'The scar had not pained him for 19 years. All was well. And that's the end,' Harry said closing the book. 'It's nice to know we'll have a good future.'

'There was nothing else with the books?' said Ron.

'No,' answered Hermione. 'They were just sitting there on the bookshelf. I've never even heard of this... J. K. Rowling person.'

'Really?' A person that Hermione hadn't heard of- that was rare. Ever since the end of the war, Hermione had returned to her education with even more dedication than before. Her search for obscure, helpful reading material often took her to unknown shops like the one she had found the 'Harry Potter' books in.

'Y'know, it makes you think. Anyone reading this would just think we're fictional characters, right? I mean, it's clearly a story book.' Said Ron slowly. Harry and Hermione exchanged glances. They hadn't thought about it like that before.


'So how do we know that we're not... fictional.'

'I... I don't understand,' said Hermione. It almost looked painful for her to admit it.

'It said at the front that this book had been translated into about 60 different languages, right?'

'66. That means it's in high demand and with a widespread readership. It can't be possible, can it?'

'Would anyone mind explaining to me what the hell you're talking about?' asked Harry. Hermione he was used to figuring things out and talking to herself, but Ron wasn't usually as cryptic.

'Basically mate, did this J.K. write about us, or did she write us?'

'I... You're making my brain hurt. But how are we reading a book that we're in, then?'

'Hermione, you love books, you explain.'

'Well, how do we know that someone isn't writing now? Scribbling on a piece of paper or tapping it out and we're like puppets in their hands.'

Harry stared at them. 'That's ridiculous.'

'People believe in Fate and God and stuff, right? Why not a supreme author?'

'Although there are other possibilities,' Hermione added, 'there's a scientific theory that there are infinite parallel universes. If you can imagine something, a parallel universe exists with that event in it. So if someone thinks of a boy going to a magic school, that world exists. Our world. And this person writes it down, thinking that it's just in their heads, but why does that mean it can't be real? Someone wonders what would happen if we read these books that are so popular in their world, and so this possibility exists. That's all that reality is, possibilities.'

'How do you know that it isn't the other way round?' Thought Harry aloud, catching onto the idea. 'We know there are other dimensions, I had a chat with Dumbledore in one of them. If these infinite universes are parallel, they're all closely packed. They say the mind can go to wonderful places, but what if that's literal? If you have an open, imaginative mind, you could brush against one of these universes.'

'Or maybe it's just magic that we can read these books.' Said Ron. Harry and Hermione shrugged.

'Magic.' They decided.