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'Baby girl, I'm fine, I promise...see, all in one piece.' Derek Morgan gave his best friend a soft, reassuring smile as she fussed around him. He held his arms out to his sides in his quest to prove to her that yes, it really was just a graze, and there was no lasting damage.

She didn't seem convinced and raised her eyebrow at him in an impressive imitation. Good God, they should bring her into the interrogation room, just that look alone was enough to make him want to spill all of his secrets to her...which would maybe be worrying if she didn't already know them..all but the most important one. 'Baby boy, you need to be more careful!'

Her hands moved in a frenzy, across his chest, up his arms, and finally, to his right shoulder, where the bullet had skimmed ever so slightly across the skin there. 'How many times do we have to have this conversation, handsome? How would I go on without your rock hard chocolatey goodness to gaze upon? But no, you just run around, without a care in the world, throwing yourself in front of crazed psychos with big ass guns-'

'Baby!' He took both of her hands into one of his big ones. 'I promise, I'm absolutely fine. And I do care momma, I just care more about JJ's life. I'm sorry I scared you, and I will be more careful. Couldn't have my princess getting upset, especially when I'm not around to offer her my special brand of comfort.' This time it was he who raised his eyebrow, in a decidedly wicked manner as his soft smile grew into a naughty smirk.

She blushed a rather fetching pink colour and pursed her full, ruby red lips into an inviting pout. 'Hot stuff, I'm trying to be serious. This is your life we're talking about, you could have been killed, and all you want to think about is being a complete perv.'

He chuckled and pulled her close to him, her soft, full, creamy breasts pushed up tightly to his chest as he tilted her head up and kissed first her forehead and then her cheek. He released her, turning to face the door. As if on impulse, he turned back on his heel to face her, his naughty, dirty smirk firmly back in place. 'If you don't want me to think about burning up the sheets with you, you shouldn't have worn such a short skirt. Now all I can think about are those sexy, beautiful legs of yours wrapped around my waist while I fuck us both into oblivion.' And with a lavicious wink, he disappeared in a cloud of super hotness, leaving her to fan her face and contemplate if she could really live with herself utilising the BAU bathroom to change her now, and always, just lately it seemed, soaking wet panties and giving herself a little bit of relief from the ever present ache deep inside. Holy cow, but nobody else had ever gotten to her like her super hunk of hot cocoa.

Especially the way he'd been teasing her the last few weeks. They'd always been hot and spicy, but this was on a whole other level, even for them. She had no idea what had changed, but their conversations were suddenly crammed with sexual tension, as opposed to friendly, flirty fun.

The past two weeks the whole team had been half way across the country, hunting a serial killer with a penchant for petite blonde women. From what she could gather, they'd all had the genius idea to use JJ as bait to catch the sicko, and just as he'd thought he had her cornered, her mocha God had burst in, guns blazing, to save the day, but the maniac had decided that if he was going down anyway, he wasn't going alone, and fired off one shot before Derek had taken him out with a bullet to the forehead. The man might have been deranged, but he was a damn good shot, and Morgan had thrown his body in front of the blonde bombshell to save her life.

She always missed her BAU babies when they were away, especially him, but Gods, these last two weeks, she'd been going crazy. Their late night phone conversations were rapidly turning into phone sex, making her wet and achy, her fingers shoved deep into her panties, one hand roughly squeezing her soft breasts as she imagined he would, if they ever made it into bed together. He seemed to revel in it, pushing their boundaries more and more every night, until she felt like she was climbing the walls with no way out. Awake or asleep, her mind was crammed full of the sexy, hot, oh so fucking good images he kept putting into it, and no matter what she was doing, she couldn't seem to shake them off.

Between the phone calls and her own warped mind, she imagined he would be the same in bed as he was out of it, all sexy, domineering, controlling, alpha male. And hot damn, with all the practise he'd had, she just knew he had to be -

'Hey plum sauce! You almost ready?' Kevin seemingly popping up from nowhere made her jump our of her chair and screech in terror. He frowned and tried to take her into his arms.

'Penny, are you ok? You look a little flushed.' She stepped away from him as the blush on her cheeks deepened, guilt clawing at her insides at the thoughts she was having. This was her boyfriend, and she knew if he was having thoughts like hers about another woman, she would be absolutely livid...his credit would be sent straight back to the stone age.

Even with the guilt, she couldn't quite force her mind to ignore what she knew would happen if she was alone tonight, and like an addict, she couldn't get enough. Derek seemed to know if Kevin was there, and if he was he wouldn't call.

'You know what Kevin, I'm really sorry but I think I'm coming down with something, I don't feel so hot. Maybe this last case just took it all out of me. You think we could give tonight a miss?'

His face softened in sympathy, ever since the start of this case she'd been in a funny mood, and he figured it was just getting to her. 'Maybe I could come over and keep you company? I could make you my mom's famous chicken soup?!'

Her mind recoiled, what part of "I am a vegetarian" had he not got in the last 4 years.

Panicking, she shook her head and sat down heavily. 'No, no, really, it's better if you stay away, if I'm coming down with something I don't want to pass it on to you do I?' She gave him a weak smile.

He shrugged his shoulders and backed out of the room. 'Ok plum sauce, there's a World of Warcraft tournament tonight that I was really hoping to enter, so I'll see you soon. Feel better, love you!'

She gave into the urge to roll her eyes as soon as he was out of her field of vision. And then almost slapped herself in the face. Good God! The man was her boyfriend for Microsoft's sake!

Whatever the hell she was doing with Mr Sexy Ass FBI Agent Morgan was completely, totally wrong on so many levels...and yet, she couldn't bring herself to stop it. He was her dreamboat, her baby boy, her hot stuff, and although the dreams she'd had about him in the past were nothing compared to the ones she was having now, they'd always been there, in the back of her mind. She loved him, so much that it really, truly scared her sometimes. Just the thought of him could bring a smile to her face and make her feel so giddy that her heart felt like it would burst through her chest. If it ever came down to it, there would never be any competition, Derek would win hands down. He would always be her first choice...problem was, she had no idea if he wanted to be chosen, or if, after 7 plus years of flirty fun, he'd merely grown bored and decided to take the game just a little further.

With a heavy sigh, she shut her other babies down and collected her overfilled – as usual – funky green and blue purse and made her way out of the building. Oh, these next few days would be heaven. After 2 weeks of hell, 4 days off would do the whole team the world of good. And hopefully, after these 4 days without constant reminders of her love muffin, she could return to work, and her real-life boyfriend with her head back on straight.

Contemplating this a few hours later, emerging from the bathroom in a puff of steam after a relaxing bubble bath, dressed in her cute new kitty pj's, she heard her cell ringing her special shake ya ass ringtone (reserved only for her toy-boy on account of his 'grove thang') she had the sudden realisation that this infatuation would not be so easily dismissed.

Clearing her throat, which was suddenly parched, she plastered her best friend smile on her face and decided to go with friendly, the same way she'd always greeted him.

'Hey hot stuff, you missin me already?'