Gibbs : Who are you?
G(me) : Names Girsgirly but you can call me G.*shakes his hand*
Gibbs : Ok i'm Gibbs.
G : I know.
Gibbs : Why do I feel like i'm about to be interrogated?
G : Your not.I'm going to interview get on with it shall we?
Gibbs : Sure.
G : So whats it like to be an NCIS agent?
Gibbs : It's interesting to say the the fanciest job in the world.
G : if you had to choose your favorite co-worker who would it be?
Gibbs : Abby.
G : Why?I'm mean Abby is awesome!but why is she your favorite?
Gibbs : I get the least back talk out of her and she's some what like a daughter to me.
G : Interesting who gets on your nerves most?
Gibbs : Tony.
G : *nodds head* So you have your favorite weapon for your team mates right?
Gibbs : Yes the headslap.
G : Explain why you like to headslap the back of their heads.
Gibbs : A slap to the face is embarrassing and a slap to the back of the head provides a wake up call.
G : Very do you headslap most?
Gibbs : Since I don't headslap Ziva or Abby because they're girls i'd have to say Tony.
G : I respect a man who doesn't hit anyone but Tony.
Gibbs : I take it you don't like Tony.
G : Hate him -gets cut off by ringing phone-
Gibbs : Sorry gotta take this.
G : K.
Gibbs : I understand.-clicks phone-I got a dead marine and a dying Mcgee i have to go.
G : Alright we will continue another time.*watches Gibbs leave*Well guy's see you next time on interviewing random time we are interviewing Eddie Valiant from Who framed Roger Rabbit.Bye.

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