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She swore her hot stuff was torturing her on purpose, strutting around their home shirtless, carrying one or both of their children, bending over in front of her to fix the hinge on the kitchen cabinet, waking her up in the middle of the night with his heavy erection poking into her backside. Not that she was sleeping much, she thought ruefully. She felt like she was crawling out of her skin, her body constantly hot and wet, her nerves tingling whenever he was within 20 feet of her. She found herself staring at him, willing him to relieve her, to do something to get rid of the ache deep inside.

It had been 6 long weeks since she'd given birth, six weeks in which she'd been tortured every which way. She'd had to feel his hot glances on her body, and when she'd turned to look back at him, she'd found him staring at her more obvious assets, his eyes darkened to molten lava, his tongue sticking out to run along his lower lip in appreciation. She'd had to listen to him, deep in the darkness of the night, fidgeting in his sleep and moaning her name, the sheet tenting around him in obvious arousal.

So maybe, with the twins, she was feeling a little neglected, so she hadn't told him she'd been cleared for take off. She was hoping that he was counting the days down until they could make love again, as she was, but apparently not, because 3 days after her follow up doctors appointment, one he'd known she had, still nada from her usually insatiable stud muffin.

She was starting to pout. She knew he loved her, knew he still wanted her, but she was frustrated, and didn't understand why he wasn't making a move. Since the babies, they'd done nothing but sweet little pecks here and there. He hadn't even kissed her properly, and oh how she missed his hot kisses, the ones that curled her toes and made her cling to him as they explored each others mouths.

So, instead of womaning up and confessing to him her desires, she did what any self respecting woman would, and set about torturing him right back.

Sunday night, the team had returned from their case just in time to have a few hours of rest before the week began again. If Derek was honest, he was looking forward to his girl being back at work the next morning. Since Pen was helping them out from home anyway, Hotch had decided that they could set the babies up in her office so she could work from there. As soon as the time came that they needed more than a feed and a cuddle every few hours, they'd move down to the crèche with the other FBI children.

God, he'd missed her, and not just her dazzling personality. He missed being with her, making love to her all night, sharing hot, passionate kisses made for loving. He knew damn well how long it'd been since the babies had been born, but no matter how much he wanted it, he had to wait for Penelope to tell him she was ready to get down to it, he couldn't jump on her like a caveman the minute the doc told them it was ok. Over the next week, he soon learnt she was ready.

His body was on fire for her, his dick was constantly hard and he had a hard time concentrating on anything that wasn't her.

They'd had a short case during the week, and she'd taken it upon herself to call him to say goodnight. Of course, the past few weeks, goodnight hadn't usually included heavy panting, comments loaded with sexual tension and him being certain she was coming all over her own fingers from the sound of his voice. She'd hung up quickly, and he'd had no choice but to ease his stiff cock from his pyjama pants and bring himself some relief. It was no where near as good as being with her, but it was enough. For now.

When he'd returned home, she'd been up to her eyeballs in dirty laundry, washing, folding and ironing two sets of everything, but had seemed calm, unusual for her. Usually she was ecstatic to see him, peppering his face with kisses and pulling him close. They usually spent at least an hour just cuddling on the couch, enjoying each others company after being apart.

That night, when he'd patted the space beside him and invited her to join him, she's insisted she was way too busy cooking dinner. The table had been laid perfectly for two, candles lit, much the same as it had been when he'd proposed. All the way through dinner, she'd looked at him hotly over the rim of her quirky glasses, she'd slipped her foot out of her sky scrapper heels and run it up and down his lower leg, slipping up to his thigh every once in a while. Once dinner was finished, she put desert in the oven to warm and declared she was giving him a massage while they waited.

Her magical fingers had worked their way sensually across his neck, shoulders and upper back, before ghosting a hot kiss behind his ear and then pulling away from him abruptly, wandering over to the oven as if nothing had happened. Later, he'd washed the dishes and strolled into the living room to find her perched on the couch, legs crossed and laptop perched on her lap. He'd decided to take a chance, kissing the back of her neck and running his fingers gently up her arm.

The only sign she gave that she'd noticed him was a slight hitch of her breath, and then her fingers were tapping away again. He lowered his voice to the seductive tone that he knew usually made her sopping wet. 'I'm gonna go to bed. You comin'?'

She shrugged and carried on clicking away. 'I'll be up in a little while. I still have a few things to do.'

He'd hidden his disappointment and pecked her lips quickly, making his way up to their bedroom and deciding there was no way he was going to get any sleep without reliving himself first, so he'd made his way to the shower.

Downstairs, Penelope had taken a few deep breaths and fanned her face. Damn it, that tone...she'd almost melted into a gooey puddle right there.

So yes, she could've gone upstairs with him and he would have taken care of her, but she'd been suffering for weeks, going without even a proper kiss, her body tightly coiled and a niggle in the back of her head, constantly asking her why he wouldn't come near her. She had no idea, but she was planning on holding out for as long as she had the willpower.

The rest of the week had been spent with her doing everything in her power to attract his want, and him trying his damnest to pretend she wasn't getting to him. Every morning meeting they'd had, she ran her hand across at least one part of him, his ass, his chest, his neck...his cock. Her neckline got a little lower everyday, her magnificent breasts beckoning him from across the room. He'd become grouchy and irritable, which was not helped when he spied Rossi smirking knowingly at him. Well, it was now Friday, and she had no idea what was waiting for her when he got home.

Oh, how much he wanted to spank her ass for torturing him. He knew what she was doing, apparently she was feeling neglected by his lack of attention, and instead of telling him what she wanted, she was trying to play him, trying to force his hand. Oh, she wanted attention, she was gonna get it.

He could hear Maddy screaming before he'd even gotten out of the car, and knew that in around 3.5 seconds, Zak was gonna join in the chorus.

No sooner had he closed the front door before him, he was proven right, and he made his way up to the nursery to assist his beautiful wife.

She was pacing the room shushing her daughter, trying to unbutton her flowery blouse at the same time as she was anxiously glancing at the crib where her son was now exercising his lungs.

She breathed out a deep breath in relief when she saw Derek lounging in the doorway. 'Oh thank God, I think they're trying to break the sound barrier.'

He chuckled slightly, and moved towards her. Her breath hitched in her throat at the look in his eyes. She watched his fingers as they unbuttoned her blouse, his fingers brushing against her skin. When it was done and she tilted her head back up, she gasped when she found his soft lips mere millimetres away from hers. Instead of taking them in a kiss, he moved his head and gave her a slow, sexy kiss just below her ear and then pulled away, lifting his son into his arms.

Penelope shook herself out of her lust filled haze and lifted her bra, cradling her baby girl against her breast as she suckled. Derek had managed to calm Zachary down, his cries turning to soft sniffles as he lay contentedly in his fathers arms, enjoying the warmth from his hold, waiting patiently for his turn to feed. Matilda had her fill and her eyes drifted closed, petal soft eyelashes fluttering against her peachy cheeks as her suckling ceased. Derek smirked at her when they switched the children around, as she managed it without touching him for even a second.

He enjoyed the embrace of his little girl for a few minutes, until Zak was asleep too, and they put both of them back into their cribs.

She stalled, suddenly nervous as her subconscious whispered at her that tonight was the night.

He didn't say anything, just took her hand and gently urged her out of the room.

When they made it back downstairs, he gulped his own pizza down, and waited patiently for her to finish eating, before almost throwing the plates in the sink and crooking a finger at her. 'Upstairs. Now.'

She nodded obediently and took the stairs slowly, almost jumping out of her skin when he slapped her ass cheek.

They closed the bedroom door behind them, and he took a seat on the bed. Now they were here, she found herself strangely nervous. It'd been 6 weeks since they'd done this...since they'd done anything, and she'd had two babies since then. Her figure wasn't what it used to be. She'd never been tiny before, but she'd had curves in all the right places, and soft, smooth skin. Now she was afraid that she had curves everywhere, and her smooth skin was now a mess of silvery stretch marks. Still, she resolved, assuming things had never gotten her anywhere in the past, and for some reason, he wanted her more than anyone else in the world, she knew he did.

Still, she stood in front of him, unsure of what he wanted her to do, as took his shirt off and lounged back on the bed, his arm tucked behind his head. He gestured towards her. 'Strip.'

She startled. 'P-pardon?'

He grinned at her, that sexy grin that always made her insides churn. 'Come on, baby girl. Strip for me. I know you got somethin' sexy goin on underneath those clothes. Take it off, gorgeous. I want to see my woman.'

Hesitantly, for she didn't want to ruin their moment by being insecure, she began unbuttoning her blouse with shaky fingers. His eyes were riveted when her large, pale globes were revealed to his eyes, encased in a silky turquoise bra, the material pushing them up and together. Once her blouse had been pulled off, she unzipped her simple pencil skirt, pushing it slowly down her legs to reveal matching panties, and a sexy black garter holding up her black stockings. His eyes had darkened significantly, his breathing deep and rapid as he pulled himself up from the bed and gripped her face in his strong hands.

And for the first time in over a month, he kissed her, one hand sliding down to her ass and pulling her closer, his lips sliding over hers. She moaned into his mouth and he took the opportunity to slip his tongue past her soft lips, flicking upwards and tasting her. He could feel her legs buckling, and he tightened his hand on her ass, pulling her closer to his aching arousal as they continued to kiss, on and on. He could feel her nipples pebbling against his chest, her femininity burning up against his cock.

Finally, after long minutes, he pulled away, gently caressing her smooth cheek before tugging her towards the bed and laying her down. He followed her, perching himself on his elbows as he leaned over her, her hands clutching his shoulders.

'You're a very naughty girl, baby. I think you need to be punished.'

She blinked owlishly up at him. 'Naughty? I haven't done anything to be punished for.'

He chuckled and took her mouth with his again, unable to resist her sweetness. 'Umm hmm...very, very naughty. Teasing me all week. I was trying to be a good boy, baby. I knew you'd gone to the doctors, I just didn't think you needed me jumping all over you the minute you got back. I figured you'd let me know when you were ready.'

She smiled up at him softly. 'I thought you knew, I'm always ready for you.'

More kissing. 'Maybe before, sweetheart, but you'd just given birth to our gorgeous children. I wanted to give you time. But you've made it perfectly clear what you want this week, haven't you, my angel?'

'Maybe I felt like I had to. You haven't even kissed me since the twins were born, Derek, not properly. I missed you. You could dent a girls ego, you know.'

He smoothed a thumb across her plump bottom lip. 'Please tell me you know why, princess? I couldn't, not when I knew- it always leads to this with us, doesn't it? We can't have sexy, hot, wet kisses without this. I can't touch you without wanting this. You weren't healed enough, you weren't ready. I couldn't take a chance, I can't help myself around you.'

She smiled at him again, leaning up and sliding her lips against his. He took that as his cue that she was ready, and he was forgiven. He slid his hands up to her breasts, caressing them first through her bra, and then unclipping it and pulling it off of her body, her bountiful breasts spilling out into his hands. He groaned into her mouth. 'Fuck, baby. I fucking love your tits, especially now, they're even

bigger after the babies. I could play with them all day, every day, you know that?'

She could do nought but moan as he played her body like a fiddle, feather like, gentle finger tips, all over her body, hot lips on hers, and then her neck, down to her collar bone.

'You know I still have to punish you, right? You've been torturing me all week, bad girl. Made me wanna bend you over and fuck your brains out. My dick's been constantly hard thinking about you, I've been going crazy.'

She moaned again, his words sending spikes of lust straight to her very core, moisture gathering and seeping out of her opening, soaking her already wet panties. 'P-punish me how?'

His nose nudged her earlobe as he whispered to her. 'The best way, sweetness. By giving you what you've been asking for all week. I'm gonna fuck your brains out, I'm gonna make you come over and over for me, until you're begging me to let you rest. Is that what you want, baby girl? You want to feel me deep inside your sweet pussy?'

Her hips were already arching against him as she groaned her agreement, her fingers clawing at his back as he bestowed wet kisses down her neck. Eventually, he was face to face with her lovely

breasts, and he allowed his eyes to drift upwards. 'Umm, I've missed this too, baby. Daddy's turn.'

He slid his tongue across one peaked nipple, and then the other, before taking it into his mouth and sucking hard, twisting the other one with his long, talented fingers. 'Ohh, fuck, Derek. Oh my God, I think I'm gonna – oh, yes!'

She ground herself against his arousal, her nerves too on edge to allow her to control herself, the pleasurable sensations overwhelming her after so long and sending her into an intense orgasm, her pussy clenching, grasping thin air as she came down.

He was looking at her hotly when she re-opened her eyes, licking his lips in anticipation. 'Damn, baby, you have no idea how fucking sexy it is, watching you cum for me.'

She watched him with interested eyes as he continued to kiss a path down her body, paying special homage to her stomach, the place which had housed the two most precious things to both of them, and then made his way down to her panties. He lifted his hand, running the tips of his fingers over her material covered mound as she gasped again.

'Pretty, these. New?' She nodded. 'I thought so, I don't remember seeing them before. And I would have remembered these.' With that, he slid his hands underneath and yanked the silk away from her, rendering it useless in his hands.

'Derek Morgan, those were nice panties!'

He grinned up at her innocently. 'Opps? I'll buy you some more, my sweet. As many as you want. Now, be a good girl, daddy's trying to concentrate down here.'

She threw her head back at the first touch of his tongue against her sopping centre, he ate at her with relish, spearing his tongue deep inside of her and pleasuring nerves that hadn't been stimulated in too long. When he replaced his tongue with his fingers and instead flattened his tongue against her clit, humming and moving it back and forth, she came undone, her hands gripping the back of his head as she arched and shook against him, stilling for a full minute before collapsing back on the bed.

When she re-emerged, he was once again perched over her, smoothing her hair away from her face, his loving recognisable in the depths of his eyes. 'I love you, you know that? I mean, I didn't even know it was possible to love someone this much, but you – you've changed me, you've given me everything I've ever wanted, with the person I wanted it with. We're always gonna be together, you hear me?'

She nodded, her hand running adoringly along his stubbly cheek. 'I know, handsome. You think it's any different for me? I wanted you for so long, I feel like I'm in a dream I haven't woken up from yet. I keep pinching myself, at the same time as I hope like hell that I don't ever wake up. You make me feel like I could fly.' The last sentence was a whisper as she captured his lips, caressing them slowly as he flipped them.

Smiling sexily, she sat up running her hands across his chiselled chest. 'Hmm, I like this position. SSA Derek Morgan at my mercy.'

He smiled widely. 'Oh yeh? And just what do you plan on doin' with me?'

She grinned in answer and slid down his body, pulling his pants down as she went. This time it was she who licked her lips, her mouth watering at the treat in front of her. Gods, but he had a gorgeous dick. Long and thick, with a large mushroom shaped head and thick veins running all the way down it, just slightly darker than the rest of his body. She tentatively stuck her tongue out and licked the tip, watching him shudder underneath her and hearing his sharp intake of breath. Emboldened, she carried on, licking at him like he was her own personal lolly pop, paying special attention to that sensitive area just below the head.

She placed her tongue there, wiggling it back and forth and feeling him arch his hips towards her, a quiet moan escaping him, then she closed her mouth over him, sliding it down as far as she could go, and he went crazy, groaning long and deep, his hands slipping into her hair as his eyes rolled back and his hips shot upwards.

She did it again, and then again, up and down, her hand massaging his full balls, until he couldn't take it any longer. He pulled her up towards him, flipping them back over and sliding inside of her in one smooth, gentle stroke.

'Ohh, oh yes! Oh, you feel so good, hot stuff, so good!'

He stilled, trying desperately to get a hold of himself and gather the strands of his control back together. 'Damn, gorgeous, you're so fucking tight, so wet.'

A minute later, she was getting restless, wriggling underneath him. He pulled out slowly, and then slammed back inside of her, her hot pussy clenching around him. They began a hard, strong rhythm, one that had her clutching his back, his ass, her nails digging into the skin and giving him a pleasurable sting. He kissed her again then, their tongues exchanging caresses, until she exploded around him. His rhythm faltered with the added pressure of her channel coming around him, and he kissed her neck as he slammed into her faster, feeling the pressure building. She turned her head, nipping his neck and sending him over the edge, and taking her along for the ride one last time, until he collapsed against her.

A minute later, he'd gotten his breath back. He kissed her lips gently, smiling at her as she smiled back. He sat up, unclipping her stockings from her garter and pulling the whole lot down her legs, throwing them in the general vicinity of the dirty laundry basket, and then gathering her up in his arms, one hand back behind his head, the other running gently through her hair as she traced patterns on his chest.

'Baby girl, listen to me. I don't ever want you to think I don't want you. You're the first thing I think about in the morning and the last thing I think about at night. I love you, more than anything in the world. Were you feeling a little neglected, with the twins being here now? Did you think I preferred spending time with the babies?'

She shrugged and wouldn't meet his eyes. 'It's stupid, being jealous of my own children. Please don't get me wrong, I love them so much, aside from you, they're the best thing that's ever happened to me. But ever since I had them, I just – I feel like I never see you, not really. You – you come home from work and go straight to the nursery without even a hello. You come back from a week long case, you go straight to the nursery. I – I just miss you sometimes, thats all.'

He kissed her forehead and then the tip of her nose. 'I'm sorry, princess, I'm so sorry. I stayed away because I couldn't keep my hands off of you. That's it. I love spending time with you. I adore you, you know that.'

She nodded gently, snuggling closer. 'I know you do. So don't take yourself away from me. If I have to suffer, you do too, stud.'

He chuckled and slid his hand down to cup her firm ass. 'I love you, baby girl.'

'I love you too, hot stuff.' She snuggled down closer to him, breathing in his scent and knowing there was absolutely no where else she'd rather be but here, with her ever loving husband, and their two adored children, a family.