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Moments before the destruction of Captain Basheera's ship

"I understand captain your sacrifice will not be forgotten"

"Thank you Lord Cousland, just make sure it is not made in vain" Basheera replied before closing the channel. He turned to look at the smoking, sparking mess that was his bridge. Despite obviously superior technology and tactics the overwhelming numbers of the enemy had carried the day for them. He could only hope he gave the colony enough time to prepare its defenses and hold out till response fleet to arrive and wipe these bastards out. Turning to his command console he completed the last steps need to overload the reactor and ensure he took out as many of them as possible.

Batarian Command vessel after the battle

Anto had finally calmed down. The enemy fleet was destroyed and ground forces were underway. Soon this race would learn their place at the hands of the Hegemony. And once all their technology was taken then maybe revenge could finally be had on the Citadel for their treatment of the Batarian race. He had already sent word to the Hegemony of what he had found and requesting more ships incase these fools tried to counter-attack. Anto smiled certain that he had earned himself a position among the legends of the Hegemony.

Minrathous, Thedas

In the heart of the Tevinter Imperium is Thedas, birthplace of the imperium and home planet of the founding race, humans. And on the planet is the great city of Minrathous, home of nearly a hundred million people and location of the Circle Tower, center of the government. A massive structure of black, gold, and platinum metal it is a stark reminder of Imperial power. It dominated the city's skyline and was visible for miles away. On the many banners hanging from it was the flag of the Imperium, a golden sunburst upon a dark orange background. And on this day an amazing and almost unprecedented thing was happening inside, a unanimous decision was being reached.

"Then it is agreed, these invaders will know the folly of attacking the Imperium. The Third and Fourth fleet will go and retake Highever while the First, Second, and Fifth Fleets will go through the relay and secure the system there to lay the groundwork of our vengeance. If there is nothing else then this session of the Circle is adjourned."

Irving sighed as he finished the session 'Why is it that only in war can we set aside our grievances and work together so easily' he thought to himself.

He had seen much in his years as Speaker for the Circle, perhaps it was time to retire he considered as he made his way to his quarters.

"Ho there Irving" came a shout from behind.

"Ah Greagoir, good to see you as always. Care to join me for a drink; I was just heading to my rooms now" Irving replied as he turned to his old friend.

Knight-Commander Greagoir of the Templars, the Archon's personal guard, was an imposing in Commander Class Juggernaut power armor, which helped stand at a little more than 6'5 feet. Irving was glad that he wasn't wearing the helmet at the moment; the glowing red visor always spooked him along with the distorted voice.

"I'm afraid not my friend" Greagoir replied, sounding as tired as Irving felt "The Archon has called for meeting of the higher ups; he has something important to announce."

Irving had to suppress another, of course the day wasn't over "Very well then, lead the way"

Several minutes Irving was taking his seat in meeting room. It seemed he had arrived somewhat early so he took this as a chance to see who else had arrived Other than himself and Greagoir several other important members of the court had arrived. There was Julianous the Fifth, current Divine of the Chantry, a nice enough fellow if a little preachy but such a thing was to be expected of a man of his position. Though not as powerful as it was in the past the Chantry still commanded a lot of respect from the many believers across the Imperium be they human or otherwise.

The next he saw was Orsino, the Magister for the Elvhaven system, original home of the Elves. The position commanded much respect and prestige as the system was one of most populous and it was also a major cultural center. This gave Orsino a lot of political power in addition to his own considerable magical strength, which was why he was present for such meetings. He was a pleasant and agreeable elf but underneath his smiles and manners was steel that allowed him to survive the cutthroat arena that was Tevinter politics and come out on top.

The last person of note he saw was Saran Al'Arishok. He was the current High Admiral of the Imperium Grand Navy. An absolutely massive being, standing at 7 feet unassisted, with some of largest horns Irving had ever seen on a Qunari. Often called the greatest military mind in generations, Saran was a stoic man that preferred a Spartan lifestyle as opposed to the lavish one he could have had. He was considered a bit of a celebrity due to him being the first non-human to reach his position. Very little could anger the man but once roused his temper was apparently something to behold. The Sons of Koslun, a now defunct Qunari religious extremist group, found this out the hard way attempted to crash a mining asteroid into a human-qunari dominated colony that housed his family. He crushed them so thoroughly that no members of the group are suspected to have survived.

As Irving finished his little inspection the main door slid open and two fully armed and armored Templars marched in and surveyed the room before taking positions on either side of the door. After that Archon Tiberius finally entered the room and took his seat followed by someone who shocked Irving greatly, hinting at what this meeting could be about.

"I have called you all here to inform you of a matter of grave importance" Tiberius began "As you all know this great Imperium has been the victim of an unprovoked assault. What is not known is this: Four hours ago, before all communications were lost; Imperial Intelligence received one last report from their operative on Highever. The report detailed how citizens of this of Imperium were being fitted with neural-inhibiters and then corralled like animals!" the Archon seethed out, a look of unparalleled rage on his face.

Almost immediately the room burst into noise as each person there tried to make their outrage known. It seemed like everything was about to devolve into chaos when a powerful voice roared out "QUIET!"

All attention turned to the High Admiral as he kept his gaze at the Archon. "Let us hear what our lord has to say about what is being done about this" Al'Arishok's deep voice rumbled out.

"Thank you High Admiral. To finish what I was saying it seems that this new race is a race of slavers" the word practically spat out as if the Archon couldn't find a way to convey his disgust (which he couldn't). "As such I have decided to deploy the Grey Wardens, to insure that this filth may never threaten the safety and wellbeing of the Tevinter Imperium again"

This proclamation left the council floored. The Grey Wardens were the best of the best, the highest anyone who served could aspire to. They drew from the most skilled of all groups, even having their own fleet. Although it wasn't the largest it had both the best men and technology. They were the end solution for problems no one could or would deal with. For the Archon to unleash them meant he wanted these aliens destroyed utterly. If they even survived this war then they would never be able to threaten the Imperium again.

Irving turned to look at the man standing behind the Archon. He was a taller man with darker skin and salt and pepper hair with a close cut beard and mustache and his hair pulled back into a short pony tail. This was the First Warden Duncan Arroyo, leader of a Grey Wardens.

Irving knew at that moment that this war might as well be over now.

Codex Entries:

The Templars: In the year 526 IS after a nearly successful attempt on his life, Archon Caius II decided an elite guard was needed that was completely devoted to the defense of the Archon. Looking back at the success of a small group of soldiers during the Great Rebellion that specialized in fighting mages, it was determined to model his guard after them. Taking both their name( the Templars) and their symbol( a flaming sword)he created one of the most effective fighting forces ever seen in the Imperium. Today only the best of the best are offered the chance to join the Templars, the only group that compares are the legendary Grey Wardens. After extensive screening to ensure the utmost loyalty to the Archon and a grueling training process they are given the very best equipment the Imperium has to offer and are named Templars, ready to die for their leader.

The Circle: Despite the Andraste Reformations the Tevinter Imperium is still largely a magocracy, or a government ruled by mages. At the top of the hierarchy is the Archon, most powerful mage in the Imperium capable of incredible feats of magic and wields almost absolute power. Under him is the Circle. The upper Circle is made up of powerful magisters that govern over a star system or a group of planets or even an extremely important planet like a homeworld. The lower Circle is comprised of elected officials, one from each world with a population of 500,000. They are the voice of their respective planets and tend to be in charge of making minor policies and day to day matters not important enough to attract the attention of the Archon or more powerful magisters.

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