Okay. So I got some reviews saying that Angel can already read minds. I already know this. This story of mine is just what I think should have happened. Enjoy!

"Fang are you ok?" I asked hoping he would answer back. When he didn't, I scanned the cave. No erasers. Or anything that would kill us. I quietly walked over to Fang.

He screamed again. I covered his mouth so he wouldn't wake up the others. He quickly opened his eyes. Before he could see who it was, he punched me in the cheek.

"What the (insert swear word here)!" I said as I fell to the ground. He rubbed his eyes slowly but his vision was still blurry. He looked at me and said," Iggy why'd you do that!" Apparently he was very tired. Had he just mistaken me for Iggy?!

Yes he did, my voice told me. Just play along with it.

"I didn't want you to wake up the others," I said staying where I was. Maybe it was too dark for him to see. But I had already spoken.

"Max would kill me if I did"

Ask the question that's being bugging you Max.

"Do you have feelings for Max," It felt so weird saying that.

"Kinda. Why can you tell? If she knew that I would die of embarrassment!"

"No. I just wanted to know. I'm gonna go back to sleep. Kay?

"Yeah," He said confused.

I woke up the next morning and started rummaging through my backpack. That's when Fang woke up. Then Iggy. Fang took Iggy to the furthest corner to talk about something But I could still hear them.

"Why did you ask me that last night?" Fang asked

"Asked what?"

"If I like Max," he said almost at a mumble.

"I didn't"

"Then it was Gazzy. But the shadow looked to tall to be Gazzy"

"I heard you scream, but when I opened my eyes Max was heading towards you so I went back to sleep," Iggy said. "Could you see at all?"

"No. It was too dark but I could see a shadow. But it sounded like you."

"How tired are you," Iggy asked.

"Very… Then if it wasn't you then it was Max. I had confessed that I like Max to Max!" Fang said blushing as he saw me look at him.

He walked to me.

"You heard nothing last night. I didn't know what I was saying."

I stood up and walked over to him. I got on my tip toes and look into his dark eyes. He was younger than me but taller. That's when I did it. I put my lips to his. He stared at me weird but went with the flow. His tongue was trying to find its way into my mouth. I let it in.

"Get a room!" Iggy said and me and Fang parted. We were both blushing. "We need food. I'll let you two lovebirds go and get some. Have some privacy. If you're not back in an hour I'm gonna come looking for you guys."

Fang and I looked at Iggy. I back up a step only to be greeted by air. Was I really that close to the edge? I fell and scream at the same time. That's when I blacked out. Was I having another brain attack. Oh well. Looks like I'll find out when I wake up.

Sorry it's so short. I'm much of a writer. REVIW PLZ!