Mother Hen

Post-Episode 47

By Jinxie

Disclaimer: I don't own any of these characters; I just made up the stories. The beginning and ends of episodes are quoted from the actual TV series.

Content Warning: This is a series that takes place between episodes. The stories build upon the TV series and it is advised that you watch the episodes then read the post-episode (this story) in between. Many references by the characters are very specific to the episodes, so you may not get everything unless you watch at the same time or have the episodes memorized. The series does lead to a romantic relationship between two women, so if you don't like it don't read it. This has a graphic sex scene, ye be warned.

Goal: To fill in the rest of the story of Xena and Gabrielle that I felt the series left out. This is more how I would have wished the show to go. I strive to make it a realistic love story of how the two get together and share their lives together. Please feel free to email me with constructive feedback Jinxie2013

End of Episode 47 (S3,E1):

"I never really knew him," Xena said. "The hardest thing for me was giving up hope."

"Hope?" Cyrene asks.

"I kept hoping that I'd run into him somewhere. Understand him, to understand myself. I know that will never be."

"Can you ever forgive me?" Cyrene cried to Xena.

"There is nothing to forgive. You saved my life! I owe you my life." Xena assures her mother. "I'm just sorry you had to carry this alone all these years." Xena gets up and moves over to the rock her mother is sitting on. She puts her arm around her mother and pulls her in for a hug. "We'll go on. We'll be stronger than before."

Gabrielle walks back into camp and sees Xena hugging her mother. She sets the extra fire wood next to the fire pit. Grabbing her flint, she lights the fire. "Xena, sorry to interrupt. But we need something to eat. Would you mind hunting?"

Xena kisses her mom on the head and smiles. "I'm going to get us something to eat ok? Gabrielle is a good listener if you want to talk some more while I'm gone." Cyrene nods as Xena gets up. Xena walks past Gabrielle and smiles lightly.

Gabrielle puts her hand on Xena's arm. She mouths "Are you ok?" Xena nods and leans in to kiss Gabrielle but then stops and takes a quick peek at her mother. She isn't watching, but Xena decides not to risk it. Although her mom knows that she loves Gabrielle, she doesn't know about their relationship yet. Xena wants to tell her rather than have her just find out.

"I'll be back soon, ok." She squeezes Gabrielle's hand.

"Ok." Gabrielle sits by the fire. "Cyrene, the fire is really going now. It's going to get cold soon, you should come on over."

Cyrene wipes her eyes, and then joins Gabrielle. She sits across from her. "So Gabrielle, tell me about you. I don't know a whole lot about you, other than you are good friends with my Xena."

Gabrielle smiles, Ha 'friend'. "Well, I'm from Potedia. I was raised on a farm. I couldn't stand my life anymore, so when Xena came by I jumped at the chance to go with her. She didn't exactly invite me, but I followed her anyway."

"Why didn't you like your life at home?" Cyrene didn't often hear of runaways.

"Well, I guess I just felt like there was so much in the world that I was missing. I really love philosophy, astronomy, and poetry. I could only learn so much in my village. I had to get out in the world to experience life. Xena has helped me with that. She's been my inspiration to follow my passion in life."

"What's your passion?" Cyrene is enjoying the conversation. This girl has a lot more behind her than I thought. No wonder my daughter loves her so much.

"Being a Bard. I love to tell stories, and living with her has given me more stories than I could ever have imagined. It's funny, when we first met I was trying to come up with my own fictional story. After a few months I gave up on it because every day with Xena produced a new story for me to tell. Everyone thinks I'm making up some of the more crazy parts; but I'm not. It's been a lot of fun." Gabrielle laughs at some of her memories. Cyrene watches the bard's eyes light up. "Your daughter is amazing."

Cyrene smiles, "She definitely has turned into quite the woman, hasn't she? I still see her as my little girl though. That's why it's always been so hard for me to accept her after she turned into a kil" Cyrene stops in mid sentence. Her eyes lower.

Gabrielle gets up and sits next to her. "Cyrene, she has changed so much. She doesn't kill anymore unless she absolutely has to. She protects so many people. She saves people, including me. Did she ever tell you how we met?"

"Why don't you tell me?"

"Well, my sister and I were with a group of villagers. We were down doing laundry at the river. Draco's men were nearby and they rounded us all up. The intended to sell us into slavery. All of a sudden, a woman with dark hair and piercing blue eyes walks out of the bushes. She stops the slaver from whipping me. Then she proceeds to beat the crap out of all of them. She saved all of us, even after getting hit in the head with the hilt of someone's sword. I never thought that I would be best friends with the Warrior Princess. At first I sort of idolized her, but then I learned she was just human like the rest of us." Gabrielle smiles to herself, "She's the best friend I've ever had."

Cyrene smiles at her, "Well I'm glad she has someone in her life to keep her out of trouble." Cyrene winks at Gabrielle. They both laugh knowing that no one can keep Xena out of trouble.

"What are you two laughing at?" Xena walks into the camp with two rabbits in her hands.

Gabrielle looks up at Xena with a gleam in her eye, "You. I was just telling your mom how we met."

Xena rolls her eyes. "Gabrielle could you boil some vegetables, please?" She pouts her lip.

"No problem." She gets up and grabs a pot, some potatoes and other miscellaneous vegetables.

"Xena, why didn't you tell me that you saved Gabrielle and her village from a life of slavery?" Cyrene eggs her daughter on. "You are such a hero."

Xena rolls her eyes, "I'm no hero. I was just in the right place at the right time."

Gabrielle gets the water and vegetables boiling while Xena prepares the rabbits. Xena finishes the rabbit and stands up with blood all over her hands. "I'm going to go down and wash up. Mother, would you like to walk with me?"

"Sure." Cyrene gets up and walks along side Xena. When they are out of hearing distance she asks, "So Xena; you and Gabrielle are sure close. I haven't heard from you since you came to visit me so long ago. Did you ever tell her how you feel?"

"Mom! You are sure nosey." Xena complained but then couldn't help but smile. "Yeah I did. Well sort of."

"What do you mean, sort of? Are you together?"

"Yeah we are. She's perfect." Xena actually sighed and her eyes glazed over with a dreamy look.

"Perfect, huh? She is definitely an amazing young woman. She's very pretty too." Cyrene commented. Xena smiles again. They arrive at the river and she bends down to wash off the grime. "So what do you mean that you 'sort of' told her how you feel?"

Xena is quiet for a moment, then she stands up, "I mean that she knows how I feel about her. I've made it clear that she means a lot to me."

Cyrene guessed the rest, "But you haven't actually said the magic three words to her, have you?"

Xena gives her mom the look, "How do you always guess so accurately?" Xena shakes her head. "Nosey woman." Cyrene laughs. They begin to walk back. Before they are all the way back to camp, Xena is stopped by Cyrene's hand.

"Xena, don't wait too long to tell her. I know you probably show her every day, but she is the kind of woman that thrives off words. You need to tell her so she can be assured of your love. Just think about it, ok?" Cyrene walks away to camp. Xena follows feeling slightly chastised, but mostly ashamed because she knows her mother is right. I should tell her I love her.

The next morning Gabrielle wakes up cold, again. It seems that lately this is becoming a habit when they have a guest. She sits up and sees Xena warming up by the fire. Xena's eyes catch the bards'. She smiles and brings her a cup of hot tea. Sitting down by Gabrielle, she says "Morning beautiful. How'd you sleep?"

Gabrielle takes the tea and sips it. She looks over and sees Cyrene still asleep. Then she looks over to Xena, "Cold." She scowls at her lover.

Xena looks at her sheepishly, "Sorry."

"Are you going to tell her about us?" Gabrielle whispers. "Or do you think she won't accept it?"

Xena looks at her mother then back to Gabrielle. "Gabrielle, I don't care what anyone thinks as far as accepting us. Besides, she already knows."

Gabrielle spits out her tea. No longer trying to keep quiet, she says "You mean I was cold all night for no reason! You are in big trouble warrior." Gabrielle gets up and paces around muttering to herself.

"Gabrielle, sit down." She gets a scowl in response. Xena whispers, "Look, I didn't know if she would be comfortable with us sleeping in the same bed next to her. She is ok with us being a couple, but I didn't want to make her feel awkward. Sometimes things that are a little different take awhile for people to get use to."

Gabrielle stops, "Oh." She sits back down. "Sorry I overreacted. I was just really cold all night, which makes me grouchy. I wish you were there to keep me warm."

Xena pulls her over into her arms. "Sorry sweetheart." It was the first term of endearment Xena had ever used with her. Gabrielle smiles.

A few hours later, they are well on their way back to Amphipolis. When they arrive, Cyrene asks them to stay for a few days. "You girls need a good rest. You never take a break, I bet."

Gabrielle nudges Xena and gives her a pleading look. "Alright." Xena sighs. "Just for a couple days."

Gabrielle wakes up to a snuggly warrior next to her. They are in a comfortable bed. It's well past dawn and she is surprised that Xena is still asleep.

"I'm not asleep if that's what you are thinking." A blue eye peeks at her.

Gabrielle giggles, "Good guess. Why are you still in bed? It's way past time for you to wake up."

"Like I said, I'm awake. I'm comfortable, so I decided to stay put, next to my girl." Xena says quietly.

You're girl? Gabrielle is amused by this. She's been so sweet lately. I wonder what's going on with her. She leans up and kisses Xena on the bottom lip. Then she kisses her on the chin and down her neck. Xena moans lightly. Gabrielle smiles then nibbles on her ear for a moment. "Gabrielle…"


"What are you doing?" Xena moans again. Her breathing is becoming heavy.

Gabrielle's kisses move lower to Xena's chest. She glides her tongue in the valley between Xena's breast. Xena moans again then she sits up. "Xena, what's wrong?"

Xena looks at her and gets a menacing smile on her face. "Nothing." She pushes Gabrielle backs and takes over applying the same actions of love that she just received. Now it was Gabrielle's turn to moan and squirm beneath Xena's hot lips. Xena takes Gabrielle's shirt off, then softly kisses Gabrielle's nipple.

"Oh gods!" Gabrielle pushes Xena's head away for a moment. "Xena? Can I make love to you first? I really, really want to."

Xena pouted her lip, then smiles. "I suppose. Have your way with me bard." Gabrielle smiled back and pushed Xena off onto her side of the bed. "Alright princess, where is your whip?"

"My…whi…whip?" Xena swallows hard.

"Mm hm." Gabrielle gets off the bed and looks through their bags. Finding the whip she brings it back to bed.

"What are you going to do with that?"

Gabrielle didn't answer, she just straddled Xena. She grabbed her hands and put them up to the bed frame and tied them to it with the whip. "There. Now you can't have any control over this situation." Gabrielle giggles.

"You're evil. You know that I can get out of these with no problem, right?"

"But you won't." Gabrielle doesn't start in the normal place, Xena's lips. Instead she starts on Xena's flat stomach, kissing all over her soft skin. For a moment, she licks from her belly button up to her right nipple. Xena squirms. Mm squirming warrior. She plays with Xena's nipple for a moment then moves her attention back down. She begins to kiss Xena's inner thighs, which causes Xena to squirm even more. "Xena, hold still please."

"Sorry, I can't help it." Xena smirks to herself. "Your lips feel so good, honey."

As she was speaking Gabrielle begins to kiss Xena's lips, which are already very moist. Gabrielle licks each lip slowly, getting loud moans from the warrior. She takes her fingers and spreads Xena's folds open so she can have full access. The warrior is a beautiful shade of pink, her flesh swollen from excitement. "I love it down here." She comments idly. "So beautiful." Not being able to resist any longer, the bard attaches her mouth to Xena. She quickly sticks her tongue in and out of her lover, causing Xena to moan quite loudly now. After a moment she turns her attention to Xena's clit and begins to alternate sucking and hard licking. Xena's climax is coming quick so Gabrielle puts one finger into her love and begins to pump back and forth in rhythm with Xena's hips. Not long after, Xena's back arches and her body rises into the air, Gabrielle desperately trying to stay with it.

"Oh gods!" Xena shouts as she reaches the top of her orgasm. After a few seconds her body falls to the bed. Gabrielle crawls up to her lovers side and puts her head on Xena's shoulder. "That was amazing."

"Thanks. I'm glad it was good." Gabrielle smiles.

An hour later they walk down into the inn, hand in hand. Both of them are radiating happiness. Cyrene spots them and smiles. "There's my girls! Breakfast is ready, take a seat." They look at each other and giggle. They find a good spot next to a window. Cyrene brings breakfast over to them and then sits next to Gabrielle. "How was your night girls?"

"Oh it was amazing, Cyrene! It's so nice to have a comfortable, clean bed to sleep in. I wish I had one every night."

"Hey, you are the one that wanted to live on the road with me, stop complaining!" Xena shook her head in amusement.

Gabrielle glared at her then returned her attention to Cyrene, "Anyway, thank you. This was a wonderful idea. I'm looking forward to the day. It's like a mini vacation."

"Good. I'm glad you are enjoying it. Maybe Xena can show you around town. Xena, don't forget to go see your brother."

"Where is Toris living?" Xena asks.

"I didn't mean Toris. I mean Lyceus. But now that you mention it, Toris now owns the house that old Mr… what's his name? The man you three use to terrorize when you were children."

"Oh I know where you are talking about. Ok, well I always plan on visiting Ly when I'm here. I should probably visit Tor too. Gabby do you want to go with me?"

Gabrielle loved it when Xena called her that, which was not very often. "Yeah, I'll go wherever you want to. I'd love to see some of the places that use to roam as a kid."

"Alright, well I need to get back to the kitchen. Our regulars are starting to pour in. Enjoy your day, girls."

After breakfast, they first wandered over to the tomb to pay respects to Lyceus. "I remember the first time I was in here." Gabrielle said. "Do you rmemeber that?"

"Of course. You told me I wasn't alone anymore. How could I forget that?" Xena smiled and pulled Gabrielle over to her. She put her arm around her shoulder and walked inside. The tomb was a little worse for wear, but Lyceus' tomb was spotless. "Look like mom and Toris have been keeping it nice for Ly." She dropped her arm from around her lover and put both hands on his sarcophagus. "Hey Ly. It's me. Sorry it's been awhile since I've come to see you. We've been busy. This is Gabrielle, my soul mate and partner."

Gabrielle stepped forward and put her hand on his coffin, "Hello Lyceus. It's nice to meet you. You would be proud of your sister, she's an amazing woman." Xena smiled at her and pulled her into a hug. After a few moments they separated. "I'll leave you two alone for a few minutes ok?" She stood on her tip toes and kissed Xena on the cheek.

Ten minutes later, Xena came out and found the bard on the steps to the mausoleum. "Ready to go?" Gabrielle popped up and started walking along side Xena. "Alright, next stop, let's go see Toris."

"Sounds good to me."

On their way there, they came across Xena's childhood friend Kyra. "Xena! Hey I didn't know you were in town again! She runs up and gives Xena a very personal, touchy hug."

The return hug Xena gives is very awkward and stiff. "Yeah, I'm here." She pushes away from Kyra as quickly as possible. Oh dear. Ex lover meets current lover.

"A hem." Gabrielle fakes clearing her throat after a long silence.
"Oh, Kyra, this is Gabrielle." Xena makes the introduction. There is a lot of weird tension in the air coming from Xena that Gabrielle can feel.

"Hi, Kyra. It's nice to meet you." She puts out her hand and they shake.

"Likewise. So is this the Gabrielle that I heard so much about the last time you were here?" Kyra looks at Xena, batting her eyelashes.

"Yep, that would be her."

"That would be me." Gabrielle repeats. She feels like there is an elephant in the room, so to speak. Another long silence.

"Well, we ought to get going, right Gabrielle. We are on our way to see Toris." Xena starts moving and pushes Gabrielle to start moving as well.

"Oh, I was just on my way over there actually! I'll come with you." Kyra smiles brightly.

Xena sighs, "Oh. Ok."

They all begin to walk on the path, when Kyra decides to start the conversation. "So Xena, with all the adventures you are into now, how are you ever going to settle down?"

"I'm not." Xena's replies are short and to the point.

"Well, that's not the Xena I remember. What happen to all the talk of settling down with someone you love and making a life for yourself?"

Gabrielle looks at Xena and lifts her eyebrows up in question. "Yeah Xena, what happened to that?"

Xena grumbles under her breath, "Well, that was before Cortese. Besides, I don't know if I ever really wanted to settle down per se."

Gabrielle chimes in again, "What about finding someone you love?"

"Yeah." Kyra adds.

Xena is really getting annoyed at this conversation. Suddenly Xena spots Toris. "Toris!" She runs up to him and almost gives him a big hug but he ducks thinking she was going to clobber him. "Hey, I'm not going to hurt you."

"Xena! Sheesh, how was I suppose to know? You were running at me like a crazy person. I heard you left here a little loony the other day. You ok?" Toris spots Gabrielle and waves.

Xena and Toris walk off into the field and start talking, leaving Gabrielle alone with Kyra. Gabby looks over a Kyra and Kyra looks back. Gabrielle lets out a awkward chuckle, "So you knew Xena as kids then, huh?"

Kyra looks over at Xena and lets out a very dreamy sigh. "Yeah, I knew her VERY well."

That catches Gabrielle's attention. "VERY well? How well?"

Just then Xena and Toris walk back over. "Alright Gabrielle, let's go. I want to finish showing you around town. Bye Kyra." Xena rushes Gabrielle away.

"Uh… ok. Bye Xena."

Toris walks over to Kyra, "Would you like to come in for a drink?" She is hypnotized by Xena's backside. Toris rolls his eyes. "Kyra?"

"Huh? Oh, bye Toris." She wanders off in a daze.

"What was that about, Warrior Princess?" Gabrielle asks Xena in a non approving tone.

"Huh? What are you talking about? She was annoying me so I asked Toris to distract her while we made an escape. You didn't want her following us around did you?"

"Well no." she hesitates. Very well huh… Xena is acting very strange. I better find out about this girl. "Where are we off to now?"

After a full day of wandering around town and out into some of the surrounding area, both bard and warrior are exhausted. "Xena this was supposed to be a vacation. I'm more tired than when we do our normal routine."

"Sorry, I thought you wanted to see where I grew up and visit all the places I use to play as a kid."

"Well, it was nice, don't get me wrong."

Xena opens the door to the inn and they find a seat just in time for dinner. A waitress comes over and brings them food and drink. "Ah, I have to go to the bathroom. Be right back."

As Xena leaves, Cyrene takes her spot. "Hey, cutie, how are you? Did you have a good day?"

"Yeah, I'm tired though. She ran me ragged all day going from here to there and back again. All the while strategically avoiding some girl."

"What girl?" Cyrene has a pretty good idea who it was.

Oh! Maybe Cyrene would know about her! "A girl named Kyra. Heard of her?"

Cyrene shakes her head yes. "I do. She is an old friend of Xena's." Hm, I probably shouldn't say much more. This is something Xena needs to tell her.

"Really?" Gabrielle asks innocently, then gets an idea. "I got the distinct impression they were lovers."

Cyrene spits out the water she had just taken a gulp of. "Uh…"

Exactly. Thank you Cyrene. I knew it! "Uh is right. I don't know why she didn't just tell me."

"Gabrielle, this isn't a conversation I should take part in. Why don't you talk it over with her?" she gets up to leave as Xena is coming back. They stop and talk for a moment. Cyrene said something to her that alerts her.

As Xena sits down, she looks at the bard carefully. "Hey you. How are you feeling?"

Hmm let's see. I feel like my girlfriend has left out quite a bit of information today regarding a certain good looking brunette woman.

After Gabrielle's non response, Xena bends her head down to try and catch Gabrielle's eyes; it works. "Honey, what's the matter?"

"Who is Kyra?"

And there it is. "She's an old friend from when we were kids." She pauses seeing that Gabrielle obviously wants to hear all of it. "She was also my first…lover."

"Oh. Is that why it was so awkward today? She clearly still has a thing for you." Gabrielle pushed her plate away, not feeling much like eating.

"Yeah, it appears she does. That's why I was trying to get away from her. I didn't want us to get into any awkward situations. She tends to flirt a lot."

"When you last came here, when I was in Athens, did you and her…"

"No! We didn't do anything. She sat with us at dinner for awhile but that was it. Besides, you were all I could think about. Mom caught on really quick to that and was badgering me to make a move on you." Xena smiles at the memory. "I didn't listen very well as you know. It took me way too long to kiss you. But I'm glad I finally did."

Gabrielle smiles at her, "Me too. So I have nothing to be worried about with this woman?"

"Not from me you don't. That doesn't mean she won't try to be all over me. Which is exactly why I plan on avoiding her. But no, I am not even remotely interested in her. You are the only person I want to be with. You know that right?"

"I do now."

The next day as they are headed out of town, they run into Joxer. Luckily they are both well rested and ready to take on the world. The last couple days at the inn has done them well and brought them closer than before. "Hey guys! I'm glad I found you. I am dying to find a mission. Got anything good going on?"

Xena looks at him and rolls her eyes, then shoves Gabrielle towards him. She whispers in her ear, "You deal with him. I'm in too good of a mood."

Gabrielle turns and glares at her. "Hey Joxer." She grits her teeth. "Alright, you can come with us. And no we don't have anything going on right now. But I'm sure we'll find something."

Beginning of Episode 48:

"Rise and shine everyone! Rise and SHINE!" Joxer walks into a barn with a silly grin on his face.

Xena and Gabrielle both sit up. "I'll rise but I refuse to shine." Gabrielle says grouchily.

"Eh, well I got us breakfast." He holds up an egg. "Goose eggs!" Just then something hits him on the head and splashes in the eggs sending them all over Joxer's face.

A man in the loft of the barn looks down. "Sweet equestra. I… I hope I didn't hit anything."

Xena smiles as Gabrielle chuckles and says, "Nothing important."