Words cannot describe how wonderful it feels to write Megstiel after such a long time. It's good to be back.

But this chapter, or hour, is just pure, short fluff. I promise the next one will definitely be much more sex fueled. Until then, enjoy.

"In the car, I just can't wait,
To pick you up on our very first date."

~Blink-182 - First Date

"This is the dumbest idea you've come up with, Clarence."

"Human couples do it all the time."

"No. No, they do not. Human couples promise their lives to each other, then leave days later. They do not surround themselves with screaming, little vipers and call it fun."

A little girl ran past the angel and demon, squealing at the young man chasing her, with what seemed to be a very distraught worm in between his pinching fingers. Parents sat on benches, idly making small talk with each other, while keeping a watchful eye on their young in the late afternoon heat. There was a repetitive tune in the air from a vehicle parked on the edge of the street. There were more children settling around the white truck, with the distribution of ice cream and other treats of the sort. And in the middle of that, Castiel stood, obviously out of place in his long trench coat in the warm air. Next to him was Meg, the only one wearing black in the summer's early night, glaring at each moving human. She was not pleased.

"I thought it would-"

"You've been watching TV again, haven't you?"

Castiel looked down. "There's not much else to do when Dean and Sam are away." Even with a cross look on her face, she looked extremely lovely in the dimming sunlight. Her hair was always black when he saw her, but before in the morning, he saw there were faint remnants of a deep reddish color, scattered in streaks across her head. Her vessel's eyes were brown, but the sun would bring out golden specks in the orbs. In night, she was a completely different person. Her hair was dark, her eyes just endless nighttime skies. In all her anger, she was still a fascinating thing, and Castiel could all but pounce on the opportunity to spend time with her.

Although, bringing up the idea was not easy.

Maybe he had gotten the idea from the television, but as always, Castiel's intentions had been for the better, not worse. He found the idea of romancing Meg very tempting. To take her places, to make her laugh and moan, to have them spend time together in the outside world: these fantasies infiltrated his mind every time he was left alone with the television remote in his hand. After what he assumed to be the 70th rerun of One Tree Hill that he had watched, Castiel had decided that if they could engage in sexual behavior, that they could attempt to have a normal relationship as well.

She didn't think he was serious at first. "You want us to date. Demons don't date, Clarence. They fuck and they leave."

"And yet," Castiel said as he touched her cheek with the back of his hand. "You've never left my bedside."

"That's because it's my bed," Meg retorted, but something in her voice had sparked interest and Castiel only pushed more and more until she threw her angel blade down and gave in. "Fine! Take me on your goddamn date! But when it's 7PM, you're absolutely, entirely mine, and you'll have to do what I say."

Castiel smiled at her.

"What are we going to do anyways?"

And so, they had ended here; on the grass, at the park, watching the world spin on without taking interest in a soldier of God and the spawn of Hell standing side by side. Meg seemed uncharacteristically frigid next to him, as if her slightest movement in the sunlight would ignite her in flames. Castiel smothered the urge to laugh at her discomfort, knowing that even the faintest laughter towards her would end in disaster. Instead, he gestured towards a park bench, conveniently shaded by towering trees. They sat. He couldn't help but notice her eyes wandering back and forth to the ice cream truck parked yards away. At first, Castiel thought it'd be a rather stupid idea to offer her ice cream, considering demons do not need to survive on food, but when he saw her pink tongue trace her lips, he was sold.

He got up so quickly that she was startled. "Where are you goin', Clarence?"

"I'll be a moment. Stay here." He squinted in the direction of the truck. It wasn't so far away, and with the amount of people here, maybe zapping himself in the middle of screaming children wasn't a brilliant idea. With a quick stride, he began to walk towards the vehicle, cautiously, in attempts to not step on or bump into the kids.

But as he began to move, so did the truck, with its repeating and vastly annoying jingle, pulling away from the curb and onto the street.

"HEY WAIT!" About a dozen heads turned to Castiel's direction, but he didn't care much for the attention he had suddenly brought to himself. Now picking up pace, Castiel began to run towards the evading truck, desperate to get the ignorant driver's attention.

"STOP!" Too late; the truck had gone into traffic, but the Angel wouldn't have that. Pushing people aside, he took off after the truck, running as fast as he could. Stepping off of the grass and into the busy street, horns blared as Castiel dodged car after car, chasing after an ice cream truck.

A slew of curses and hand gestures were left behind him as he climbed on the hood of a Honda and jumped to top of a range rover. Another car skidded, lucky to have not grazed the moving celestial being as he ran. Of course, the accident would have caused more damage to the car, but the driver didn't quite know that.

As the truck driver slowed to a red light, Castiel huffed breathlessly, propped up against the metal side. He looked to the driver's side window. In the reflection of the mirror, he saw the driver's eyes go wide before disappearing altogether, and reappearing inside the truck, right behind the trembling human, who was in complete shock of what he had just seen.

The man was terrified.

"Please," he said meekly, holding his hands up. "Please don't hurt me, oh God."

Castiel squinted his eyes again at the man. "No, you've misunderstood." He reached into his coat pocket and took out a five-dollar bill. "I just wanted some ice cream."

"How did you- you were just-!" The man threw his hands up and promptly picked himself up from the drivers seat. "I fucking quit," he said calmly. "I'm sick of all the kids and you parents are bat shit crazy." He killed the engine of the truck and took the keys out. He laughed in such a crazed manner that even Castiel, Angel of the Lord took a step back, giving the man, who clearly seemed unstable due to the years of laborious ice cream vending, some space. "I am so done."

Without another word, the man gently placed the keys on the dashboard and stepped out of the vehicle, walking away, muttering to himself about a woman named Selma and her cat, Mr. Wrinkles.

And so stood our Angel, thoroughly confused, in the middle of melting ice cream. Unfortunately, Dean nor Sam had taken the time to teach the wayward Angel the ways of vehicle usage. With no other choice left, Castiel put his hand on the interior wall of the truck, closed his eyes, and transported himself back to the park.

In seconds, children were teeming at the small window again, fistfuls of coins and money in their little hands, eager to get the sweet relief of ice cream on the warm, late afternoon. Unsure of the current bartering system, Castiel simply dunked cones into the melting concoctions of ice cream and gave them away, free of charge. When the last child was satisfied with his three scoops of rocky road, Castiel took a cone for his favorite demon, slathered on the remaining vanilla ice cream, and walked to the bench, where she sat, idly looking in the other direction.

When he graced her with his presence, he became hyperaware that he was sweating, that there was dirty stuck on his trench coat, and that his hands were sticky sweet with melted ice cream. Meg Masters took one look at her messy Angel and laughed out loud.

"I…" He gave her a sour look when her laughter didn't stop. He cleared his throat again in attempts to recapture her attention. "I have bought you ice cream."

"I can see that," Meg said, wiping away a tear from her eye. She stood, and while pulling her hair back, she took one slow, long lick from the ice cone Castiel held. He felt the muscles in his throat contract at how seductive she made a children's treat look. "But do you know what time it is, Clarence?"

Castiel looked around. "I… I don't seem to have a clock with me."

She put a hand inside his trench coat and felt for his phone. "Well," she said, acting as if he wasn't turned on by her touch. "The clock says 7:03PM." She grinned at him, a look that told him that not only did he completely belong to her for the rest of the night, but that she would never let him live this down. "Don't worry Clarence, I had loads of fun on our date. I liked watching you run around like a maniac." A droplet of ice cream ran down his wrist. The demon took the liberty to lift the Angel's hand to her mouth and suck the sweet drops from his skin. She bit down lightly, making Castiel groan at her torment.

She raised her eyebrows in a provocative fashion and began to walk away, heading towards home. Castiel looked around, trying to find a garbage can.

"No, no Clarence." She turned back on him. When his eyes met hers, she licked her lips again. "Bring the ice cream. We're going to have some fun now."

Needless to say, that is exactly what they did.

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