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Normally, in the span of one week Dean and Cas would see each other five times, at least. The excuses for this when asked were always that they live close to each other, their other friends are too busy having dumbass double dates to hang out with either Dean or Cas. It was for lack of other company, they'd say. But the truth was that deep down they preferred each other to anyone they knew. They knew each other the longest (besides Sam and Dean obviously) and fit together the best. It just made sense to choose each other over being the third wheel to other people. But since the two parties and the mistletoe incident four days ago they haven't seen each other at all. In fact the first communication they have after those four days is one text message on Boxing Day from Dean to Cas telling him to come over so that he can give Cas his Christmas present. Cas shows up ten minutes later holding a gift of his own.

Cas ends up cooking dinner for the both of them and somewhere in between the wrapping paper forgotten on the floor and the fettuccini alfredo they forget about the Christmas parties and the kiss and everything and fall easily back into their old routine of bickering over what to watch on TV or how to cook something properly. (Dean usually wins the former, and Cas the latter.)

It's at least one in the morning when they finally finish watching one of the Lord of the Rings movies, which was a poor choice as Dean only has a small love seat sized couch, and has to, out of common courtesy, insist that Cas sit in he chair, choosing to situate himself on the floor leaning his back against it, eventually settling into the space between Cas's legs. His own, normal sized couch had been broken the week before in a very ill advised wrestling match with Sam. Needless to say by the end of the movie Dean's neck hurt pretty badly.

Cas gets up from his seat as the credits roll and glances out of the window, letting out a "Shit." When he sees what must be at least seven inches of snow piled on everything in sight. Dean races over to him with a concerned,

"What is it?"

"I don't think I can drive home." Cas sighs.

"You can crash here, the snow plow guys will have it taken care of in the morning." Dean offers. It's not the first time Cas crashed at Deans but there's something new about it, after everything that's happened in the past week and a half. So Cas hesitates before accepting, but soon enough he's telling Dean he doesn't need to borrow any sweat pants as he usually sleeps in his boxers and a tee shirt anyway. Dean knows this, so he nods and his thoughts of "This is totally all right, completely platonic" come to a halt when he remembers the lack of couch. He adds, with as much nonchalance as he can manage, "You'll have to bunk with me though, seeing as my gigantic brother broke my couch."

"That's fine, and if I remember correctly, your brother had some help in the destruction of your couch." Cas laughs. And Dean huffs good-naturedly. Neither of them says anything else until they've striped down to pajamas (tee shirts and boxers for the both of them) and in Dean's bed. The silence is deafening, and the foot of space between them is tangible.

"Hey, listen. I'm sorry about the other day, after the party at Balth's. It shouldn't have bothered me. I just didn't expect it."

"It's fine Dean." Cas replies quietly.

"No, it's not, I'd be honored to be your boyfriend, not to mention lucky. So from now on, when we're pretending, we're gonna have fun with it okay, just piss people of with how in love we are and not be alone for once, the whole point of this was that I'd have someone so I didn't feel so alone, not to become even more alone by pissing my best friend off, so… Sorry." There's a pause before Cas turns on his side to face Dean.

"Thank you Dean, and you're right, there's no point getting uncomfortable about it. Let's just have fun with it and be glad that no one will be asking about our love life."

"Exactly." Dean yawns, "Come here you." And rolls over to give Cas a weird sideways one armed hug and Cas laughs into it.

"Goodnight, Dean." He says as Dean pulls away slightly. Cas rolls to face the other way but Dean's arm is still strewn across him. He doesn't say anything, thinking Dean will move it when he realizes but with in two minutes Cas hears Dean's breath even out into light snores. Dean's arm is still around Cas's waist by the time Cas drifts comfortably to sleep. And if it shocked either of them that they woke up as a tangle of limbs tightly intertwined, well, neither of them mentions it.

The New Years party is both better and worse than the other two parties they attend as a couple. On one hand, neither Dean nor Cas know anyone there, so no one gives a rat's ass if they're together or not. On the other hand, Sam and Jess are there, who Dean knows will all act scandalized that they didn't know sooner.

Regardless, Dean and Cas, feeling much better after a few days of normal socialization with each other, stroll into the party holding hands and find Sam and Jess almost immediately.

"Am I tripping? Was Gabriel telling the truth?" Jess exclaims and taps Sam to get his attention and points at the two hands that connect the two men.

"Holy shit, I can't believe he was telling the truth. Dean! Cas!" He calls them across the large entryway and pulls them both into a hug. "I didn't believe Gabe when he told me but I know Dean isn't some kind of hand-holding whore. You two are really together?"

There is no awkwardness, no uncomfortable feelings now, Dean unlinks their hands and throws his arm around Cas's shoulder.

"You heard right Sammy." He says grinning.

"Dude why didn't you tell me?!" Sam almost yells attracting the attention of Jo and Ash who make their way over.

"What do you want, the dirty details? There's not much I can say," Dean shrugs.

"Congrats guys" Ash offers at the same time Jo mutters,

"It's about time." Cas and Dean just laugh at it now, and nod slightly.

After that nothing is too out of the ordinary, they hang out with everyone as usual, just with more touching, nothing over the top or obscene, just light touches, simple reminders that the other is there. While they sit on the couch and listen to Jo talk about college and the thesis she's writing Cas has his arm around the back of the couch behind Dean, occasionally stroking his arm lightly, and Dean smiles a miniscule smile at this but it's just big enough that Cas can see the corner of his mouth lift so he does it some more but eventually Jo gets dragged off by her boyfriend, who looks suspiciously like a younger more innocent version of Dean with dark brown hair and a sappy smile. With no one to talk to Dean and Cas turn their attention to the television that's forgotten in the corner by everyone else, it's playing footage of Time Square where, what must be thousands of excited looking people stand in the cold awaiting the New Year. Cas moves his hand to Dean's head, nonchalantly carding his fingers through Dean's hair; Dean leans into it, humming. Likes his hair being ruffled Cas thinks, I'll have to save that for later. But then, it feels as though there's a black hole in his gut, and an overwhelming sense of suffocation as he realizes that he won't, because there won't be a later. Tonight is it. Fuck. He gets up too quickly, almost violently, needed to get away from that, from those thoughts, so with a "Be right back." He rushes out of the room.

Dean gets up confusedly to go after him with a "What's wrong?" (Although in the back of his mind he thinks he can guess) but Sam stops him a few steps into the hallway,

"He said he had to go to the bathroom. So you two, huh? Can't say I'm surprised." Sam smiles.

"Sammy-" Dean says, about to push him aside and find Cas but Sam cuts him off.

"Wait a second Dean, listen. I know you've probably been a little turned off by the attention, I know you okay? But, you need to not mess this up, okay? You're the happiest when you're with him. And even when you can't see him he just looks at you like you're the most perfect thing on this planet, and I don't want to lose him as a friend, so just, don't fuck it up." By the time Sam gets to the end of his overly saccharine monologue Dean is about 100% done listening to him so he replies with a short

"That's great Samantha, I'll try. Can I go find him now or do you want to cry a little? Maybe sing a song?" Sam just rolls his eyes at this and says, "I think he went upstairs to use the bathroom, but be back soon it's almost midnight!" he has to shout the last part because Dean is halfway up the stairs by the time Sam is done talking.

Before Dean can knock on the door he leans in to the door and hears Cas mutter a few "fuck"s and "goddamnit"s and "Why the hell did I suggest this." It isn't hard to piece together why he's so upset.

Dean knocks on the bathroom door.

"Can't a guy piss in peace?" Is the annoyed sounding answer. Dean knocks again, this time calling his name and telling him who it is, "Hang on Dean I'll be right out." is his reply, but he doesn't sound annoyed this time, more tired, maybe sad.

"Cas, for Christ's sake open the door." Dean says, knowing very well Cas isn't pissing. He goes to knock again after a moment but the door opens with a rush of air. Cas steps out, looking pretty normal, or at least the untrained eye would say he looks normal, but Dean can see the almost red eyes that mean Cas is frustrated to the nth degree and the ruffled hair that indicates he's been running his hands through it.

"Did you need to use the bathroom? You should hurry, it's almost midnight." Cas says simply before walking downstairs as quickly as he can without running. Dean leans against the wall and takes a few deep breaths because he's not just going to run down there, he has no idea what he's going to say, firstly. And secondly he really doesn't want to have the conversation he thinks he's about to attempt in front of a bunch of people which might include Sam. He's overwhelmed and unsure, and there's a million and one thoughts running through his head. But they all vanish at the sound of "ONE MINUTE LEFT!" being yelled throughout the house. All he knows is that he needs to find Cas, and kiss him and tell him that he doesn't want to be a free man and that he was brilliant to suggest it and that he loves him and that he was an idiot. So he runs down the stairs and pushes his way through the crowd until he finds Cas takes his face in both of his hands fingers sliding into his hair. Everyone begins to count down from ten.

Nine, eight, seven, six, five, four, three, two, one. Dean lunges forward, kissing Cas like he's never been kissed before and there are these fucking criminal noises being made and Dean would be really embarrassed if it weren't for a room full of loud people either doing the same exact thing or cheering loudly and drinking to the New Year. They pull apart eventually and Dean realizes he definitely plans to get more familiarized with the sight of Cas's mouth red from kissing and pupils dilated with lust.

But Cas just pulls back, and blinks a few times. He still thinks I'm acting; Dean realizes as Cas mumbles something about how they're both free men again and turns to walk away. Dean is about to stop him, about to grab him and kiss him again, about to call him an idiot and slap him for being so blind.

But of fucking course Sam Cockblock Winchester jumps in front of him right then to give him far too tight a hug. After that it's Jess and Jo and Ash and by the time he's excused himself as politely as he can he makes it into the hall way. But Cas isn't there, he asks some one if they'd seen him and they say they think he went outside. Dumb bastard Dean thinks, ungraciously, but it's only due to the fact that he's worried Cas will catch cold or some dumb shit he really can't worry about right now.

Cas is in fact sitting on the edge of the porch, his feet on the first step, his elbows on his knees and his head in his hands.

"So I was thinking…" Cas jumps up, surprised by Dean who he hadn't heard open and close the door.

"Jesus Dean, don't do that." He says, stepping on to the porch, and beginning to make his way inside, clearly trying to avoid Dean but Dean stops him with a hand to his chest.

"Don't you want to know what I was thinking?" Dean asks feigning sadness. Cas peers at him through eyes squinting dubiously, brows drawn together tightly.

"What?" Cas says, not at all invitingly. Dean just smirks and man handles Cas against the side of the house leaning into his personal space.

"I was thinking that Valentine's Day is only a month and a half away, and that sucks even more to be alone on." Cas is looking at him like it's a joke, waiting for a punch line for a 'haha just kidding platonic best friend' but it doesn't come instead Dean's cocky sure of himself face falters as though he thinks Cas might decline. As if there's anything Dean would ask that Cas would decline. So Cas just leans forward and kisses him and that's all the answer Dean needs.

They pull apart and Dean just looks at Cas, square in the eye and whispers,

"I think I'm kind of in love with you." With a nervous grin and a huff of laughter as though he can't believe he said it. Cas just lights up and spins them around pushing Dean against the wall and kissing him with twice as much passion as before. But it gets sloppy because they're both grinning too much to kiss properly so they end up laughing, foreheads pressed together.

"Let's go back in, I'm freezing." Dean says, but Cas is looking at him with dark eyes,

"Let's go home." He replies and Dean thinks it's the second best idea Cas has ever had.

The End.

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