"Angel, why are you up?" I asked as a tired little kid walked to where I was laying.

"I had a bad dream," Angel replied sleepily. Before I could ask what it was about, Angel sent the dream to my brain. Oh no. Not again.

Angel was running. She turned around to make sure her chasers weren't chasing her. They were. Except, at first They were erasers. They turned into people. The people looked like the flock. Including her. They made clones of us. Except they were erasers. One caught Angel. Got her in the side. She kept running though. She made it to a clearing were the real flock was. It was the same clearing that we were sleeping at in reality.

We all fought ourselves. I fought me. Fang fought Fang. Iggy fought a non-blind Iggy. It was sad. Normal Iggy was throwing more accurate punches then the Eraser Iggy. So sad. I looked over at Fang. Eraser Fang punched Fang out.

"FANG!" I yelled as he fell. I sent a round house kick to the Eraser Max making her fall. I punched Eraser Fang out as I ran to Fang.

"Fang are you ok?" Silence. "FANG! Wake up! Please!" I screamed as he laid there with a split lip and the start of a black eye.

Angel was picked up by her eraser but she punched her way out leaving a dead Eraser Angel lying on the ground. Angel looked at me and fell to her knees. She cried as she took a good look at her dead eraser body.

"This is how I'm going to end up" she yelled at me and flew off.

I was brought to reality. That was scary. I looked at her. Then off to the horizon. The sun was coming up.

"Angel. Wanna go to the creek and get water in this bucket?" as I handed a small metal bucket.

"Sure," she said and took the bucket.

She was gone for about five minutes. Then I heard her scream. I quickly woke up the others. We were about to run toward her when we saw her running towards us. There were six erasers chasing her. All of them were our clones. Does that mean….

Angel can see the future.