a skirt when its freezing outside. I said goodbye to Carol who was on the phone and said bye to the secretary whose name I don't remember.

Driving home made me super giddy because I haven't told Maureen about my promotion yet. I stopped at the liquor store and picked up her favorite wine and then went to another store to get chocolate chip cookies we could bake at home. I drove up to the driveway and saw that no one was home. Maureen's red Lexus was gone and so was Elena's baby blue Chevy truck that she begged us for. I put the car in park and got out hurrying up the steps and out quickly unlocking the door getting away from the cold. Once inside I went to the kitchen place the wine in the freezer and set up the cookies on a cookie sheet then put them in the oven and turning it on. I scurried upstairs to change out of my work clothes and into some comfy leggings and comfy sweater that Elena brought me last year for my birthday. As I was pulling my hair up in a ponytail I heard the door open and voices fill up the house.

I went downstairs and saw Maddy and Elena in their cheerleading uniform, shivering from the cold. Rosie and Tracie had on their school uniform but put leggings under the skirts and had huge coats on. Maureen wore black jeans, a red sweater that said" I really like cats" and her signature black leather jacket.

"Hey, baby!" Maureen beamed as she saw me walk down the stairs. She took off her jacket and put in on the coat hanger before walking over to me and planting a wet kiss on my lips.

"Hey." I replied when she pulled back.

"Awh, that's cute. I wish my parents were like you two." Maddy complimented us. "They normally come home without a word and then go to there separate offices. I think they sleep there during the night too." She joked.

Elena snorted laughing with Maddy. Tracie and Rosie snickered.

"We are a pretty great couple." I said to Maddy, before planting a kiss on Maureens cheek. She smiled up me with loving eyes and I beamed back.

"But I have some fantastic news." I said breaking my Maureen trance. I looked at the girls. They each had a interested expression.

"Their making another Fantastic Four movie?" Rosie asked excitedly.

I rolled my eyes. "Nooo, silly."

Maureen stepped back, questioningly. "What is it?" Her smile still intact. I'm sure she saw the excitement in my eyes.

"I got promoted to senior partner at the firm today." I said excitedly.

Maureen eyes bulged out and her mouth gaped open. "Are you serious?" Her voice raising a few octaves.

I nodded.

"Woot woot! Go momma!" Tracie cheered.

"That is so cool!"

"Great job Momma!"

"Good job, Mrs. Jefferon-Johnson!"

All of them were so ecstatic I couldn't have asked for a more supportive family. Even though Maddy is Elena's friend she is like family to us. She has been around for a very long time. They all gave me a hug congratulating me again. When the oven beeped signaling that the cookies were done I took them out and placed them on a plate and pouring two glasses of wine. Everyone had gone upstairs to change so it scared me when Maureen spoke softly behind me.

"Sorry I didn't mean to scare you." She chuckled as she wrapped her arms around my waist from behind and resting her chin on my shoulder.

"S'okay. I was just distracted." I said as I set the bottle down on the counter.

"Mmm, I could tell. I'm so proud of you, Pookie." She pressed hot opened mouth kiss on my neck making my skin heat up. I turned around in her arms to face her and wrap my arms around her neck.

"I'm glad you're proud." I said as I lean in to kiss her. " I have a very supportive wife that helped me though and a loving family that I should thank."

Maureen's eyes widened. " Oh and how would she react to the position you're in right now with me."

"I don't think she'd mind." I muttered before pressing my lips to hers. Her lips were always soft and warm. It was comforting and nice. The kiss went deeper as she swiped her tongue along my bottom lip. I pulled back over a while. "Do you really want to start this?" I ask seductively.

She shrugged "Whether we stop now or not I will finish what you started and since you got promoted it will extra special." She suggested as her hands traveled down to my butt.

I smiled. "Good." I pressed my lips to hers once last time before we broke apart. She grabbed the cookie plate taking one and biting a piece off. I grabbed the glasses and we headed to the living room where the girls were. It was movie night and the girls had on some comfy looking clothes.

"What movie?" I asked as Elena fiddled with the dvd player.

" Pitch Perfect." She said throwing a smirk at me over her shoulder then getting up with the remote in her hand.

I rolled my eyes super annoyed by her choice. I've never been into musicals of any type, but she kept on saying "its not a musical, Momma. They don't break out in song at random moments. They actually plan it." To that I shook my head and acted like I didn't hear her pleads. But today I didn't care I was just happy. I got my promotion, my wife is snuggling up to my side and my daughters are around me.

Then it hit me like a ton of bricks. Collins. My body tensed up instantly but I tried to relaxed because Maureen was beside me. It worked she didn't notice. God this was gonna be terrible.

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