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The new version of this story has been posted :) This one is called "Cherry Blossom's Compromise" while the second version is "A Cherry Blossom's Compromise.

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Chapter 1: "Bite that lip 'cuz your tongue is a gun and your brain is the trigger."

We Bring An Arsenal by Lostprophets


Sakura's eyes shot open at the sound of an unfamiliar voice. Groaning against the throbbing pain in her head, she sat up slowly and discovered that her arms were tied tightly behind her back. She couldn't see the owner of the voice and she began to wonder if she had just imagined it.

Until a metal door creaked open loudly, letting light pour into the room and burn her sensitive eyes. She bit her lip against the pain as her eyes watered and tears slid down her cheek. She cracked open her stinging eyes and threw her body backwards. Blood-red eyes stared her down and a cold, calculating face watched her emotionlessly.

Sakura coughed hard, moving her jaw side to side before speaking, "Where's Naruto." Her voice was rough and cracked.

"Are you in any position to demand things, Kunoichi?" Hissed a voice behind her.

She swung around to find a large hulking figure in the doorway. She realized now that the light behind the figure wasn't as bright as it had seemed. The source of the light was a mere flaming torch that flickered against the darkness of where she was being held.

Without a word, Itachi Uchiha slid his oddly warm hand under Sakura's elbow and hauled her to her weak feet. He roughly shoved her through the doorway and Sakura stumbled out, her body slamming into the cold, hard wall opposite her containment cell. She gladly used the wall as a crutch.

"Will she even make it, Itachi?" Kisame questioned, his grin growing wider as Sakura shot him a fierce glare along with an animal-like snarl. "Feisty."

Itachi jerked his head down a hallway dotted with torches hanging on the wall, signaling for her to get moving.

Sakura drew in long shaky breaths before peeling herself from the wall and placing all her weight on her feet. She put one quaking foot in front of the other. Her eyes shot around to examine the hallway they had shoved her into. The walls, floor and ceiling were exactly like her cell's. In fact the hallway they now walked in just looked like an elongated version of her cell.

Sakura's feet were barely conscious of one another and they constantly stumbled over each other. She tried to watch her feet but after a while her vision doubled, making things worse. She crashed into another wall, knocking the torch that hung there to the floor. The flame licked at Itachi's robe but the cloth didn't light on fire. Instead, the flame winked out immediately.

Kisame's heavy hand cracked down on her back and all the breath in her lungs rushed out instantly. "Try a stunt like that again and I'll-"

"Shut up, you fish." She wheezed, still trying to catch her breath.

Kisame lifted a hand to strike her again but Itachi shot him a look, "We're here."

Itachi produced a key from the long sleeve of his cloak and slid it into the lock of the door beside Sakura. He shoved the door open easily and Sakura's head turned to look into the cell much like her own. She squinted hard to see the prisoner inside.

Naruto lay sprawled out on the floor, chains on his ankles. His clothing were pathetic shreds and blood smeared his body. He moaned as the light from the hallway assaulted his eyes and he slowly and painfully pulled himself into a sitting position. Sakura ran forward to his side but her legs gave out from the exertion and she collapsed on to her knees in front of him. The hard stone floor bit into the flesh of her knees but she ignored the pain.

"How are we today, little Jinjuriki." Kisame teased.

She heard Kisame laugh and felt a spark of adrenaline hit her. It vanished, however, as soon as her eyes accidentally met the blood-red eyes of the Uchiha clan. She stared at Itachi and he stared back, only his deadly eyes visible over the high collar of his cloak.

Sakura's head dropped low to her chest but she hissed with venom in her voice, "What the hell did you do to him?"

"Just had my fun." Kisame grinned.

Sakura ground her teeth together. "Why? What do you want from us?"

"You serve many purposes to me." Itachi answered.

Itachi always spoke quietly. Sakura wondered if he ever raised his voice, even to a slight yell. Itachi's hand shot out of nowhere and his fingers snaked around her neck. He was applying enough pressure to hurt but not enough to knock her out. He brought Sakura close to him, until his lips brushed against her ear. "It will be your job to keep him alive, Kunoichi." he whispered.

Sakura's eyes widened and Itachi threw her backwards as he released his fingers from around her throat. He turned on his heels and as his shoulder met with Kisame's he calmly ordered, "Kisame, take her back to her cell. I will get the necessary items for tonight."

Kisame's sharp grin grew wider and he nodded, stepping towards Sakura. "It will be my pleasure."


Kisame kicked the door, which swung open, letting bright light flood into the cell again. Sakura struggled against Kisame's disgusting grip weakly. He stepped inside, dragging her with him and threw her down on the cold hard floor. Sakura hit the ground like a bag of rocks and gasped with pain as the cold rock slapped her body roughly. Kisame gave a satisfied grunt before turning around sharply and slamming the door closed, the loud bang making Sakura's teeth rattle around in her head.

She heard the click of the key being turned in the lock and groaned. Sakura rolled on to her side, hating to be back on the unmerciful floor of her prison cell, sitting in the black nothingness. Sakura wished with all her heart that her and Naruto had just taken the rest Tsunade had offered. The two had been restless and while Tsunade had tried to be sensitive about their situation she couldn't keep two ready and willing ninja in the village any longer.

Finally Tsunade had given up. She gave them a scouting mission. It gave them a chance to get out of the village and use up all the pent-up anger and energy they had been holding back since Sasuke…..

Sakura closed her eyes and succumbed to blissful unconsciousness.


"Sakura! Look!" Naruto popped out of a bush, holding a small white rabbit.

Sakura smiled and stroked the rabbits stomach a bit before falling on her back in the soft grass, "I'm so tired."

Naruto released the rabbit, trying to get it to go back to its home. "Take a nap. Grandma gave us the whole day to do this mission. We already scouted the entire area we were assigned. I'll catch some fish while you rest."

Sakura stared up at the rolling clouds in a blue sky. "Naruto."

"Hm?" He was still trying to shoo away the rabbit.

"How do you like Sai."

Naruto's shot a look at Sakura and his face contorted with disgust. Sakura couldn't help but laugh. The rabbit realized Naruto wasn't looking and hopped right into his lap.

"Do you think we'll ever forget him?"

Naruto's voice lowered, he knew Sakura wasn't talking about Sai any longer. "No."

Sakura sighed and sat up, "Thought so."

Naruto pet the rabbit, who had felt ignored and had began rubbing his head against Naruto's stomach, and watched her carefully.

"Will we ever find him?" She finally asked.

Naruto looked down at the rabbit and when he raised his head again he had a bright cheerful smile, "Of course, Sakura!"

Sakura closed her eyes, hugging her knees to her chest. Well find him in the afterlife, she thought, not feeling in an optimistic mood.

Sakura stretched until she heard a crack come from her back and shoulders. She stood up. "Come on. Forget the fish. We can just head back now. I'll treat you to some ramen."

Naruto stood with her and gently grabbed her upper arm. "We will find him Sakura."

Sakura smiled weakly and then felt the hairs on the back of her neck stand on end. She heard nothing, however, the feeling remained with her. The rabbit felt it as well and took off running. Naruto and Sakura searched out the object producing this dreadful feeling like dumb blondes in horror films. They leapt from branch to branch as quietly as possible, the feeling getting stronger and stronger. Sakura stopped, feeling but not seeing the person behind her. An arm reached around her throat, a kunai clutched in its grasp.

Naruto stopped, eyes wide. "Sakura!"

He jumped high into the air as a large blue-tinted man, wearing the Akatsuki robe, lunged at him. Sakura took a deep breath. The man behind her said calmly, "Don't move Kunoichi."

Sakura closed her eyes, taking another deep breath, turned, and slammed her chakra consumed hand into her attackers chest. Instead of her fist meeting the chest cavity of her attacker, her eyes locked with the most dangerous weapon the Uchiha possessed and the whole world fell into inky blackness.

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