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"Ororo?" Jean's voice came through the nursery door, a light tapping followed as she opened the door, "Hey" she whispered, "We're back"

Ororo smiled, shutting the book she was writing in, "How was it?"

"Oh, the show was amazing!", she spoke loudly, quickly she quieted her voice, "Come on", she gestured for Ororo to come out of the room, "I'll tell you about it downstairs."

"Alright", Ororo got to her feet, "Let me just put this upstairs, and I'll be down soon." She checked on the baby, seeing that everything was fine she headed out of the room, closing the door behind her.

"I'm going to go downstairs, and put some coffee on, you want some? Or do you want tea?"

"Oh, either will be fine."

The two women headed in the separate ways.  When Ororo headed downstairs, she found not only Scott and Jean, but Logan too.  "Hey, what are you doing up?" she asked him, sitting down.

He shrugged, "Nothin' better to do. Plus, Cyke here came up and woke me." He glared at Jean and Scott, "Now what's the deal?"

Ororo rolled her eyes, "So, how was your evening?"

"It was fine.  But we ran into someone" Scott took a breath before he said the next part, "Mystique.  I know we haven't heard from her or from any member of the brotherhood in 9-8 years, after-"

"It has been ten years." Ororo whispered, her blue eyes glazed and focused on the table. "Ten years this week." Her hands were shaking slightly.  She dropped them to her lap. She looked up at the others her eyes now clear.

Jean looked to Scott and Logan, both shrugged, "Ororo are you okay?" she leaned over, placing her hand on Ororo's shoulder. "Ororo?"

 "Yes, I…It is late…I am just tired." She reached up and patted Jean's hand.

Scott, cleared his throat, and continued his story. "Well, we saw her, at first we didn't know it was her.  But as she walked by, her eyes changed. We gave chase, but we lost her in the crowd."

"She meant for us to see her.  I think she and the brotherhood are planning something." She shook her head, "But what it is….we don't know"

Logan shook his head, "But why?  Magneto died in prison about a year ago."

"No he didn't." a voice came from the other room, and Charles Xavier came into the room.

"What do you mean Professor?" Jean asked, her hands wrapping around her husband's.

"I thought about this, the time after he died. I think he faked his death, and he and the members of the brotherhood, have been working on something." He sighed,

Ororo nodded, "Why do you think that?"

"Because after Erik "died" I had a feeling that may have happened. And went and checked to see if he was dead. Through Cerebro I found that he was alive."

Scott looked and Jean, and through their contact, he said ~~Why wouldn't he tell us?~~

Jean shook her head slightly ~~I don't know~~ she then turned to the professor. "What should we do? I mean, do you have any idea what their plans are?"

Xavier shook his head, "All I know is that Mystique obviously let you see her.  Which means whatever they are planning they are planning to do it soon."

"Vic here.  What do you want?"

"Hello, Victor.  I'm sure you know who I am, no need for names.  But we did something together, ten years ago."


"Honey? You there?"

"…What the fuck do you want?"

"I have a proposition for you-"

"I don't do stuff like that anymore."

"Oh, really?  That's a shame.  And He was going to pay you twice what he did last time."

"…I'm not interested Raven."

"Oh, but I bet Ororo would be.  If she found out you were not dead."

Victor almost dropped the phone, "How the fuck do you know about that?"

"Oh, do calm down Victor.  I would think you would know that I screen all of those Erik hires.  I know everything about you.  I even know the brand of toothpaste you use."

"Raven, you will not tell Ororo anything, do you understand?"

"Oh I won't, all you have to do is hear me out.  And help me with finding someone"

"…Where should I meet you?"

"Where we met last time. Ten minutes *click*"

Victor stared at the phone, and with a roar hurled it across the room. Shaking his head, he went to get ready to meet Mystique.

When he arrived he found Her, She was sitting at a corner table in her "Raven" form.  He noticed as he walked towards the table, she un-crossed and crossed her legs.  Allowing the black mini skirt she was wearing to ride up further. "Mystique." He stated as he took a seat. Pretending not to notice the way her breasts pushed against the small blue tee she wore.

"Oh, Hello Victor." She smiled, trying to be comforting.  But the sight of her grin made Victor's blood boil. "I guess you are wondering why I called you here." He eyes drifted to his chest, "I see you've still been working out-" she reached up to touch him, but he smacked her hand away.

"Hurry the fuck up Raven, I don't need any shit from you alright?"

Mystique narrowed her eyes, she leaned forward slightly allowing an even better view of her ample cleavage, "Oh, Vic baby, still upset about what -"

"Oh Please spare me the bull Mystique.  We all know what happened.  Now, can I know who this Mutant is?  I'll find him, and I get to go back to my life."

Rolling her eyes, she muttered, "Some life." Knowing full well he would hear it. "Alright. Here" she leaned over and grabbed a medium sized bag off of the floor.  She reached into it and pulled out a few sheets of paper. "…Is his picture, his name is Remy Lebeau.   And here is his history.  I'd be willing to go back to you apartment with you…and go over his file." He hand went to Victor's,  who recoiled from her. "Alright" she stood up, and leaned over the table, "Remember Victor, all I have to do is make one phone call, and your little friend, will know everything."

Victor smiled, and stood also and wrapped his arm around her, "You do that" he whispered into her ear, "And believe me" he released part of one of his claws, pushing it against her neck, "You will regret it." he pushed her away, and left the restaurant, not caring about the other patrons in the café.

He looked down at the file folder and just about shit himself. The picture was blurry and it was a little dark, but the

 man's black and red eyes burned into Victor's mind. "Shit." It had to be him, Victor, in all of the years he had been alive, had never saw another pair of eyes on anything like Ororo's friend…who he had met when he had found his own personal goddess. "Remy Lebeau, SHIT!" he yelled, scaring a woman next to him.   He ignored her and headed home, he needed something to drink.

None of this makes sense to me" Logan said, while he paced Ororo's room. "I mean, why wouldn't Chuck tell us something?" he collapsed in a chair. "It makes no fucking sense."

Ororo and Jean nodded in unison.  Jean looked up at Scott, "Did he even mention the possibility to you?"

Scott shook his head, "Which makes me wonder.  He tells me everything. "

Ororo smiled, "Well, let's discuss this in the morning" she patted Scott on the back, and got up from her spot on the couch. "We have classes tomorrow, and it will not do the students any good to see their teachers tired."

Scott got up from his seat, "Yes, you are right" he reached out for Jean, "Come on, let's go."

Logan nodded, and got up and left the room with out a word.

"Good night" Ororo said, smiling as they all left.  As soon as Jean and Scott closed her bedroom door, Ororo fell back into her bed.  She couldn't help but wonder about Victor again.  It was something she had been doing for ten years; one would think she'd have grown tired of the subject. "Victor" she whispered to the empty room.  "How I miss you."

"How the hell am I supposed to get past this?", Victor growled to his reflection. "If I go get that fucking Cajun guy, Ororo will know.  If I don't, Ororo will know." He reached into the sink, splashing his face with water.   "Oh God Ororo." Victor dug his nails into his palms, trying to clear his mind of any guilt he felt. "Why didn't I go with you?  We could have been living it up someplace away from all this bull shit!" He stared at himself in the mirror, the anger and frustration of not being with her welled up in his chest.